Considerable chagrin in the Blue Room at their Championship thrashing

It is fair to say that the Sevco High Command was not expecting to get over the 75% threshold.

However, they thought that they might be in with a chance of winning a moral victor by the support of half the clubs.

Indeed, they were expecting a much better showing in the Championship.

I am told that the Sevco High Command had been assured by one chap in the Championship that there could be a 50/50 split among the second-tier clubs.

As it turned out it was a 9-1 thrashing for the requisitioners.

Consequently, the chaps in the Blue Room were less than Zenlike about the outcome.

One of the brogue wearing hierarchy stated that in the old days this EGM thingy would not have been needed.

There was a time when stuff like this was handled quietly and effectively by the blazers on behalf of Rainjurz.

Just, perfect, and regular.

This current spat is just another manifestation of the paradigm shift that has happened since the death of the original Rangers in 2012.

The incumbents in the Blue Room, like the Ibrox klanbase, are suffering from a hegemonic hangover.

Whether it is the SFA or the governing league body the days when they can snap their fingers or crunch knuckles and have their orders followed is over.

However, I would suggest that the Sevco High Command have more pressing issues to contend with.

At the end of July, they will have to address the issue of deferred wages.

Also, in June there is the small matter for a transfer instalment for Ryan Kent and Filip Helander.

Of course, the players might agree to a further deferment.

That is always possible.

However, that merely makes the final balloon payment even bigger for the cash-starved club.

During the run-up to the EGM, there has been a fair bit of posturing among the usual suspects in the Stenography Corps.

Now, if they really want to try their hand at journalism instead of being shills for Sevco’s DUP guy then here are two highly relevant questions.

They are both about the Dave King loan.

What is the rate of interest?

What is the security?

Now, those are real questions that cut and paste commandos on the sports desks might want to ask at the next Sevco presser.

53 thoughts on “Considerable chagrin in the Blue Room at their Championship thrashing”

  1. Well done the snp for their handling of the coved-19 crisis. I did not agree with their handling of the offensive behaviour act, however credit where it is due.

  2. I have just sat through the UK govt Daily covid brief for 50 mins and its still going.

    Tremendous detail on what’s allowed and what’s not allowed, the current science, questions and answers…..

    Have I just wasted my time and should this not be screened in Scotland?

    I believe SNP has deliberately used this pandemic for political purposes. I believe the Scottish variance from the UK strategy is not medical science driven but entirely political. Us and them, we’re different.

    If we’re different it’s because our death and infection rates are higher due to snp ineptitude.

    The snp former justice minister has come out with his Indy crack today. A deliberate strategy of distraction from snp covid ineptitude and Nats acting up again as usual.

    People were screaming in blogs to protect the elderly in February. Snp ignored it and did nothing.

    1. I don’ t think anyone else would considee following London’s lead. The messages have been inconsistent and mysterious, starting with the hand shaking PM. Why are we now considering checking / detainibg incoming travellers now if we didn’t from March?

      The worst thing is that an exercise was carried out for this scenario about 4 years ago. I wonder how many of the recommendations were implemented.

    2. Surely you’re not suggesting that Boris who was responsible for his own infection , and probably members of his cabinet too, by his blatant disregard for the contact advice e.g. shaking hands when he proudly boasted of having shaken the hand of every coronavirus patient he met is someone to be followed?

      The mind boggles at your blatant politicising of the pandemic we currently face.

  3. Right from the outset of Sevco’s attack on the SPFL….I’ve wondered …WHY…?
    Despite the crap about ” looking out for the welfare of other Clubs” ( there’s never been two more selfish Clubs in the history of Scottish Football) or “bringing integrity into the game ” ( they would needed to have looked this word up just to make sure it was the right one ) it’s a mystery to me as to why they went on this crusade in the first place.
    There is one word, however, in our Club’s Official Statement …and that word is ” irrational “…which, I guess, answers my question.
    Unless there is a darker and more serious side to this…which is yet to be revealed….then the word ” irrational ” sums it up perfectly.
    Thank you Celtic FC.

  4. Off topic…but serious ” question “….
    My mate is attempting to complete a 1000 piece jigsaw.
    The subject of the jigsaw is the Celtic support at Seville as the teams enter the arena.
    Its a sea of colour, naturally, he tells me….but he asked me why there are so many “Orange tops ” among the support ?
    I had to confess to him that I had no idea…but I’d go onto my favourite Blog and ask.
    Thing is…you’d NEVER get a Hun to wear an emerald green top at a game…so what’s with the Orange tops at ours ?
    Genuine question…
    Do you know…??…Were you there…??…Did you wear one…??
    Thanks in advance.

    1. They are not orange tops – they are Irish Tricolours. The Irish Flag is designed to represent the Catholic tradition (green) and the Protestant tradition (orange) with peace (white) in between. Some people mistakenly refer to the orange as gold. Sevconians kinda do the same by waving Union Flags which includes St Patrick’s saltire, albeit defaced by the St George’s Cross and made deliberately crooked so the arms wouldn’t meet in the middle.

      I know way too much about flegs from my time working on fleg policy in the North of Ireland.

        1. Hi…
          First of all …thanks for taking the trouble to reply…much appreciated.
          I’ll address both your points …
          First up…There are also many Tri-colours in the photo…so its not that.
          As far as yellow goes…its a good suggestion…but these tops ( and these are tops being worn by supporters) are definitely Orange…and there’s quite a few of them.
          Its no big deal…but I just compared it to Huns wearing green tops ( wouldn’t happen) and some of our support wearing Orange…and couldn’t quite make the comparison.
          Thanks again for input ‘though.
          Hail hail.

  5. Quick question here Phil. Have you read this BBC article and are you, as a journalist, able to get a copy of the report that apparently says “The eighth annual Football Distress Report said none of the 42 SPFL clubs showed “symptoms of financial distress” before the end of March.” It would be very strange if a respected accountancy (?) firm wasn’t aware of TheRangers dire straits.

  6. Maybe the media and other clubs should be asking about Sevco’s invisible accounts ?!?

    The ones the SFA need to approve in order to submit for a uefa license for next season.

    Could it be they are loading up with money being taken in for next seasons matches (and beyond) along with the membership fees for ‘MyGerzz’ and further large fees to go on waiting lists for matches that may never happen or will be behind closed doors?

    I’m sure everything will be fine though once they’ve been through the SFA accounts laundering machine.

  7. What do cerebral heavyweights like Gavin Rae think about the title race? That’s what I want to know.

  8. Robertson and the Ibrox board must cringe if they read some of the nonsense posted on their fans boards, and no wonder.
    They don’t have the ability to think things through and realise that all actions have consequences.
    Ibrox Noise led yesterday with an upbeat message on selling their top assets for £60m.
    Pie in the sky as that was, including £10m for Kamara from Marseilles, yep the very same guy who was getting pelters towards the end of the season and a quick £10m profit on Hagi when they take up the permanent option for £4.5m then sell him to Real Madrid for £15m. What if Hagi refuses to go to Rangers?
    He can’t be forced, can he?
    There appears to be no realisation that with these players plus Morelos, Tavernier and Barasic in the team that they still finished 13 points behind Celtic in the table.
    Now if they were to get top dollar for the players it goes without saying that their replacements are not likely to be of the same quality.
    Furthermore there appears to be a general ignorance with regards to some hefty costs coming down the line.
    Sports Direct bill, Hummel/Elite?, Memorial Walls, transfer fee instalments, deferred wages, deferred tax/vat,to name a few.
    No doubt £60m would come in handy!

    1. Good news Phil. A writer on BBC football states that a Football Distress Report showed that none of 42 clubs in Scottish Football displayed any “symptoms of financial stress ” prior to March of this year. Wonder why no name attributed to this feelgood piece.

      1. All well run and proper then.

        If a club goes bust it was clearly Covid19 that did it and not incompetent management over years.

        How can 42 pass muster when one hasn’t completed interim accounts.

        Failure to post accounts was the first sign of old Rangers FC in distress.

  9. Considering the Championship is what SEVCO and friends attempted to spike in the initial vote to end the leagues, a 9-1 thrashing is a complete reversal as the conspiracy became known.

    Ending the leagues was entirely correct. 100%. Anyone who was against it was 100% wrong.

    There is no money to Restart up a covid league. There won’t be players. There can be no return to season 19/20.

  10. I see that fine fellow at ICT is getting lots of support from the blue side who can’t understand why Gardiner is getting it in the neck, right, left and centre. Poor soul, I’m sure he was only doing the best for his club?
    Going back to Jackson’s article this morning the Rangers fans are calling it fake news that at a meeting of the SPFL Premier clubs last week there was a unanimous decision to end the league now and confirm Celtic as 9 IAR winners.
    Just to confuse things the vote was minuted as a consensus and was amended to unanimous as consensus could give the impression that there were for and against votes.
    Now if Rangers are included in this unanimous vote it goes against everything that has come out of Ibrox over the last few weeks and will have their fans going ballistic.
    There was a suggestion that Robertson missed an SPFL meeting last week and the vote was taken in his abscence, therefore unanimous amongst those in attendance.
    If the article is indeed true given Jackson’s penchant for fabrication, Motherwell billionaire for starters, there’s something smelling not quite right about it.

  11. Hamilton putting in thermal cameras to spot covid high temperatures is a complete waste of time.

    English covid anti-body testing centres (not Covid19 currently infected test centres) are reporting large numbers of kids, teens and twenty somethings testing positive for anti bodies whilst stating they never knew they had had it.

    No cough, no fever, no symptoms.

    That’s your football attendees Demographic right there and they don’t have a fever or high temperature and go around spreading it. Thermal cameras don’t detect them.

    Every football fan needs a covid test.

  12. Hang on a moment. Jackson’s headline today is that all 12 SPFL Premier League clubs have agreed unanimously that the remaining games cannot be played and that Celtic can be crowned 2019/20 Champions.
    That unanimous agreement will also see the release of prize monies to the Premier League clubs.
    Now that doesn’t seem to ryhme with any of the noise and bluster emanating from Ibrox over the last few weeks does it?
    Cue outrage from the fan base and a media led ‘asterisk’ campaign.
    Of course no such asterisks can be attached to the trophies won by 1872 Rangers during the 10 years of EBT financial doping when every other club in Scotland was being cheated as the Ibrox club hiked up players wages with a huge chunk tax free, made illegal by the accompanying side letters.
    Lets just not go there has been the name of the game for our sports media and will continue to be so.
    As for the SFA Bryson provided the imperfectly registered but still ok in the eyes of the football authorities verdict that took stripping titles off the agenda.
    Never quite got my head around that one and I would be obliged if anyone out there can refer me to the particular SFA rule which constitutes that an imperfectly player registration is ok?
    Why didn’t Celtic just register George Cadete in the same imperfect manner and to hell with Jim Farry’s interpretation of the registration rules?

    1. Of course, on a positive note…

      Their new kit for next season will be a white top with black and blue spots – the white to represent defeat/surrender, and the black and blue spots to represent the multiple contusions caused by aforesaid bargepoles.

    2. Money took for season tickets at ibrox 2 weeks ago . Money kept by the club emails sent to fans telling them their season tickets are cancelled no refund as yet . Klan fans going TONTO . 10p in £ anyone .

  13. Any idea Phil how they can knock up a 200 page dossier but are finding it difficult to produce accounts?? Puzzling me that one

  14. As per last weeks news…….

    Players are out of contract on 31st May. Five SPFL Premiership clubs won’t have enough players to restart the league (Out of season in June).

    New contracts and wages for these guys can’t be found for June or July.

    The focus, as Celtic state, is looking towards starting the new season.

    Declaring CELTIC unanimous undisputed champions is imminent.

    1. And Slippy G can’t understand why there’s such a hurry to declare the season over?

      I also understand that restarting the league with covid19 mitigation’s in place Would cost a lot of money. A lot of money clubs don’t have. This isn’t the EPL.

      The EPL can also afford to pay players and retain them.

  15. Never had much time for King,no craic with him at all,but fair play to him he came good,lent them a few bob,probably OPM,got a good wedge out them in wages and expenses,handed the baby over to Parks and legged it back to SA.
    I think we are going to have mighty craic with Parks,a man under serious pressure…sit back and enjoy.

    1. You mean the stadium that Dave King promised would never be used as security. Where are the deeds anyway????

  16. I am very proud of how our club conducted itself through this whole debacle.
    From my first visit to paradise as a fresh faced 16 year old 1989 until my last visit to the I’ll fated Copenhagen game in February
    There is always one thing that stands out for me.
    Our club is the best in the world
    Stay Safe
    And may your God protect you

  17. The biggest swing between the clubs is the result of proper corporate governance. Celtic are miles ahead of a club who may have trouble providing the SFA with audited accounts, not the fag packet calculations of last year which were spectacularly wrong, to satisfy UEFA’s licence requirements.
    It hasn’t helped them with Murray, Green and now King all calling the shots without corporate governance in sight.
    It would be very embarrassing for the SFA to put Rangers forward for the UEFA licence then see their financial situation come back to bite them.

  18. A ‘hegemonic hangover’😂fanfuqntastique Phil.

    And isn’t quite the vista? Personally,I ‘just can get enough’ just like the song✅
    Maybe we are seeing small incremental changes,let’s hope so.

    One point,trying to instigate the stenography soodjers intae action and doing their jobs is akin to a Sisyphean task,you’ll never quite finish it.They know nought else,as far as I’m aware,so,that’s at least 4 decades they’ve bleated out their ibrox propaganda,more likely longer than that.Not changing soon.

    1. The SMSM know their jobs very well…print what their told by whoever is in charge at the bigot dome and don’t ask questions.

      1. Most of them have trouble writing an article without exposing their underlying bias.
        Too much to expect any of them to ask serious questions of the Ibrox board.
        Eg. Mr Park(Senior)……. ‘With motor trade sales having fallen off a cliff in April, 97% down compared to the same month last year according to official figures, due to the pandemic affect , have an impact on the time and finance available to you to prop up the club. And is Mr King assisting with current and future financial requirements despite having relinquished his role as football club Chairman?’
        97% downturn in new car sales year on year is catastrophic and in simple money terms means that if your business turned over £100,000 last April, the corresponding figure for this April is £3,000!

        1. I’m so looking forward to the klans own turning on their klub;then one another!
          I’m being very hopeful with that as their default setting is attack ‘anyone/everyone’ BUT the actual perpetrator of their perceived slight.

          Popcorn wae ice cream n jelly time approaching,my appetite for that elixir of life;schadenfreude,is reaching levels never previously recorded…


    1. It’s hysterical when you read the pot shots being taken at Lawwell for his statement.
      His critic’s can’t seem to make up their minds over whether holding his piece over the last few weeks is a bigger crime than going public.
      Given the uncertainty surrounding next seasons start up all credit to Celtic for pushing back the season ticket deadline till the end of June when hopefully matters will be much clearer and plans for starting the new season can be implemented.
      Meanwhile over at Ibrox the message is just gie’s your money now!

  19. It must be very embarrassing for the churnalists who still wave the sevco flag……………..if only they had half a brain they would realise it. HH

  20. Hi Phil, didn’t you once write something about not asking a question to which you don’t know the answer? So Glib and Shameless’s loan … what’s the story?

    1. I am not in the know, merely speculating on my ability to spot a shyster from here to Johannesburg. I would be amazed if King actually ‘invested’ anything. Any money from his trusts such as NOAL will have come at a price which is what I think Phil is alluding to. Now that he’s stepped out of the spotlight with his reputation as a ‘saviour’ intact from the gullibillies, he’ll want his money back.

      1. It’s always been known it was a loan with interest. King claimed it had to be that way to satisfy the SA financial authorities.

        Have to say that sounded like a porky to me.

  21. There is nothing to worry about sevco won the vote if you go by Ralston at the daily ranger and English at the BBC . 70% against 30% in a vote is no longer a winning margin, neither is 27 votes against 13 votes is no longer a winning position either . Going by the latest articles from these 2 supposedly journalists it was a sevco victory .

  22. Ok, I’ll have a guess on King’s loan conditions;

    – APR of 18.72% ?
    (still a cheap rate for the Ibrox basket case)
    – secured against ST sales? 🙂
    (there’s nothing else, other than – potentially? – the stadium).

    And to cap it all off: the new Chairman Park has – incredibly – managed to quickly drag the Ibrox brand even closer to the gutter than even King could ever do!

  23. Come on Phil. Everything bar the stadium itself is in hock to Close Bros.
    Even King would have a job selling the stadium as security for his loan to the most gullible fans in the world.
    Could it be that in the event of Morelos or someone else being sold, by the way Ibrox Noise has Kamara being sold to Marseille for £10m, King has first dibs on the transfer monies?
    Look out Donald, that puts you front and centre for the Sports Direct bill!

      1. Mate, it’s an Ibrox Noise article. On the same topic they are signing Hagi for £4.5m and immediately selling him on to Real Madrid, Juventus or Inter Milan for £15m.
        Apparently there is a clause in his loan contract that gives Rangers first dibs on the player if they want to turn the loan into a permanent deal.
        Which all sounds fine but here’s the kicker. What if the player, with half of Europe after him, doesn’t want to come to Glasgow and would rather head for sunnier climes?
        Not quite sure how these loans to permanent deals work but I’m pretty sure that the player will have a say in his final destination and if he says no to Rangers then thats the end of it.
        Genk cannot compel him to sign against his will is my thinking on how this works, stand to be corrected however.

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