Digital discord at Auchenhowie

Yes, I’m down the damn word mines so just a brief communiqué.

An excellently placed source has contacted me about an unfortunate coming together yesterday.

The venue for this collision was at the centre of mediocrity formerly known as Murray Park.

Apparently, young Master Murts and his very fine Finnish factotum were analysing the semi-final via the modern medium of video.

I suppose that they need to digitize just how shite they were against Celtic.

Although the ex-Reading star was making some very valid points I’m told that there was a heckler in the classroom.

Now, the chap in questions really should know that there is no substitute for ability.

However, he wouldn’t let it go.

Consequently, a more traditionally minded member of staff approached him with a final warning to be quiet or else.

This, sadly, was not heeded and some physical therapy was swiftly applied.

I’m told that the Sevco High Command is very concerned that this doesn’t get out.

That is probably why you haven’t read it about it in the Radar press.

Ah well…

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