The conveyancing consigliere and the face-saving painter 

Behind the gushing stenography, the structural difficulties at Sevco remain extant.

I’m told that Mr King’s commercial contract expert has been called in by his own law firm for a rather difficult conversation.

Apparently, they do not appreciate the brand linkage with the basket of assets.

Of course, all of Planet Fitba remembers the vignette unpaid face painter when the old club went bust.

Now Sevco have the face-saving painter!

A small contractor who was hired by the basket of assets to tart up Ibrox needs to be paid.

This sole trader chap hired three part-time brush wielders to do the job on the stadium that John Brown played for.

Now I’m told that the outstanding invoice is around £29k.

The Sevco High Command functionary who brought him in to do the work is so embarrassed by this situation that he is considering finding the funds himself!

Meanwhile, Mr Gerrard seems oblivious to these trifling matters.

My information is that he contacted the Director of Fantasy yesterday to pursue the signature of Wigan player Nick Powell.

When Mr Allen approached the Serious Professional the response was one of risible incredulity as talking starts at £6m for the lad.

Across the Clyde, I’m told that Celtic are chasing three centre-backs in the hope of landing at least one.

What particularly interested me was that apparently these deals are not being actioned by Heated Driveway Recruitment.

It I almost as if someone had massively messed up recently.


In more worrying news I hear that the representatives of John Terry have been in touch with Celtic.

Please, Celtic just say no!

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