Gerrard’s cash flow light blues

What kind of squad has Mr Gerrard inherited?

I’m told that a senior Sevco emissary approached a club in the English Championship club to test their interest in goalkeeper Wes Foderingham.

£3.5m was the asking price.

I’m afraid the chap in England found this valuation rather risible.

I suppose that is the reason that he laughed down the phone.

He told the Sevco functionary that a firm bid of £1.2m was on the table and to come back when he was serious.

Of course, players will need to be shifted to bring in much indeed cash, but also to reduce the wage bill.

For a bit of perspective, the combined cost of Bruno Alves and Fábio Cardoso to Sevco is between £45k and £50k per week.

Then there is new all-star management team.

Mr Gerard and Mr McAlister are costing the basket of assets £65k per week in total.

With the ex-England captain accounting for £45k of that weekly wedge.

That is £3.38m per annum.

At the time of writing, only Kenny Miller represents a major saving off the Sevco wage bill.

The new loan deal for Carlos Alberto Peña Rodríguez is still on the Ibrox payroll.

Club Necaxa are paying a similar amount to what Cruz Azul were contributing and that is no more than £10k per week.

One of the striking things about this current Sevco squad is the lack of any substantial equity.

In the absence of any genuine quality the Stenography Corps, acting on high-Level instructions has tried to drum up interest.

Some things do remain a constant on Planet Fitba and Sevco is still a lossmaking business without a credit line from a bank.

Last season they needed regular infusions of lifesaving liquidity and this campaign will be no different.

Of course, The People do not care for such mere details.

You may recall that they were sneeringly dismissive of my reportage in 2011.

It can all be accessed here on the blog archive.

It is fully searchable and, like this site, is free to view.

The very notion that the Craig Whyte regime was in cash flow difficulties in 2011 was dismissed as pernicious fantasy.

It wasn’t.

It was true.

The following June as The People wept on CVA Day outside Ibrox their plaintive wail was that no one had warned them.

Not true…

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