A deranged marriage at Ibrox

There was been a lot of conflicting chatter over the weekend apropos what Mr King will announce tomorrow at Ibrox.

After the embarrassing coverage on Friday he might begin with:

“Dearly beloved we are gathered here today…”

Then again, maybe not.

However, I would not be surprised if Mr King told the presser that:

He is proposing a rights issue of, say, 25p per share.

Now, for the avoidance of doubt this unlikely to meet with the approval of the Takeover panel, but hey ho.

Moreover, that he expects his fellow directors to indulge in a bit of debt forgiveness and not take any shares in return.

Of course, a cynic might conclude that such a move might be a glib and shameless way of putting his Blue Room colleagues under intense emotional pressure.

As ever, Mr King may well have a cunning plan to deploy OPM.

Who will buy these new shares?

A good question.


Aon rud eile

I understand that the Serious Professional was instructed to contact Shirebrook apropos the retail deal.

Remember that great victory over Ashley?

Yeah, that one.

Well at the moment Big Mike is being noncommittal.

He knows he holds all the cards.



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