Tough questions and a difficult day

Spare a thought, if you will, for the Serious Professional.

He has not had the best of days today.

It would appear that those chaps in UEFA have lots of very precise questions about the financial standing of the Engine Room Subsidiary.

I’m told that one of the lines of inquiry is that precise nature of the monies that Sevco has received from Club 1872.

Were these subventions in the form of loans or were they charitable donations?

Apparently, it is all very complicated.

Now, that’s a worry in itself.

However, I’m sure it will all be cleared up to the satisfaction of the chaps in Nyon.

That said, the serious one is not having a great day at all.

That is because he is being asked tough questions and he doesn’t have the answer to them.

He’s in my thoughts…

52 thoughts on “Tough questions and a difficult day”

  1. So Goldson deal nearly over the line, medical and personal terms pending.
    The 6ft 3″ colossus is being welcomed to Ibrox and his hero status previously at Shrewsbury is a big talking point for the fans.
    Some appear to be excited with what they have seen of him so far whilst at Brighton where his game time has been fairly limited.
    I suppose he will be an upgrade on Alves, Cardoso, MacCrorie, the last men standing from last seasons centre back choice.
    Of course if Alves and Cardoso can be moved on that will leave space for another couple of upgrades.
    Perhaps there is another Liverpool youngster that might fit the bill.
    As things stand, medical permitting, Goldson will join Arfield as the 2nd outfield addition to the squad.
    It really looks as if it’s one out, one in.
    The former will be harder to achieve than the latter.

  2. Confirmation of Murty’s return to Murray Park not very popular with the fans.
    Though it was pointed out that if the Stevie G revolution falls flat then a tried and tested interim will already be on the premises.

  3. Wind of change?
    Maxwell quick to point out that for a Scottish Cup tie the away club can ask for up to 20% of the stadium capacity for their fans.
    That’s bound to get some kind of reaction from the convicted criminal.
    Imagine a home draw against Celtic with a minimum of 8,000 away fans taking the seats of ST holders who won’t have the opportunity to buy their own seats?

  4. There are suggestions that King has information that, if put in the private domain, would be catastrophic for the SFA/SPFL and at the same time some well kent faces at Ibrox.
    5 way agreement and worse?
    So the perfect opportunity for Maxwell, with his hands clean, to call King’s bluff and tell him to do his worst.
    Sure, the revelations will rock Scottish football but in a stroke will remove all of those who had a part in the UEFA fraudulent licence application and worse, both at Hampden and Ibrox.
    There is no doubt that if the complaints laid at the door of the Ibrox club are upheld, and those responsible are removed from positions of influence in Scottish football, then the process for moving on can truly begin and those with blood on their hands can expect a knock on the door from Police Scotland.
    Hell mend all of them!

  5. Noted that they have been awarded a silver licence by the SFA. Loved the work of this site and others over the years in exposing the goings on at Ibrox and the SFA . However no matter the level of corruption and cheating that is exposed , nothing is done. Sadly our own club are the biggest culprits in this cover up. If you disagree with this then you need to ask why two rambling statements from a convicted criminal has achieved more concessions from the SFA in one week than our club has managed in six years. Perhaps it’s time to turn the spotlight on our own club, we just might find some answers there.

  6. You get into him Bandito and tell him a few home truths. Be sure to be fast on your feet though as the gullibillies are very hard of learning. Let us all know how he takes it, please. HH

  7. Whilst we all continue to laugh at them they get granted their European licence, King successfully gets somebody removed from An SFA board and the TOP remains quiet. They seem bullet proof at the moment.

  8. Another tantalising blog Phil.
    I hope everything in it comes to fruition. Mr Hughes taking the bullet for something said when he was a young man eons ago is disgraceful.
    I could see the point if had called them, “ manky, smelly,humped back,swivel eyed , mono browned, amoebic, knuckle dragging,drooling ,thick as pigshit, gullible orange bastards.”. Now that might be considered a resigning reason.

    Imagine having your honesty and integrity called into question, by the GASL, supported the scummy Scottish meeja?
    Little or no mention of Kings humanitarian works with orphans and the South African Tax Authorities. Hypocrites one and all.

    No sympathy for any of them.

    Fuck em all!
    Thanks again sir.

  9. Serious question…
    Why has no Club or Individual ever questioned the existence/validity of the 5 Way Agreement in a Court of Law?

    The reason I ask this is simple:
    Rangers Fc and The Rangers International Fc are to entirely separate entities in the eyes of the Law.
    Companies House will verify this fact.
    So therefore how can the SFA justify embroiling the current Entity in the former Entities transgressions?

    Could it be GASL has threatened to use this Agreement(if it exists) and may be using it as leverage to spill the beans as it were if the SFA proceed in this way they are?

    Again why has no Club or Persons connected with Scottish Football challenged this Agreement?

    1. DavieGASL’s irratic and irrational behaviour is putting the shits up the SFA and everyone who has colluded with them. They all know he is sailing a sinking ship and has nothing to lose and now know for sure he is mad enough to take them all down with him without losing a wink of sleep – if he wants to or if he finds it amusing or if it is somehow rational in his psychotic world. He has previous with SARS.

      The SFA and friends will bend over backwards to appease the nutter – but we all know that nutters are never appeased for long.

      BTW – Instilling fear in your opponent’s mind that you will go to extremes that they find repugnant is the ultimate weapon.

    2. It would require a club to do it, as the SFA are simply an association of member clubs. It would appear no one is willing to rock the economic gravy boat……

      Oh how I would love if DD and Lawwell were to grow a pair and stand up and say enough is enough!

  10. In response to Gary..surely fan investment is a good thing… Not only have Sevconians invested they have been mortgaged like serfs to line other pockets and maintain a sectarian myth of footballing supremacy. There are Sevco fans who fully realise this, and I suspect not a few who resent being treated like chattel. As a republican who believes in equality, I think it right to warn those who might be enlightened enough to listen that they are being mistreated. As for those who glory in a Catholic Irish hating past… I have no sympathy but the damage another Ibrox implosion will have on the reputation of the current leadership of the SFA suggests even the most blinkered fan should be alerted to where blame lies within the sport and Scottish civil society.

    I know of some diehard Rangers men who no longer consider the Ibrox fiasco worth investing in. I hope they find a team worthy of their support on footballing terms rather than some chimera that drapes itself in the language of protestant unionist loyalist supremacy.

  11. On the subject of tough questions Phil. Will the SFA ever be asked tough questions relating to the dead club that play out the bigotdome?


  12. I’m in Turkey, the shops here have no compunction in dodgy deals.

    As i walk along a store ridden street there are many vendors selling football tops, all the new.season strips on display.

    5 for £10 in some places.

    I for one don’t buy them simply because I know if I buy one in the Celtic shop on Argyle st a fair whack of the cash goes straight to my team.

    The new Rankers top is available here too, home and away.

    The home top has a Union Jack on the left shoulder above the badge, white mainly with some blue and red trim.

    The away top in garishly orange.

    Guy in my hotel walks in and proudly announces to some seated bar punters.

    “I just got the new Rankers top, I bought the orange one”

    That’s the level of arsehole Gary Hughes was speaking about.

    I was dying to roll out a series of facts that this guy needed to hear and my girlfriend just looks at me as she sees the glint in my eye and nods in the negative.

    I deferred.

    We all know Gary Hughes has fallen on his sword and lying here this morning I wish I ignored my GF last night.

    Can’t wait to see him this morning at breakfast as I know he’ll be wearing it…..breath baited

    1. Not worth fucking up your girlfriend’s holiday for some anus who won’t “get it” anyway and will interpret your intervention as a vindication of warped beliefs.

  13. Gareth Southgate reckons that Stevie Gerrard is a potential future England manager.

    Where have we heard that before?

    I guess that one of these days that prophesy will come true.

  14. In the good old days it was:
    UEFA licence issues Timmy, move along nothin to see
    EBT issues Timmy, paranoia
    Frequent Honesty Mistakes Timmy, no proof of that

    But today, those question are not just from Timmy, and they cannot be hand-waved away. Times are changing and TheRangers know the noose is closing. The day-to-day details may frustrate the fair minded, but the mega trends are all turning in the right direction.

    King’s focus on the recent non-issues is a definitive sign of acceleration desperation to reassert formed entitlements – which merely underlines how times are changing as Petrie and co feel things slipping from their gift.

    Look at the big picture and enjoy the show!

  15. The fiscal machinations of the tribute act and their overcooked books will have the UEFA bods scratching their heads in discombobulation. Perhaps a license shouldn’t be given until several (independent, of course) Philidelphia lawyers have put the scrambled accounts under a microscope. The Glib one is playing all his jokers now and very soon all he’ll have left to do is wave his wee tadger to show us what he’s all about. Get right into them UEFA. HH

  16. It’s never ending.
    Goldson would stroll Scottish football, was a Liverpool fan growing up, Gerrard was his hero….all according to Ian McGarry(who he?) in the Daily Radar.
    2nd bid of 2.25m plus add ons was made last week. Really? Was not the 3rd bid supposed to have been made last week, according to the same Radar, nearer the £3m wanted by Brighton?
    They are incapable of getting the story right and nothing printed in the Scottish sports media can be taken as fact unless supported by documentary evidence.
    Just like anything coming from the mouth of Dave King.
    They really must be worried that UEFA will knock back their licence application with the daily statements and King howling at the moon.
    If that comes to pass then UEFA can expect similar COI claims heading their way from Ibrox!

    1. 3.5m for a guy who has played 11 eleven games! Transfer market values at 900k, seems like a good load of shite reporting

  17. Are we watching Glib and Shameless One knowing he’s fekked regarding the unwashed attaining their ‘customary’ UEFA licence with all his ‘transparency’ bluster as an attempt to deflect blame from himself in the eyes of the gullibillies?
    After all, they did bite the Bottled bait, hook, line and stinker.

  18. Dave King is the godfather of Scottish football.He drives a horse and carriage through the rulebook,and nobody can stop him.
    The real power behind him exist with the high ranking masons,and orange order.
    World order consists of these people,so it should come as no surprise that no action will take place against Sevco.
    The TOP have met their match,and are now looking for a hole to hide in.Debtors are now looking at anyone brave enough to take the first steps to recover money,so who will be first to blink.
    Big Mike baled out,but it is questionable if he came out ahead,given the problems that was asked about his business.
    Let’s not get carried away with UEFA doing the business,as they may well be controlled by external forces.

    1. Much as I enjoy a good conspiracy theory the thought tgst tge all powerful Illuminati are hell bent on securing Sevco’s place in the sporting and world leadership pantheons stretches the imagination just a tad too far..
      Certainly in Scottish society some people with an agenda may wish to see Sevco restored to a previously non existent ethereal glory.
      That the world leaders of the descendants of Hiram Abiff are vexed in anyway by the plight of Sevco, as it undergoes an infantile disorder is, to my mind, risible.

  19. Evening Phil from the “The Dear Green Place.” As a side note the Authorities really need to get their collective backsides together and get Glasgow sorted out. I have empathy for genuine “Homeless” but Glasgow is getting beyond the pale. It’s booming with tourists but what they must think of us as the assorted addicts/drunks/and no users roam freely around the centre beggar’s belief. Where are you Nicola?

    Main point is the Sevco and Dave King attack on all “Questionable Appointments” i.e. Celtic minded people in positions of authority at the SFA/SPFL is a beauty to behold. “Davey Boy” has now set the benchmark. He now demands a review of all decisions made by Gary Hughes in the last 3 years. However the man has lost his position due to a statement made over 12 years ago. So it’s only fair that we now have a review of all appointments and decisions made over the last 12 years within the Governing Bodies of the SFA/SPFL. In addition let’s have a review over the same period of all reporting by our intrepid MSSM over the same period.

    Seems fair to me. What could there be to hide Dave/Sevco/MSSM. Over to you Celtic and other football Clubs that make up the SFA/SPFL.

  20. Pesky questions and people poking their noses in…..not cricket Phil.
    It seems another person bursting with dignity….is er…um…
    Well one of the legal chaps at RHI enquiry referred to a statement made by Mrs F to the assembly inDecember 2016.
    The lawman wondered if the statement lacked in the candour that might have been expected.
    Upright, proper, truthfxxxxxxx
    Also Phil, I read SFA statement re Gary Hughes and expressed my sadness on his not seeking election.
    I pointed out to them that the media and the infant club are awarding Mr Hughes’s scalp to squinty.

  21. And while this plays out the nutters are asking if Hughes played a part in the notice of complaints issued to them!
    Notice of complaints tagged as ridiculous in their statement.
    Maxwell has to kill this dead now. All this crap being fed through Level 5 compliant media instead of following due procedures.
    When is a notice if complaint going to be issued to stop the South African criminal continuing to act as a shadow director.
    Can you imagine the fall out if UEFA reject their licence application?

  22. The whole thing reeks of the type of Roman Catholic, anti Rangers conspiracy that has become oh so prevalent in recent times. The good people of UEFA should mind their own business, if they want to keep their jobs! Just wait till the press officer gets a hold of this!

    1. Those will be short odds

      They already have a slit.

      Killie however… the ‘move on ‘ retirement home club for old Huns however…. well you won’t hear a peep!

  23. Let’s hope there no room if time to wriggle out of this…

    We can see DCKs tactics in dredging up unimportant stories from 12 years ago.

    It might deflect the Pavlov Dogs of the SMSM …

    …. But I don’t think UEFA do deflections.

  24. Ah well,there you go again Phil,was that last line sarcasm or do you genuinely feel sorry for him?

    As plenty of of our forefathers and mother’s too for that matter would’ve said; ’they’ve made their bed,noo let them lie in it.’(or just lie,repeatedly)

    So,it would be insincere for me to say similar.Im a ‘reap what you so type fella.’
    Great work Phil,truly appreciated✅💚🍀🇮🇪🎼🎶🎵🎶🎵

  25. On the topic of tough questions, has the Takeover Panel raised the white flag on Dave King? Nothing been heard for a while.

  26. Phil you are a tease

    There is something you are desperate to tell us and the cloak and dagger stuff is killing me

    If you were to rate the day he is having on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is oh dear and 10 is good where would it sit ?

    Love it !

  27. Barcabhoy on Twitter yesterday set out where multiple problems exist quoting the rules.

    Only surprise is UEFA are checking now and not accepting SFA’s handiwork.

    1. Fan Based investment works very well all across europe with fans having an important role in the club, but not in Sevconia, where all the shareholders want is more fan money (free Money) and give nothing back and more groups are lining up to do more. The intelligent amongst them are bowing out, as they smell the rat.

  28. There are differing opinions on the UEFA licence issue among my friends.

    Some don’t care too much and would like to see what Progres Rangers * make in the Europa League. I get that.

    For me, the refusal of a licence would be a major development . We would have a story that the stenographers and other MSM hacks could not ignore. UEFA would be sending out a powerful message. It is possible to say NO to the entity playing out of Ibrox. It might lend the SFA and SPFL a backbone.

    Fingers crossed.

  29. The bigger issue, and perhaps this is the central issue at question, is whether the termination of the Sports Direct deal and the simultaneous share purchases by Club 1872 and Julian Worhardt from MASH Holdings (Mike Ashley) were both done at fair market value (27p/share), or whether the share purchase was done at an inflated price as a means to otherwise reduce the Sports Direct contract termination (£3m). If it’s the latter, then under FFP regulations UEFA will adjust the cost of the contract termination accordingly to reflect fair market value.

    Julian Worhardt is an independent shareholder based in Hong Kong, but Club 1872’s chairman sits on RIFC board, so this commingling of assets and transactions raises all sorts of possibilities for abuse with respect to financial reporting.

    Note that I’m not accusing RIFC or Club1872 of any impropriety – perish the thought! – but raising the issue as a legitimate line of questioning from UEFA with respect to their regulations, if indeed that is what is occuring.

  30. The debate over whether Celtic should finally demand fairness and integrity is raging again following the Gary Hughes news – and King’s Pyrrhic victory. And the question is its own answer. If one needs to demand fairness or integrity from any regulatory body, then the chances of receiving it are below zero. The SFA/SPFL/SFL/SPL have no fairness nor integrity when it comes to Celtic, or any other club for that matter. What they all have for TheRangers can be described as neither fairness nor integrity.

    On a more practical level, with no chance whatsoever of getting what one demands (and have every right to ecpect) why would any intelligent entity feed the wolves of the SMSM – who have less fairness and integrity for non-TheRangers clubs that the corrupt administrators. Let them at least invent their own shite to fill their worthless, dying rags.

    Hold tight bhoys, their ship is sinking in their own filth. Let’s not throw them too many life rafts in the shape of lazy headlines and lazier vendettas.

    I’m reminded of the Polish proverb forged in the Soviet era:
    I saw nothing
    I heard nothing
    I know nothing
    I forget nothing

      1. In fairness Joseph….Mr. Smith gave up his post to look after his parents….with no thought to his own loss.
        Ah bless…!
        PS: His appointment at the time…as much as anything else…sums up the “fix” in our game.

  31. much as it would be hilarious to see sevco refused their Europa league licence, I will be absolutely stunned if it were to happen. the club that plays out of govan has frequently flaunted the rules since its creation in 2012, just as it’s predecessor did for decades.

    is this about to change?, I won’t hold my breath.

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