Why modern Scotland needs a DNA test

Mr Bradley Wallace today pled guilty to assaulting Father Thomas White on July 7, last year.

The crime was committed as the priest was on the steps of St Alphonsus Church on London Road as parishioners were leaving after mass.

According to media reports, it was Wallace’s DNA that proved decisive in identifying him as the assailant.

The Police also located him on social media:

“The police continued to carry out open source checks and identified a Facebook page belonging to Wallace.

“This depicted images of him holding up an England flag with a Union Jack flag in the corner with the words ‘Bridgeton Loyal’ emblazoned on the front, alongside other images pertaining to the ‘Bridgeton Loyal Band’.”

He pled guilty today and consequently, the case did not go to trial.

Mr Wallace had his bail continued and will be sentenced later this month.

Father Thomas White has received justice and the case only now awaits a disposal as guilt has been admitted.

At the time of this assault, I spoke to a person who was standing directly beside the Priest when this happened.

I did not name her then and I will continue to protect her confidentiality.

She gave a statement to the police and was available to be called as a witness.

With the guilty plea, there will be no need for her to discharge her civic duty.

It was this incident that proved to be a tipping point for many Catholics in Glasgow.

The organisation Call It Out was set up in the immediate aftermath of this assault.

Hatred of Catholics and anti-Irish racism are inter-woven within the Scottish context and that has been extant for generations.

What is now required is for a forensic examination of the societal DNA that culturally authorises people in Fair Caledonia to spit on Catholic Priests.

It would be normal in any functioning democracy for this to be led by the political class.

However, it is still apparently permissible for a Westminster MP sitting for a Scottish constituency to sneer about “Plastic Irishmen”.

These prejudicial attitudes towards the biggest ethnic minority in Scotland does not square with the marketing slogans of the Holyrood government of tolerance and inclusivity.

I am grateful that the lady of this house will never meet someone convulsed with such spitting hatred as she leaves her church here in Donegal.

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