A wobble on the Gerrard express and a different way of doing recruitment

I’m afraid that the Gerrard Express was in danger of coming off the rails yesterday.

There was a free and fair exchange of views between the convict chairman and the ex-Liverpool legend.

As ever the problem at Sevco was about money, or rather the lack of it.

Mr Gerrard stated in a conference call to the Serious Professional and the Director of Fantasy that he wasn’t happy about how the recruitment was going.

He accepted that he had previously to go with the squad that he had said he needed three named players to make a difference.

One of that trio was Martin Škrtel.

I’m told that the ex-England captain was of the opinion that the offer to the Slovakian defender was never intended to succeed.

The Serious Professional then took Gerrard’s concerns to the convict chairman.

Mr King said that he would deal with it.

Then the Director of Fantasy received an angry call from south of the Limpopo.

I’m told that there wasn’t a lot of love expressed by the chairman for the new Sevco manager.

However, Mr Allen was told to make the Connor Goldson deal happen, but to keep within the financial realities of the basket of assets.

Therefore, the season ticket money takes another hit.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Brighton defender was another part of Gerrard’s preferred trio.

My information is that the other player is a striker.

Overall, Mr Gerrard had accepted that the current squad is what he has to work with.

Of course, some loans will come in, but he needed those three players in question as permanent signings.

Meanwhile, across the city, there is another type of recruitment strategy.

Celtic have money and will spend it.

Expect a group unveiling with the appropriate razzmatazz.

My information is that the Double Treble winners will parade “three or four new players”.

I expect Odsonne Édouard to be one of them.

John McGinn should be there too.

However, although the financials have been agreed I’m told that Hibernian want Mikey Johnston on loan as part of that deal.

My information that Brendan has put his foot down on that one, although Scott Allan going the other way in a permanent swap is not a problem for the Celtic boss.

Now, I don’t expect that you will read any of the foregoing in the Succulent Radar media.

It should not fall to a journalist in another country to be fulfilling a Fourth Estate function for Planet Fitba.

However, that seems to be the case.

Especially when it comes to matters Sevco.

Of course, this site only continues with your support.

Míle Buíochas.

Now I’m off back down the words mines.




Yesterday my publisher told me that the first consignment had left the printing plant.


For those of ye who have already pre-ordered you will have your signed copy by the end of the month, if not before.


45 thoughts on “A wobble on the Gerrard express and a different way of doing recruitment”

  1. looks like there is money to be spent at ibrox too Philip , that’s 5 million odd on 2 defenders they just spent ,, they bought Jamie murphy for 2 million ano ,, another deal you said wont happen … seriously losing confidence in your storys as everytime you say sevco haven’t got any funds to sepnd they go out and spend even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,, there spending more money than us ffs

  2. I see the Scotland manager thinks that EBT’s are good for a laugh amongst blue facing supporters at a do in Blackpool.
    We have a right to know if the Scotland manager has repaid the hundreds of thousands of tax due on his share of the illegal payments.
    Maxwell should be all over this but he’s too busy building bridges with Dickson and his ilk.

  3. Secco have offered £4.5m for burnie 1 year loan and if he plays enough games then the buy clause will automatically be triggered

  4. Phil; this may sound a bit nit-picky but I need to vent here. Every transfer season it’s the same last minute stuff so I will believe it when I see it as far as these NEW players coming.

    Actually, I was hoping for upgrades to the team we already had. Odsonne was already here so I don’t count him as a new one just because he would sign for us. In fact, it’s the opposite – if we don’t sign him now it will be a loss to squad.

    Do Scott Bain and Jack Hendry, back-up players, count as a new ones? Also, I think McGinn is OK for cover if he comes over but I don’t consider him better than what we already have. Does he really count as some great addition? Lewis Morgan looks to be a nice young, up-and-coming player but he will probably be out on loan with someone to ensure he gets game experience.

    So at the end of the day, I see the team from last season basically trotting out same again. I believe we have the money, and the need, and should be adding 2-3 instant upgrades. Moment they step on the park kind of upgrade, not players who may one day be good but need to develop over X years. I want to be able to stroll the league next season and ALSO be more competitive in CL/EL. I also want insurance against even more “honest mistakes”.

    Add in fact that we may actually lose Dembele and Armstrong, and much as I love him, Mikael Lustig will be another year older and slower. I guess it all depends on how wide you believe the margin is between us and the rest – IMO, I don’t think it’s as wide as it should be. Just my frustrations boiling over here…….

    1. I agree with a lot of that, Peter. I know that achieving the double treble was a remarkable feat, but it papered over some cracks. For starters, sevco actually scored MORE goals in the league last year than we did and if Aberdeen had won even their home games against them the league would have been much tighter.
      On the goals front, well it could be argued that there were mitigating circumstances in the fairly long term injuries to Griffiths and Dembele. However points are gathered, or not, over a season and seeing a 39 points gap cut to 9 points IS concerning to me.
      There are those who say it makes the league more interesting or exciting. Well sorry. I do not want to have 10 in a row even remotely jeopardized. Let’s have the next three titles wrapped up by March each year. We can have interest and excitement AFTER that.

    2. I agree. I want to see a few excitable signings. As you say…straight on the park type. I want us to put everybody else on a back burner and made irrelevant this season to prove just how far apart we are. I live in hope.

  5. I think Mikey Johnston will be in and around the top squad pretty much full time from now on. He will be pushing Forrest within two seasons. His goal for the U-21’s against England last night was really something special.

  6. I thought exactly the same thing last season but about wee Paddy. Unfortunately, through no fault of anyone, we didn’t get what we hoped for from him in the season just gone.

  7. Not sure whether it’s arrogance or ego that’s driving the latest Ibrox manager.
    Does he really think that one agreed loan deal for a Liverpool youngster and perhaps 3 more, only one of whom has sniffed first team action, will challenge the Champions?
    He’s in for one helluva shock if that’s the case.
    Of course any hiccup will see fans questioning being Liverpool’s feeder team and if Celtic quickly open up a gap then look out for pictures of Stevie G in Seville with his Celtic retro strip on.
    If King is happy to go back 12 years to snare Mr Hughes then dragging up photos from 15 years ago will be fair game.
    When Gerrard clears his head and realises that he’s not only been sold a pup, he also has to feed it, he’s not going to hang around as his reputation is trashed.
    Given that he’s a multi millionaire would King tap him up for ‘investment?’
    Would anyone be surprised….apart from Stevie?

  8. Edouard, McGinn, a top right back & Twumasi from Astana would be class as he has height & power & is a different type of striker from what we have, a mix of Sutton & Hartson but it may be too costly but that would be me a happy hoop!

  9. How long before Stevie G wakes up to Sky Sports News (well, Keech Jangles Jackson maybe) informing him that he has just resigned as TheRangers manager? Can someone who isn’t using theirs just now not lend him a magic hat to help the poor guy out? All of these novice managers need all the help they can get, but the level of help you need working for the GASL is, to coin a phrase, “off the radar”.

  10. Mr Gerrard unhappy then is he? Can’t think why he didn’t look at squinty’s track record of cheating and lying and also of treating team managers like something stuck to the bottom of his brogues. You reap what you sow right enough. HH

  11. I was hoping we would sign a defender or two of note this season. Going into 8 qualifying games with Hendry, Ajer, PC Loosedick and Bombscare Boyata in defence scares the living shite out of me.

    £40 million is at stake here. If ever there was a time to go ‘All In” it’s now!!

  12. And so it begins. So the shite emanating from Mordor via their tame copyists is really just shite?

    Who would have thunk that. Oh my dear.
    Laughed my bollox off.
    Thank you sir for your excellent reportage.

  13. This present team, won’t go very far in the Champions League,sign one player,and you will be happy,me I would like to see another Right Back,don’t think Ralston is the answer, another Winger,also Centre Half,and I don’t think McGinn,is good enough for the Hoops,Hibs I’m afraid is his level.

    1. What is it with you lot??
      Hibs is mcginns level? I fuckn guarantee that you were one of the idiots who said the exact same when you bought broon or is it browny now? Off us and let me guess the exact same again when Griffiths came along and if you are auld enough the exact same thing when you signed John Collins off (aff) us
      Get off your high horse ya bam the laddie mcginn bossed your so called superstars in three out of the four league games and far better than you think

      1. The same was also said of players like Skippy when he signed from Motherwell and a whole host of others that were signed fairly cheaply and/or from other Scottish clubs. VVD had his doubters to start with, as did Forster and Wanyama. Hell, I can well remember that even Larsson had more than a few doubters too when he arrived. Probably the same people that were then creaming themselves later at the arrival of Rafael Scheidt (because he had had a few games in friendlies for Brazil), as well as the likes of Berkovic, Juninho and some of the other duds we have signed with big reputations from English or European clubs. You just have to look at Comperr, who was signed to much acclaim, but has been seen less often than Shergar and Lord Lucan. Ditto Gamboa. A big fee and big league/international experience no doubt gives you a greater probability if success, but it is no guarantee. Joey Barton? Senderos? Krancjar?

  14. The hype around hiring a manager who is so unqualified for the task he’s not even qualified for the job is bewildering. Now he’s getting mouthy………..the writing is in the wall already.

  15. I think McGinn will see out his contract with Hibs and sign with us for free with a pre-contract agreement made in January 2019. This arrangement may change should Sunderland offer a shitload of money for the player, but even then, McGinn can refuse a transfer. Lennon will be aware of this so he might decide a straight swap, Allan for McGinn. This is purely calculated guesswork on my behalf, I don’t claim to have inside knowledge.

    1. I think it would more likely be Allan plus money for McGinn. If we do sign McGinn I would not be surprised if Armstrong goes. We already have a glut of excellent midfielders.

    2. Hahaha Allan for mcginn straight swap??? What you smoking mate?
      Mcginn will go down south and on to bigger and better things than fuckn sellick

  16. I see Carlos Pena is on the move again – dumped by Cruz Azul to a loan with Necaxa. No mention of who’s paying his wages and expenses during the rest of his TheRangers contract. But I think it’s fair to assume Necaxa will be eager to pay more than Cruz Azul given Carlos’ piss poor contribution – adding further to StevieG’s warchest.

    SMSM – gizza job – I can do that!

  17. Would be delighted too if the french Eddy deal gets sorted. Hope the news re Gerrard is true. Sick and tired of the sevco wanking media here.

    No worries regarding Stevie G / sevco vs Celtic. Just fed up of the utter shite the so called media keep spouting . Mon the hoops triple treble can be done.

  18. Just ordered your book Phil. I Enjoy your investigations and surely by now Sevco have had their offices debugged.
    Just back from last weekends trip to Ballyshannon for the Rory Gallagher festival. First time in Donegal but it won’t be the last.

  19. Arthur Scargill was a striker… maybe they could afford him..!!!
    “Sevco United will never be defeated” it has a pleasant ring to it…. ring to it….ring to it… As the Revd Playfair said in the immortal classic John Ford’s The Quiet Man…
    All their rings will be pointing to the porcelain…. and all we can do is joke about them…. ghastly is it not…???

    1. I saw the Quiet Man wi’ ma Mammy ( R.I.P.)….when I was about 7 years old.
      Wonderful movie…and a wonderful memory….of an even more wonderful woman.

      1. If your in or around Coatbridge / Bellshill next February the Quiet Man world championship movie show / quiz / music night will be on. As a several times world champion team member I and the rest of tge world champions bid you very welcome…. Marquess of Queensberry rules apply… and no petty fingers if you please…. this is a strictly private invitation dont tell the rest …. they’ll all won’t to come….!!!

      2. If you haven’t read the book from which The Quiet Man was taken then you should do so. It’s by Maurice Walsh – “The Quiet Man and other stories”. Unfortunately, libraries have put books of this era into archive, though they will happily dig them out. Maurice Walsh, an Irishman, spent most of his working life in Scotland.

    1. I doubt Brendan would be happy going into a Champions League qualification with the same squad (minus wee Paddy R)?
      Jeezo no wonder Pedro can take the piss so easily year in year out.

      That defence needs sorting pronto.

    2. I think we most certainly need a right back.

      I love PC Lustig. He has been a tremendous servant for the club and also “gets” us. He is past his best now however and I don’t believe young Ralston is quite ready.

      Our centre backs can perform better. They are good players and can improve under Brendans watch.

    3. I thought exactly the same thing last season but about wee Paddy. Unfortunately, through no fault of anyone, we didn’t get what we hoped for from him in the season just gone.

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