Web Summit 2018

For me, this time of year means Lisbon.

The Web Summit will be here for the next decade and you have to say that Dublin dropped the ball.

Tomorrow one the focus is on o jogo bonito.

A guy called Ronaldinho was meant to be giving a talk-I think he played a bit in his time.

However, the law of his land intervened and his passport has been seized.

Thankfully my Irish one is safely in my pocket.

Seamless travel from one part of the European Union to the other is a delight.

That’s something that the…ahem…Mother Country might be losing soon.

Tomorrow there are some fascinating sessions about where the digital revolution interests with the beautiful game.

As a media chap, I will have one of the best seats in the house.

Anything of interest to Planet Fitba will be my Twitter @Pmacgiollabhain

Consequently, normal service here will probably be interrupted for the next week or so.

Before I packed I did notice that the seriously professional Mr Stewart Robertson told the Sevco customer base that many millions had been spent on the stadium that John Brown played for.

Regular readers will know that I have been reporting on the Ibrox stadium story for several years now.

I submitted an FOI request to Glasgow City Council to ascertain the facts of the matter.

The heavily redacted documents did reveal that the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) had met in emergency session in December 2016 to discuss Ibrox.

It goes without saying that all of the work would have been carried out to the highest standards and there is absolutely no chance that Sevco would have been overcharged.

I must say that I was surprised by this news as it sounds like a major Financial outlay, so Fair Play to them for that.

Have a great week!

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