Mr King alters his travel plans

You may recall that I had reported that Mr David Cunningham King had planned to arrive in Fair Caledonia soon to meet The People.

The Convict Chairman dispatched a prescient young chap young chap, peace be upon him, to prepare the ground for this dignified event.

However, I’m told the ambience was less than welcoming.

Indeed, there were a few difficult questions apropos the merchandise situation.

Quite simply The People wanted to know when they could start buying replica kits that were not manufactured in counterfeit central.

There were also some difficult questions about the putative share issue.

The upshot was that Mr King decided that a Q&A with The People might not be the best format to get his message across to the Ibrox klanbase.

Instead, there will be a briefing for some carefully selected chaps at some point in the future.

As it stands the event has been put back a week, but that timescale could slide even further.

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