Worrying times for Celtic

These must be worrying times for the Celtic fan base.

Another day and no angry vengeful statement from the chairman.

Moreover, the fact that Ian Bankier is not a convicted criminal must be a concern.

Yes, yes I hear you.

The Double Treble and all that.

Open-topped bus.

The Celtic Way a thoroughfare of joy.

However, I am hearing that Celtic’s application to play in UEFA competitions next season is all in order.

Indeed, there have been no forensically precise questions sent back from Nyon about the debt ratio and Financial Fair Play.

In fact, no questions at all!

Then there is the Chief Executive Mr Lawwell.

I am not aware of him being, well, unaware of what the club’s PR machine puts out.

In fact, he is consulted at every turn.

Very concerning…

Then there is the merchandising operation.

It is worryingly well run.

Celtic’s kit supplier is one of the biggest sportswear brands on the planet.

Then there is the commercial sponsorship.

There seems to be an awful lot of it.

Indeed, it could get worse.

Much, much worse.

I’m hearing of the prospect of stadium naming rights guaranteeing millions in extra revenue to the Parkhead outfit.

That has to be a concern.

Then, as part of the same deal, Brendan Rodgers would have the first pick from a world-class academy in England.

I fear that this deal is worryingly close to completion.

Now, some in the Hooped corner might be cheering at the prospect of all that.

However, this week there hasn’t been a single delusional bunker rant coming out of Celtic.

Not one.

Worrying times.

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