Ibrox EBTs and the failure of the Fourth Estate

The ghost of Rangers past reappeared on Planet Fitba yesterday.

Those pesky EBT things.

Last night on Radio Scotland Mikey Stewart intentionally lobbed a fact grenade into the discussion when he brought up the example of Arsenal and their tangle with Hector.

For the avoidance of doubt, the big difference is that the Gunners were not liquidated and Rangers were.

At least one ex-RFC player who works in the media has privately stated to colleagues that if the current entity is the original Rangers then they should pay his bloody EBT!

Of course, such a conversation would be verboten on air at Pacific Quay.

They all remember what deluged down the dignity pipe onto the head of Jim Spence.

The likeable Dundonian committed the grave error of speaking the truth about the death of Rangers.

However, the fact remains that if the club currently playing at Ibrox is Rangers (Est. 1872) then EBT recipients with side letters should be knocking on their door.

On Radio Scotland last night both Darryl Broadfoot and Al Lamont appeared to fluff their lines on the “club/company” nonsense.

Same club?

Then honour those indemnifying side letters.

In 2010 the Fitba Fourth Estate ignored the gathering financial storm clouds over Ibrox.

This journalist was mocked and derided by many of them for following the Rangers story.

Then the inevitable happened in February 2012.

What they said was impossible did indeed come to pass.

Even then they were soothing the klan with pish about a CVA that would save the club and the history etc.

Within days of administration, I was writing about the inevitable liquidation.

This site is fully searchable and free to view.

It is all here.

When the CVA was refused it was important to pretend that Rangers had not died.

Since the basket of assets was sold to Charles of Normandy and his Gallant Profiteers it has been necessary for the stenographers to abide by the club/company fiction.

Yesterday was just another embarrassing episode for the Fitba Fourth Estate.

They failed on the Rangers story and they are continuing the cover-up by pretending that Sevco isn’t a new club.

Around the world, journalists risk their lives every day serving the public interest.

With a few honourable exceptions, Planet Fitba is not well served by those who should be speaking truth to power.

Yesterday was just another reminder of their collective failure.

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