Seasonal affective disorder at Sevco might need a super hero

December can be a testing time on Planet Fitba.

The weather isn’t the best and playing squads start to suffer from attrition.

Consequently, as with almost all sporting contests, the team with the most resources has usually risen to the top of the league by now.

People can get SAD and I think that football teams are no different.

If a week is a long time in politics, it can be an age in any sport.

Seven days ago the Stenography Corps were able to gush about “Rangers topping the league” and “Old Firm title race”.

Of course, it was pish.

However, that is the paradigm they operate within.

The C.P. Scott advice about fact and opinion appears to have passed them by:

“Comments are free but facts are sacred.”

They cannot bring themselves to admit that is the legal FACT that Rangers FC (1872) died in 2012.

That should be a sacred starting off point for any reporting on Sevco.

Indeed, during that wonderful summer six years ago the Ibrox clientele seemed to realise that.


Now the hacks and The People are in happy agreement.

They both pretend that it simply didn’t happen.

In the altered reality of what passes for sports journalism in Scotland a week ago the basket of assets was mounting a title challenge to the seven in row champions.

That’s what you have to write when you’re in the pish production business.

In the last two matches, Sevco has failed to beat Aberdeen and Dundee despite both of them being reduced to ten men.

Moreover, the latter was at the bottom of the league when the basket of assets visited Dens Park yesterday.


If Mr Gerrard provides a crash and burn spectacle this season then it will matter not jot to the Impecunious Chairman.

The ex-Liverpool Under 18 coach was hired for a glib and shameless purpose.

Moreover, that was achieved when the season tickets were renewed in the summer.

If some of The People are starting to fall out of with him now then it doesn’t matter as they’ve already bought their season ticket.


That is the same rationale behind the opening of the Sevco shop in Glasgow.


Of course, General Ashley’s legal sentinels have already taken note of this dignified event.

Yes, it will figure in the inevitable court proceedings next year.

However, the chaps in the Blue Room know that the revenue from this exciting new emporium is desperately needed right now in order to keep the lights on at Ibrox.

Mr Gerrard wants funds to strengthen in January as he doesn’t rate some of the players that…err… he brought in during the summer.

Sadly, he has been informed that au contraire any reasonable offer for any of his stars will not be refused when the window opens!

I suppose when you start to fall out with the Match Delegate then you’re probably starting to buckle under the pressure.

South of the Limpopo there is a Grand Plan and that is to stumble on for another while in the hope that things somehow improve.

Meanwhile, Brendan Rodgers got a serious reaction from his players in Saturday against league leaders Kilmarnock.

The first half performance from Celtic would have beaten any team in the league.

Of course, if all else fails Mr David Cunnighaam King has already reminded The People at the RIFC AGM that they have a hero amongst them.

Someone who can be called upon at a moment’s notice.

I understand that his his special powers include zip chewing.

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