Ground Hog Day and the joy of meeting your characters

Just a short communiqué from the Web Summit.

I was happy to hear from a trusted source yesterday afternoon.

Yes, he had read that I was in Lisbon, but he thought I should know something significant apropos Sevco.

Consequently, I am passing it onto you dear reader.

He told me that the Conveyancing Consigliere and the Serious Professional were to be dispatched to the Square Mile.

Indeed he speculated that they could be on a shuttle to London tomorrow, i. e. today.

I asked him why and he told me that the monies promised by NOAL in the year-end accounts were as likely to turn up as they were the previous year.

You may recall that in the RIFC annual accounts for the year ending 30th June 2017 NOAL had said that they could cover the operating shortfall.

However, in a glib and shameless sort of way they did a runner!

Consequently, Sevco had to seek external finance and that is where Close Brothers came in last February with their heavily secured £3m loan.

Now it appears that the same process is underway again.

I do find it amazing that this can all go on right under the noses of the world-class administrators at Hampden.

On an entirely different note, the following will only make sense to those of you who have read The Squad.

It was a thunderbolt moment worthy of that day on El Camino Santiago when I found myself having dinner last night with Gerry’s Colombian esposa.

Gracias chiquita!

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