A Quintessentially British libel?

It was a strange moment today when during a telephone conversation as Gaeilge with a member of the Dublin legal village the words “Ibrox noise” were dropped in.

The use of those focail Béarla were as unexpected as they were incongruous.

For the avoidance of doubt, the man at the other end of the line would be pushed to pass a rudimentary quiz on association football.

Therefore, the fact that he could tell me that such a website existed tells me that he had seen it in some professional capacity.

I have screen grabbed the offending article, but I will not post it here.

A libel repeated is a libel committed.

All I can say is that those chaps might well have to demonstrate the Dunkirk Spirit before too long.

Of course, the inspiration for that potentially actionable own goal could be furth of Scotland.

My learned cara stated to me that although Mr King had drawn a few conspiratorial lines across the page at Statement O Clock there wasn’t one directly pointing in the direction of any litigious person.

However, I’m told that the Ibrox Noise chaps were not perhaps so careful.

Now, they might think that being courageously concealed makes them safe from legal action, but I really wouldn’t be so sure about that.


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18 thoughts on “A Quintessentially British libel?”

  1. Fake news and tub-thumping RE Hughes and MacLennan by King and his media lackeys when the real issue has always been the SFA/SPFL protection of one club to the detriment of all others. There is your conflict of interest right there. The SFA/SPFL have birthed a monster which is now riding the Whores of Hampden with such incessant vigour, it would make Hugh Hefner wince. Meanwhile, the rest of so called Scottish football sits cowering with their eyes screwed shut, fingers rammed in their ears and hope it will all just move on. National sport FFS? Corrupt to the core.

  2. Respectful request Phil. When I was wee and a voracious reader (as now), I was irritated by chunks of French, Latin or even Greek within the English text. The message was “You’re uneducated if you can’t read this and you shouldn’t be here”. I resisted, of course, and gained insight despite their attempts to exclude.

    I know your motives are not congruent with theirs (opposite in fact) but your use of Gaelic today and previously is a barrier to me and, I’m certain, the majority of your readers. Happy to see it but please give a translation for the majority.

    Thanks, Paul.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Just copy the words into Google Translate (Irish) and all will be revealed!

      Alternatively, learn the language of heaven!

    2. The gaeilge/Irish words used were
      focail = words
      Bearla English
      focail Bearla = English words, and is prounounced : fuckall bearl (rhythms with pearl) a

      cara = friend, prounounced; much the same: car a/carA.

      However I don’t understand the word ‘furth’, “in furth of Scotland”. I’m fairly sure it is not an Irish word.

        1. Paul, surely the fact you cannot understand some written word is constructive. A dictionary or library if necessary, or, nowadays the internet. Having to seek understanding of any unfamiliar language is educational in itself. If you make the effort, you expand your mind…..HH

          1. People learn new words by seeing them used, rather than having them explained as such.

            Given the contexts in which those Gaelic words were used above, was it so difficult to work out what was meant?

  3. I for one cannot believe that Mr Hughes has chosen not to run for re-election. I can see the reasons why but to lend credence the DK comments and chastisement will only increase his standing among the great unwashed.

    I agree with others that it’s time Celtic grew a pair and started to come out and expose these charlatans.

    There must be something brewing somewhere….

  4. You’re on fire today, Phil. Excellent work as always. As you’ve said recently, all is well in Govan until football games have to be played. I do like that Celtic FC is going quietly about its business in a professional manner whilst a lot of noise emanates from Ibrox.

    Serious question. Do you think, Gerrard can improve that team? I think he might, a little, but I also think that Aberdeen and Hibs will improve sufficiently to keep them at bay. If Kilmarnock can keep hold of Stevie Clarke, who knows what threat they will pose to sevco’s ambitions? I have visions of Gerrard pacing the touchline, under severe pressure, praying for an injury time pen which might just help him stay in the job beyond December. I can see it being another hilarious shambles. Pass the zip to chew.

  5. All who purport to “run” the tribute act are getting away with it yet again. Does anybody in this country have the balls to take on people who lie, shamelessly and glibbly. I won’t be holding my breath but it’s time someone at Celtic stood up for the club against this bias. HH

  6. Anonymity only lasts on the internet as long as it takes a subpoena to wing its way to one’s ISP.

    Yes, I use an online alias, but it is of long standing — 32 years — and publically admitted to and associated with my real name. Going by one’s own name tends to make one more circumspect about what one posts.

  7. I’ve just heard that Gary Hughes is to step down from his post at the SFA.
    What a shameful way for this to end.
    Once again the Govan Club brings the game into disrepute…and someone else gets punished.
    And they keep telling us they are victims…!!
    What a feckin’ joke.

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