Sleepwalking into a bad situation

If everything had gone to plan then Mr Gerrard would already have his two centre-halves in the door.

The inter-galactic spin is that Martin Škrtel was not a Sevco target.

Sorry to be a contrarian, but I must demur.

The other half of the preferred Gerrard pairing was to be Connor Goldson.

Now that might still happen.

However, the basket of assets will have to up their offer to him.

I’m told that the personal terms offered by the Engine Room Subsidiary are half of what he is currently earning at Brighton & Hove Albion.

Then, of course, there is the trifling matter of the transfer fee.

You may recall dear reader that Mr Gerrard has been promised a re-building budget of £20m.

Perhaps he would have been better advised to have taken the corporate ambassador role that Liverpool had offered to him.

It might be worth noting that young Master Murts, for all of his anguished zip chewing, has more managerial experience than Steven Gerrard.

I am told that over the last couple of weeks close confidantes of the Kop legend have been getting in touch with him.

Their reason for doing so has been to question his sanity in taking the Ibrox job.

In a few days, Mr Gerrard will be introduced to the complex nuances that reside within the term “clusterfuck

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