When intentions aren’t enough anymore

I’m told that Mr King might receive some very bad news this week.

My information is that the Takeover Panel chaps are in conclave today.

The steer I am getting from Square Mile sources is that they will not accept Mr King’s glib and shameless offer.

Instead of stated intentions what the Takeover Panel want to see is real veritable action.

That means, for example, monies in an escrow account this week.

I believe that had Mr King made this move at the time of the original Takeover Panel decision then he might have been given some time.

However, his dissembling and stonewalling have created a certain mood music at that organisation.

Especially as the Takeover Panel had the Letham email smoking gun the whole while that he was trying to flim-flam them.

Let’s just say he doesn’t have a great deal of credibility.

He really does have to step up.


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