Big Mike and Bruno

You may recall that certain well-rounded young chap in the Stenography Corps did not believe that General Ashley could position his tanks at will around Ibrox.

Last June the new retail deal was trumpeted as a great victory for Mr King and Sevco.

Of course, your humble correspondent was a contrarian.

I simply didn’t swallow this high-Level narrative.

I’m told that the new retail deal was signed last June by Big Mike personally.

This is very rare on Planet Ashley.

As he signed the legally binding document he was flanked by Barry Leach and Derek Llambias.

The symbolism is strong.

In effect, he was accepting Sevco’s unconditional surrender.

It is just that the Blue Room chaps in the room with Ashley didn’t realise it.

As Mr King and Mr Murray signed for Sevco it made them personally liable for any breach of that contract.

That is why they are defendants in this current case.

The legal advice they received from a dignified conveyancing solicitor was that there was nothing to worry about.

Oh dear…

If Hummel are not feeling too good about things at the moment then I suspect that the people in JD Sports aren’t in a good place right now either.

Perhaps they thought that being a retail partner to Sevco was a good idea.

Ah well…

If Ashley wins this case at the end of the month then expect some serious penalties for breach of contract as well as legal costs being owed to Big Mike by Sevco and the two named directors.

I’m told that if Ashley is victorious then he could decide that he just wants out of the deal altogether.

If that were the case then he would want what is due to him there and then.

That could lead to ANOTHER Ashley injunction until he is paid by Sevco.

If you think that his tanks aren’t exactly where he wants them to be then you haven’t been paying attention.

I’m afraid it is adeus to Bruno Alves.

He leaves Glasgow with  Celtic still in possession of the SPFL title.

You may recall that he said he wanted to prise it away from Parkhead.

The Alves experiment cost Sevco £2.6m last year.

That is not including fees to his agent to bring him to the basket of assets.

At least the veteran Portuguese defender leaves with a £750k payoff.

Well, I hope he gets paid, because Big Mike certainly will!