Reprehensible FC winning friends on the journey

It would appear that Sevco just cannot shake off the sense of entitlement that Charles of Normandy bought from Duff and Phelps in 2012.

He purchased it at the same time that the Administrators threw in the history and traditions with the assets of the dead club.

The latest example is this remarkable letter written by Councillor Susan Aitken replying to Stewart Robertson of Sevco.



As regular readers will know Mr Robertson is in titular charge of the day to day matters at the basket of assets.

The spat surrounds the desire of the Engine Room Subsidiary to set up a klanzone on publicly owned land adjacent to the stadium that John Brown played for.

Ms Aitken states in her letter that:

“Rangers FC may want to ask if it carried out adequate engagement”.

The thing with that pesky sense of entitlement that Charlie bought in the liquidation sale is that it doesn’t lend itself to “engagement”.

The default setting is to angrily demand stuff from lesser beings.

Ms Aitken refers to the Sevco letter where the Community Council were characterised as “ill-informed pawns”.

Oh dear…

Ms Aitken makes the following very serious accusation in her letter:

“It is also of considerable concern that individuals employed by Rangers should take to social media to endorse and amplify claims that any decision on this issue is a result of footballing bias.”

She considered that to be “reprehensible”.

I concur.

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