Prompt replies and professional courtesy

Today I sent the following email to the UEFA media department:


Does UEFA have any mandatory minimum coaching qualifications for managers who take part in your competitions?

If a coach is still going through the coaching badges can that person be the manager of a team in UEFA club competitions like the Europa League?

Many thanks

Phil Mac Giolla Bháin


Their reply was prompt and here it is:


Dear Sir,

With regard to your query, we can generally refer you to the relevant articles of the UEFA Club Licensing Regulations:


In particular, see below Articles 36, 37 and 40:



For any questions relating to specific cases, we kindly ask you to contact the respective national association.

 Kind regards,

 UEFA Media & Public Relations


Prompt and professional.

That is what I expect from the people at the UEFA media office.

Sadly the same courtesies are not extant at Hampden.

As regular readers will know I have been awaiting answers for many months on a matter pertaining to what the SFA knew about the HMRC investigation into the original Rangers.

Perhaps the chaps at Hampden think that I will Do Walking Away…

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