Ashley acts while King deflects

I had an interesting chat with my Shirebrook chap this afternoon.

He told me that General Ashley was “loaded for Bear”.

I was steered in the direction of further legal action by Big Mike on this retail saga.

Essentially the Sports Direct people are after any monies brought in by the ill-advised Sevco car boot sale.

So expect more court action this issue with Elite Sports being in the crosshairs.

In short, General Ashley is after any profit that they made through this joint venture with the basket of assets.

The likely bill is currently an unknown quantity and that is because it is not yet established how many units were shipped via the online car boot sale.

My information is that the final bill could be in seven figures.

Now, I’m told that the Elite Sports folk do have an indemnifying side letter from someone at Ibrox about any future litigation on the deal.

Insert your own jokes here.

At the same time I was talking to Mr Shirebrook it was Statement O’clock at Sevco.

This is classic King deflection to appease the Ibrox klanbase.

Of course, they will lap it up.

They always do.

Ibrox is a centre of excellence for credulity.

However, the High Court in London might not be so forgiving of this most recent outburst by the convicted criminal in Johannesburg.

For the avoidance of doubt, Mr Ashley is a billionaire and his wealth really IS off the radar.

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