Gerrard finds out the hard reality of the Sevco transfer strategy

It is a given that any new football manager must hit the ground running when it comes to recruitment.

Now, for the avoidance of doubt, Mr Gerrard is a VERY new manager…

As I have previously reported here he was promised substantial funds by the convict chairman to mount a challenge to Celtic.

The attempt to bring in the young Liverpool midfielder Ovie Ejaria is probably typical of what is possible for the new managerial regime at Sevco.

So far there has been little evidence of the £20m transfer fund that Mr King promised.

The Sevco High Command did make an inquiry about bringing a more senior player to Ibrox on loan.

Jermain Defoe, although at the veteran stage, would still bring something to the basket of assets.

Sadly, though Bournemouth wanted the Ibrox outfit to pick up 50% of the striker’s wages.

That would be 50% of £85k per week.

There was a bit of a crossed wire as the Sevco chaps thought that they could have the centre forward for the season while his parent club picked up the entire tab.

I think it is fair to say that the interest in the veteran hitman has rather cooled now.

So, there it is, the Engine Room Subsidiary is in the market for free players.

Of course, we’ve been here before, but Mr Gerrard has not.

I’m told that before he took the Ibrox job he was being advised at Liverpool that perhaps management wasn’t for him.

Frank Lampard, he is not.

This could be a real Caixinha crash…


18 thoughts on “Gerrard finds out the hard reality of the Sevco transfer strategy”

  1. The British Empire was built on “divide and conquer” and infiltration and these tactics filtered down to various walks of life. In the shipyards different trades were paid different hourly rates, sometimes by only a penny, so that there wasn’t a united front when it came to wage negotiations. They were picked off one by one.
    As Bob Shankly might have said, this attitude also pervades “more important” matters and if you take Scottish football, Aberdeen and Hibernian are two clubs that should stand united with Celtic when dealing with the SFA/SPFL, but they don’t.
    The former, whose fans hate Sevco more than most, has a chairman who wishes that we should all “move on” and a manager, an ex Rangers player, who according to those who know about such matters, twice fielded a team which was incapable of winning against said rival, allegedly.
    The latter club, once once closely associated with Irish Home Rule, has “powers that be” which includes an ex Rangers season ticket holder, also wishes to forgive and forget.
    Celtic stand, both alone and accused of being motivated by personal rivalry by the media when they do speak out.
    I would love to see Celtic play a glamour benefit match on behalf of the late great Turnbull Hutton’s family, with their permission of course, as I believe his particular courage, honesty and integrity should be rewarded, albeit posthumously. He was head and shoulders above them all.
    Perhaps even a “Match the Fine” type campaign.
    You know, just to send a message.

  2. There is no issue with performance enhancing drugs in Scottish football, nor even non performing drugs.
    How do we know that to be fact?
    Because you have more chance of winning the Euro Millions than being drug tested, given the SFA/SPFL’s complete failure to have a credible program in place.
    When every other sport in the world has drug issues Scottish football stands alone as being completely untouched by the scourge of performing enhancing substances.
    In fact most sporting organisations not only test the participants on a regular basis they also back that up by testing their own staff.
    Try asking the SFA/SPFL how many drug tests have been carried out in Scotland over the last 5 years.
    Best of luck with that one.
    Transparency and accaccountability are words often bandied about by our football authorities when the reality is the complete opposite.

  3. Wee Barry, now Goram, urging Stevie G to get his boots on and dominate Scottish football.
    What a feckin insult.
    Why stop there?
    McAllister would surely only be 2nd to SG in the domination game if he also looked out his boots.
    I see Goram like many others crediting Macca with knowing what’s it all about at Rangers, usual guff, and full of knowledge about the game in Scotland……must be a keen watcher of Sportscene highlights then?
    Why not go the full hog and get Carragher in to dominate the defence with Alan Hutton returning along with Charlie Adam to run the midfield?
    The media are falling over themselves presenting this rubbish as truth, anything to distract from the fact that the fabled warchest remains unopened.
    We are well versed in the Ibrox club’s negotiation tactics when it comes to transfer fees.
    Minimum deposit, stage payments spread over as long a period as possible and a big chunk of the fee dependent on success in stages of the Europa or CL, the latter especially being wishful thinking rather than a realistic target.
    King continues to run rings around the SFA/SPFL in his shadow Director/Chairman role at the football club.
    TOP and COS appear no further forward in their quest to force King to put up the cash for the mandatory share offer, now long overdue.
    The share issue promised by King a few weeks ago to raise finance, in part for Gerrard, and trumpeted in the media again as fact without any questioning, seems to have died a death, perhaps the TOP/COS issue has had some impact here?
    A final word on Graham Spiers. Where do you start with this eejit as he pokes his nose into the SFA/SPFl conflict of interest issue?
    Because he knows, and has talked to
    Gordon Smith and Campbell Ogilvie, he can give them a clean bill of health in the COI stakes.
    Is this the same Gordon Smith who in his book, on football, had a go at the existence of faith schools?
    Let’s not mess about he was talking about Catholic schools.
    Then there was the unforgettable Sky interview in the Ibrox world class car park as Smith made his escape post Whyte’s administration announcement.
    Smith apparently knew nothing about anything!
    Then step forward Ogilvie, the bestest administrator in Scottish football, even if he says so himself.
    The most compromised man in the history of Scottish football.
    Whilst in power at the SFA he thought nothing of owning shares in Oldco and Hearts.
    Conflicted perhaps Campbell?
    Oops, just a wee honest mistake, sorted now that I’ve signed them over to the wifey?
    EBT Campbell? Oh I did have one of those thingies, hardly covered the cost of a night out in Glasgow my dear chap, ask Chic Young.
    Little did he know that RTC had all the facts and £96k had found it’s way into Campbell’s pocket.
    He then claimed to know nothing about DOS/EBT payments, a bare faced lie, when he was instrumental in setting them up.
    Not what he told LNS of course.
    Whilst esconced in his position at Hampden he kept quiet about the side letters that had been given to dozens of players in the full knowledge that these letters drove a horse and cart through any claims that the scheme was legal.
    In addition, whilst at the SFA, he was fully aware that the EBT payments were not included in the players contracts lodged with Bryson.
    What did Ogilvie do? Inform on his previous employer or tender his resignation on a point of principle?
    I think neither of the above.
    This is the same man that Spiers claims, by knowing and talking to him, is one of the good guys ffs!
    Having never met, or talked to, Spiers it appears to me that he is no better than the succulent lamb munchers who pass themselves off as journalists in Bonnie Scotland and thankfully will soon be as extinct as the papers they contribute to.

  4. I am delighted to hear rumours of Celtic allowing 7000 of their fans in to Celtic park for the next fixture. Surely if we were to go tit for tat would make us as bad as them! We all know that we are much bigger than that so here’s hoping the rumour is true.HH

    1. If this is the case, I would ramp up the price considerably. Charge them £80 per ticket. And it’s cash up front.

      If they don’t sell them, we sell them to our own fans at normal rate. I’d imagine this will pretty much force them into the small corner.

    2. I think the ticket allocation story has still to run it’s course.

      I was only yesterday offered season books in Lisbon Lion stand with the caveat that matches against the tribute act were not included. This would suggest that they are still keeping a large chunk back IMO.

    3. My personal view Vincent…. is that they should NOT be allowed into our ground ever again.
      In fact I’ve advocated this for years.
      Just my opinion mind ye.


    4. I am not delighted. They are trying to intimidate and bully everybody and everything whilst portraying themselves as victims. If Celtic pander to this nonsense? Join the queue. Fall in line with the sfa spl spfl. Insinuating Celtic are throwing the dummy out the pram for standing up to evil.

  5. So, SG ‘s eligibility as manager may not turn out to be the contentious issue it was thought to be. Fair enough.

    What about the FFP issue though?

    If Sevco are granted a UEFA licence, will there be silence on the issue. Will Kilmarnock and indeed the Celtic hierarchy just look the other way?

    Has Mr King not now kicked the door open regarding calls for QC led enquiries?

    I can just hear Peter Lawwell now, ” I’d like to think that we are bigger than that”.

  6. Gerrard might claim that he has been sold a pup… But he bought the damn thing… No sympathy for him whatsoever.

  7. It was Gerrard’s decision to go to Ibrox. I have no empathy for him. He made it and he has to live with it along with all the baggage that it entails.

  8. Mr Gerrard has left Liverpool, a Club where money is no object. To join Sevco where the object is no money. Enjoy.

  9. Steven seems to be a man of intelligence and integrity, it’s a real shame that he has been duped into joining a club whish is synonymous for lies and dishonesty. I hope for his reputations sake that he comes to his senses and somply walks away before he himself becomes besmirched with the filth that adorns this dismal excuse for a football club.

  10. Must be galling for the Peepul of Govania to gaze eastwards and see more money than they’ll have to spend all summer being ‘invested’ ( and you know I mean INVESTED) in every aspect of the stadium. Genuine improvements from the ground (and underneath it) up to the roofs (they DO need to be in good order) in order to improve the match experience in terms of EVERY sense – for the on pitch performance, to seating, sound, lighting and vision.

    Now there’s a club that knows how to spend (its own) money for the benefit of everyone involved with the club….. and of course , ALWAYS with the desire to hear a certain theme tune ring out around the ground as many times as possible each season on those extra special evenings!

    ” Doo Doo da doooooooo!!!”

  11. With the Goldson deal dragging on and on it’s obvious that payment terms, fees or wages, are aamajor obstacle.
    It’s surprising that after the Murphy farce Brighton are actually still prepared to negotiate with them.
    £5m bid lodged for MacBurnie? Believe it when Swansea confirm it. I wonder if in previous negotiations with other clubs a big chunk of the fee was dependent on CL Group Stage qualification.
    Of course the football world is a small one and people talk.
    Given Gerrards reputation as a player many folk in the football village will be asking what the hell is he doing at Ibrox, miles behind Celtic on every front and a shadow Chairman pulling the strings from afar.

    1. GASL stated categorically….their future financing is DEPENDANT upon CL qualification.
      That tells you all you need to know about this basket case of a Club.
      Utter madness rules.

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