Bitter from America

The news that Celtic have moved to sign American Andrew Gutman caused some anguish in the Blue Room.

One of the Stateside brethren had been very keen for the basket of assets to snap up the youngster for Sevco.

It was he who arranged for the full back to train with Gerrard’s squad last month.

Apparently, the kid has huge potential.

So much so that Chicago Fire are not best pleased to see the lad pack his bags for Glasgow.

Meanwhile, the struggle to balance the books at Ibrox continues.

Although Eduardo Herrera is off on loan, I’m told that the Mexican outfit is only picking up £7.5k of his weekly wage.

That leaves around £15k-£17k still haemorrhaging out of Sevco’s coffers for the striker every seven days.

Now, there is still no word of any movement on that other bit of shrewd Pedro business Carlos Alberto Peña Rodríguez.

I think it is instructive that Alfredo Morelos was given a couple of days off to look at his options.

That makes sense as Jermain Defoe has the assurance that he is the main man up front.

The cruel financial truth is that players will have to leave Sevco in this window.

My information is that Aston Villa has enquired about James Tavernier.

However, unless there is a Moussa Dembélé type sale from Gerrard’s squad then the Sevco High Command will have to go back to the fans for more monetary assistance.

The unexpected victory of Celtic on the 29th of last month has given the Blue Room chaps some breathing space and a substantial wedge of political capital with the fans.

For the moment the Ibrox klanbase have some on-field evidence to fuel their Herrenvolk belief system.

Across the city, the champions have already been busy.

Moreover, if Brendan Rodgers gets the three or four plays that he still wants then he will have no excuses when this season is over.

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