Operation Sell Everyone Anyone 2020

Another day goes by, and no one appears to want Alfredo.


This Sevco saga has strained even the obedience of the staunchest members of the Stenography Corps.

Expect to see a new Alfie narrative soon if it hasn’t already appeared.

He is now knuckling down in training and wants to impress the manager.



An Ibrox player who IS in play is Ryan Kent.

Leeds United have actually put a real bid in for him.


My information is that the fee offered was about £11m.

However, the chaps in the Blue Room want £20m for the winger with most of it upfront.

The Elland Road side will probably go up to £15m but in structured payments.

That isn’t really much use to the Sevco High Command as cash is required now.

It is worth remembering that Liverpool have a significant sell-on fee plus they are owed at least one tranche for the player.

Consequently, even £15m mainly upfront will not represent game-changing money for the Sevco High Command.

To make sense of any of this, you must Follow Follow the money.


20 thoughts on “Operation Sell Everyone Anyone 2020”

  1. Just started a new. First impressions are not favourable. Second page in a character is introduced. Name…..wait for it……………..DUFF MORALES!!

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong about Kent but I’m sure I read on here that Liverpool were delighted to get an inflated price for him from Rankers? Absolutely sure it was said here in a quote from someone who overhead their director of football (Or someone else involved in transfers) that Kent was worth 4 and Rankers bid 7 with clauses etc for sell on.

    As for wee rotten dial he’s publishing a video of all his achievements since coming to Rankers which by my last count were nada, nante, zilch…unless you count red and yellow cards??

  3. The season ticket money might have seen them through to Xmas if the likes of Kent and others had not been added to the payroll.
    However King wants his money back and those pesky transfer instalments need paying.
    Park’s core business is bleeding money as no one is buying a car unless the forecourt prices are slashed.
    Forget the football side of things. This is a business that has never reported a profit since its inception in 2012.
    The ‘investors’ have burned their hard earned cash with not a trophy to show in return.
    September will be a massive month for the future of the Ibrox club.

  4. I love the headline and by my back of a fag packet calculations reckon Sevco could raise a god few hundred quid. Perhaps they might be able to pay off the face painter after all.

  5. Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!! Sometimes I think that this site is as obsessed on the same subject as the Daily Radge. You guys seem at times to care more about the Untergalacticos of Sevco than anything else.

    That said, some of the most erudite and clear thinking comments about Celtic, board via manager to team come from the same voices. I’m tired of hearing about the imminent financial demise of FRTC. I do wonder why the Klan do not have the same boredom quotient.
    Aye! Okay Phil, I know! If I’m so bored why don’t I piss off. Well, from time to time there’s really good political, social and Celtic comment. Hail Hail!

  6. According to the ever reliable MSM all of the following have been or are watching Alfredo Morelos 🤭. Lille, Everton, Brighton, Dortmund, Leicester, West Bromwich Albion, Sevilla, Al Duhail, Frankfurt, Napoli, Hebei Fortune, Crystal Palace, Beijing Renhe, Atletico Madrid, Newcastle, Saint Etienne, Barcelona, Lazio, Marseille, Porto and now Stuttgart and Leverkusen.. Rangers must be cash rich to be able to resist offers from all these teams. I wonder what team will be pulled out of the hat tomorrow…. Barca, Real Madrid, Juve 😂

  7. I see from the photo of Freddie that the seat is cracked. Surely if he is knuckling down in training, then the excess poundage (no pun intended) would come off him? Or maybe not.

  8. Hi Bob, that polite photo opportunity is available in the bowels of the dome of doom. Was collecting there for my footie club. Things we have to do!

  9. Sevco High Command cash needs….!?
    My youngest ploughs on with her front line efforts. Brexit has completely smashed and ruined my son’s life in France. My oldest’s family struggle on at just below the living wage level in the kingdom of Boris.
    “But what will happen to the most successful football club in the wurrald?”
    “Frankly my dear! I don’t give a damn!”

  10. Why do you think they would go to 15m if they know Sevco are desperate for funds. Surely Kent isn’t a must have player I think they’ll sit it out and might even say take it or leave it. Thats what I’d do. The four million would easily pay most of his wages for the deal surely..I jilust don’t want to see them making any cash lol

  11. That photo of Kent above shows him posing under the “WATP” logo at Murray Park.

    He was signed before TRFC’s new, ‘socially inclusive’ campaign – which was launched immediately after ‘troubling’ crowd behaviour at a TRFC EL tie.

    Presumably that logo has since been correctly updated to show;

    “Everyone Anyone Are The People”.

    …or the logo has been discreetly removed?

    Or, nothing has changed at all – with the logo or with the club’s ‘values’ ? 🙁

    1. Kent and Barrassic are the family silver down Mordor Way. If they sell then then they’ll really be up against it. Kent has started well in the games I’ve seen and Barasic is worth almost ten down south. There’ll be a few sorts circling for flesh when real cash money rears its head in Ibrox. Bear on bare.
      Anyway, bugger them cheats at every turn Phil; for every honest tax payer we speak!

  12. Perhaps Im mistaken…but Kent was being paid for over 5 windows .
    If not mistaken….1 payment was missed…not heard if paid yet.
    That would effectively mean the orcs still have a minimum 3 more payments to make.
    Can you advise Phil ?

    Since the liverpool club remain the players owner until payment in full is recieved..I would imagine the amount due would be around 5 million.
    I suspected the heavey sell on clause as the buns got kent….as a favour to Gerrard….at around 3 million or more short of liverpools valuation.
    I would imagine a sell on clause of at least 25%…if not more.
    It seems to be a sticking point with the blue room that sales must be paid upfront….a clear indication of their financial peril…which they continue to deny.
    If my calculations are correct and kent sold for even 15 million…that would mean around 9 million to liverpool….and I would imagine a fee to kent…probably not far short of a million.
    The orcs would get their hands on around 5 million….of course the taxes can be dealt with at a later date ( or not)….
    Dave king will be pleased….5 million will be a nice start from the monies he is owed.

    1. inf footballing terms put into real world context james rodriguez is about to sign for everton for £20m, the captain of columbia and currently residing in madrid playing for a wee team called real or something. the mighty sevco really need to take a reality check, none of the players at ibrox have won anything of note to justify the cash that is required to save sevco from dying like rangers did.

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