Celtic’s incompetence reduces their dominance to the flip of a card

The members of the Sevco High Command who fret over the pile of unpaid invoices will breathe a little easier today.

The bean counters at Ibrox let it be known at the start of the season that Europa League Group Stages was a vital financial objective.

So far Mr Gerrard has delivered.

Although not completely out of the financial woods the revenue from participating in the group stages of the Europa League will undoubtedly help the Serious Professional and his colleagues to manage the deficit at Ibrox.

Combined with the gate receipts of three full houses at Ibrox then  I’m told that getting past Ufa means another £5.5m (gross) into Sevco’s coffers.

I’m told that Mr Gerrard was not happy with the travel arrangements to and from Russia.

Indeed, the airborne stenographers were told by an Intergalactic PR guru in mid-air not to print anything about those logistical difficulties.

Of course, should Celtic prevail on Sunday then the grisly details of Sevco’s gruelling journey will be obediently related by the hacks.

They’re only following orders…

Last night Celtic cruised past their Lithuanian opponents at Celtic Park, but this has been a calamitous start to the season for the Seven In A Row Champions.

If the objective is to emerge from every transfer window stronger then this one cannot be dressed up as a success.

Regular readers here will know who I think is the main culprit in this recruitment clusterfuck.

Undoubtedly the Celtic end would have been relieved that Moussa Dembélé was not sold to Lyon yesterday.

However, a serious unhappy player can be a very real problem in any dressing room.

I’m told that he was within hours of moving onto €120k per week at Lyon.

Celtic were willing to go almost £50k per week in a new deal.

Therefore, from a simple monetary point of view his point his displeasure is easy to understand.

The bottom line is that Brendan Rodgers did not get his main signing targets during this window.

At least some of that failure can be laid at the door of the Celtic CEO.

The McGinn shambles was all Peter’s own work and that is certainly the view of Mr Desmond.

Moreover, the Irish billionaire did not take kindly to one of his senior people briefing against the Celtic manager to the BBC.

Although, I’m sure Mr Desmond was just being helpful when he had Shane Long put onto the list of possible strikers to replace Moussa Dembélé.

However, these things are best left to the professionals.

Brendan Rodgers and his recruitment team are not without fault in this farce.

Marvin Compper and Charlie Musonda were both sanctioned by the Celtic manager.

As was Eboue Kouassi, another expensive error of judgement.

Now the Stenography Corps can hardly contain their delight at the shambles at Celtic.

The Admirable Warburton and Poor Pedro had identical KPIs when they were managing the basket of assets:

Win a cup.

Come a close second in the title race.

Beat Celtic in at least one league match.

For the first time since the Off Licence Putsch, both the hacks and the Ibrox klanbase have a sense of belief that all of the above is possible.

Indeed, the “going for 55” fantasy is once more part of the approved narrative on the sports desks.

Suddenly Mr King’s jibe about “a pack of cards” is starting to have some validity.

Well done Peter.

Brendan has a major test on All Ireland Sunday and he has to play with the hand he has been dealt.

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