A bright reality and dark fantasies

Brendan Rodgers and his players have made history for the second season in a row.

Last year it was the Invincible Treble.

Now twelve months later it is the Double Treble.

It is further evidence that we are now in an epoch of unipolarity in Scottish football.

Moreover, it isn’t over.

Undoubtedly the Parkhead side will strengthen this summer.

Indeed, in a post-match interview at Hampden on Saturday Rodgers spoke of the need to push his players further next season.

As the Celtic way was engulfed in a happy family atmosphere the klan was not taking it well.



I put the following question out to my Twitter followers last night:

They are on the wrong side of history and their response seems to be that if they just hate harder then it will all be better.

Two years after Rangers died in 2012 a majority of people in the Dear Green Place voted to leave the United Kingdom

Whatever else you can say about that “Quintessentially British” it aint!

I have written here before that the club formed in 2012 by Charles of Normandy is not a viable vehicle for the ethno-religious supremacism of the klan.

The Sevco High Command dared to believe in April 2016 when the Admirable Warburton’s charges did the business at the national stadium.

However, that was the last time that Heated Driveway Productions would play a role.

Since then Brendan Rodgers has been in total control of all football matters.

You know the rest.

Now with the season over The People are now in their happy phase.

This will be the case until football matches have to be played again.

This time last year Senhor Pedro Miguel Faria Caixinha and his men were going to achieve great things at the basket of assets.

Then in the first competitive match, he met with little Progrès.

You know the rest…

Then after much zip chewing young Master Murts was shown the door.

Now it is Mr Gerrard.

His appointment is undoubtedly a brilliant PR coup for the convict chairman.

In a stroke, it dealt with the concerns in the Blue Room over season ticket renewals.

There is also the hope that the Gerrard brand will attract further commercial sponsorship and access to the best of the Liverpool academy.

The hiring of Mr Gerrard can be best seen as an impulse purchase by an under pressure chairman.

Mr King is renowned for his capriciousness.

With Mr Gerrard at the helm, they may have been able to get a more high profile kit supplier than Hummel.

As I have already reported the move for the Liverpool legend came as huge surprise to the rest of the Sevco High Command.

You may recall that the Admirable Warburton turned on the TV to find out that he had resigned.

It came as quite a shock to the ex-City trader…

The only unknowable is the managerial abilities of Mr Gerrard.

What is not in doubt is the paucity of resources currently at his disposal.

I am sure that he believes the promises made to him by Mr King about a transfer budget of £20m.

Believes the promises made to him by Mr King

Good grief.

Meanwhile, as the klan fantasises about great things over the summer the Celtic family are enjoying the reality.

Indeed, fantasy is all that the customers of Pariah FC have to keep them warm at night.

Across the city the reality of the Rodgers regime has the Celtic family smiling broadly.

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