Forced to be the King of Ibrox

Today Sevco took another step towards an impressive third-place finish in the SPFL top flight.

Across the city, the men in green and white hoops are now 12 points clear at the top with a game in hand

When Celtic play that outstanding fixture there will be only six matches remaining.

Celtic, of course, will be champions.

That’s just how it is.

I realise that this reality wounds The People.

However, if they didn’t cling to toxic notions of supremacism then perhaps they would be able to come to terms with their place in the scheme of things.

You may recall that just before the last Glasgow derby match on 11th Inst the stenographers were all giddy with excitement.

Their “reasoning” was that if young Master Murts could finally win a match against the man from Antrim then it would be game on.

Oh dear…

Now, the pain of The People is palpable.

However, it is my contention that they have more existential concerns than being permanently in the shadow of Celtic.

A cynic might conclude that Mr David Cunningham King blinked at the 11th hour.

The man who stated in the Court of Session through his legal team that he was “penniless” can apparently now comply with the order of the Take Over Panel.

RIFC-Mandatory-Offer-Announcement March 2018

However, the devil will be in the detail as you follow follow the money.

It has pointed out to me that it is by no means certain that the Take Over Panel will find this off by Mr King to be acceptable.

I spoke with two Square Mile sources today and they both said to me that Tuesday or Wednesday of next week would provide more detail on this matter.

If Mr King’s putative offer was hailed by some as a sign of his grá for the basket of assets I’m told that was not the unanimous view in the Blue Room.

There was one “I told you so” from a senior of the Sevco High Command when the document was published.

I’m told that others in the Blue Room were in something close to a state of consternation about some aspects of the document.

It is worth stating that Mr King never envisaged being in this situation when he took power in the Off Licence Putsch in March 2015.

Mr King is now in danger of being the majority shareholder of RIFC and owning Sevco outright.

If that should come to pass then he will *gasps* make sure that Sevco is run on a self-sustaining basis.

That is because that, finally, it will not be about someone else’s money.

My two Square Mile guys told me that the  following words from the document are instructive:

“It is Laird’s intention to work collaboratively with the management and the board of RIFC to review strategic options for the business including, but not limited to, licensing agreements, funding requirements together with management and board composition.”

This was brought to my attention by both my City sources.

They both stated to me that if Mr King does step up next week and has enough takers for his 20p offer then he will make sure that Sevco does not cost HIM any more money.

Once he is the owner of the club and in complete control then an austerity drive would be his top priority.

That would almost certainly mean personnel changes around the boardroom table.

As I have repeatedly stated here since March 2015 that if you prefer your schadenfreude in Sevco flavour then be thankful that Mr King is in the Blue Room.

Finally, when Sevco announced this week that they are now in a commercial partnership with Vaporized I was reminded to never ever again attempt to satirise anything at Ibrox.

Because just reporting the plain facts contains all the hilarity that anyone could ever need.


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