Directing fantasy at Sevco

Spare a thought for Mark Allen.

It can’t be easy being the Sevco Director of Fantasy at the best of times.

However, this isn’t the best of times.

I’m told that the new manager is less than Zen-like about the ex-Citeh chap’s performance.

Personally, I think that this is harsh as the guy has had to work on a very tight budget.

Moreover, it isn’t ideal when the manager goes on a solo run.

For example, I would be interested to know just how much Mark Allen knew about the approach to Roma for Umar Sadiq.

At least one concerned Sevco functionary has contacted the convict chairman about Mr Gerard’s unrealistic budgetary expectations.

The response from Johannesburg has been to give the ex-Liverpool captain what he wants, within reason.

Meanwhile, the Anfield icon is trying to boost his striking options.

I do find this surprising given that he has both Alfredo José Morelos Aviléz and Eduardo Herrera Aguirre at his disposal.

Great players do not always make successful managers and the appointment of the inexperienced Gerrard is a risk.

Of course, if this doesn’t work out then I’m sure Mr Gary McAlister MBE would be open to an approach to step into the breach if the need arose this season.

If that were to happen then I’m sure Mr Allen would be a crucial part of the decision making process.

Just as he was when it was decided to make a move for Mr Gerrard.

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