Calling out the stupid notion that Protestants in Scotland are oppressed

The STUC anti-racism march at the weekend was well attended.

It was good to see the first appearance of the Call It Out organisation at the event.

It has often struck me as strange that the anti-racist movement in Scotland would not have a stance on the racism aimed at one of Scotland’s largest ethnic groups-the Irish.

My attention was then brought to a dignified gathering outside the City Halls in George Square.



Apparently, the STUC rally would have passed these fine chaps by.

I had not realised that Protestants in Scotland were such a socially excluded and oppressed minority.

Perhaps I should have guessed when the established church in Fair Caledonia wasn’t…

Oh wait!

For the avoidance of doubt, the idea that people are discriminated in contemporary Scotland because of their attachment to Protestantism is utterly risible.

Moreover, it does seem rather coincidental that this…err…organisation should pop up on the day that Call It Out make their inaugural appearance at the STUC rally.

However, that is merely speculation on my part.

I am also speculating that a campaign from within the Irish community calling out anti-Irish racism is seen by some folk as an existential cultural threat.

Very sad, if that is the case…

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