Of creditors and middlemen

The directors at a football club can bring several things to the table and one of them is their business contacts.

Of course, there might be an element of “mates’ rates” and it all helps if the endeavour is financially struggling.

Today I was told that a senior chap in the Blue Room had contacted some contractors that work for his own business.

My understanding is that he got them into to Ibrox to do some renovation work.

Sadly, they have not been paid by Sevco.

It would be foolish to think that this embarrassing situation will be Parked for long.

I must say it is l rather redolent of the chatter I w spicing up in late 2011 but the last club to play their home games at Ibrox.

As I had previously reported here, the Conveyancing Consigliere and the Serious Professional had been dispatched on a grail quest to find some affordable borrowing.

This time, instead of approaching financing institutions directly, they sought the help of a skilled intermediary.

This outfit charges hefty finder’s fee, but they pretty much guarantee success.

Therefore, it was something of a shock when this intercessor refused to take Sevco’s business!

The reasons given were that the ongoing issues with the Takeover Panel and the dispute with Sports Direct made it a non-starter.

Consequently, Mr Gerrard might have to “fall out with people” when the January window opens…


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