Fit to print?

The recently released circulation figures for newspapers in Scotland makes for sobering reading.

Two titles bucked the trend.

Both the Scotsman and the Times increased sales slightly.

However, the overall picture in Scotland is one of declining print sales with no end in sight.

I recall Professor Roy Greenslade of City University giving a historically focused lecture to journalism students in Dublin in 2011.

This was part of the NUJ’s biennial delegate conference in Ireland.

The venue was Croke Park and I had the honour of chairing the event.

He stated that the economic model that had sustained newspapers in these islands since the late 19th century was in terminal decline.

He was correct.

With an impressive career in print journalism and by then a media blogger with the Guardian, Professor Greenslade was well placed to make such an observation.

By that time your humble correspondent was already a part of the Fitba Fifth Estate.

Moreover, Professor Greenslade and his colleagues in the Guardian were already aware of that because of the Hugh Dallas email story.

One of the reasons for the crisis in print sales is that there is now a digital alternative.

You’re reading part of it now.

Since this site started in 2008 the Fitba Fourth Estate seems increasingly determined to remain irrelevant to the real stories on their patch.

Of course, the biggest one of all was the inexorable slide into insolvency by Rangers in 2012.

Regular readers here were not surprised when the music stopped at Ibrox.

After a brief outbreak of accuracy, the sports desks realised that future portions of succulent lamb required liquidation denial.

This week the Stenography Corps in Glasgow will not be able to ask for directions to nearest public convenience without uttering the term “Old Firm”.

Their raison d’être now appears to feed the grandiose expansiveness of The People.

Liquidation denial appears to be the minimum requirement for a job on a sports desk in Glasgow.

Whatever it is, it isn’t journalism.

For the avoidance of doubt, there are still very many fine journalists working in the mainstream media in Scotland.

You will mainly find them on the news desks.

Since 2014 the new media around the independence issue has flourished in Scotland and the mainstream has had to take heed.

The recent partnership between the National (owned by News Quest) and Bella Caledonia is a case in point.

There are many structural reasons why print sales are in a steady decline in Scotland and further afield.

Like any major story, it is always a good idea to follow the money.

The hope of many in the boardrooms of large media organisations is that advertising revenues will migrate from print to online.

Overall that has not happened.

The response by the media conglomerates to these declining sales has been to embark on a race to the bottom in terms of staffing numbers and, sadly, in quality.

As with my recent piece on the movie The Post, there was a time when newspapers were large organisations that could devote substantial resources to investigative work.

That is now a thing of the past.

These figures are a reminder that the financial crisis in the print sector remains extant.

Moreover, paywalls and metered content do not seem to be stemming the overall financial losses.

Just like Sevco, it all looks rather unsustainable.

However, don’t expect to read that in print…

60 thoughts on “Fit to print?”

  1. Had to laugh at the bennys on follow follow there .They are putting it out there that there is an arrogance about us when we talk about them fuck me you couldn’t make this stuff up from them .All the hatred and bigotry that spews out from them and they call us arrogant. They also have the best manager in Scotland now as well .A think this benny is related to coco the clown from ibrox nouse .

  2. I think, in general as well as in relation to this topic, we expect more from the press than they have ever been able to deliver.

    From reading “Flat Earth News” by Nick Davies, it’s been clear for many years that the dailies only have a focus on tomorrow’s content. The “Sundays” obviously have a little latitude but they too are heavily focussed on the next edition’s content. What this means is that they are simply not geared to do investigative journalism and this is why the content of our newspapers is essentially yesterday’s PR puff pieces. Investigative journalism can take weeks or months depending on the complexity of the story and does not always result in a story that can ever be published.

    In a way, we are fortunate that story around Rangers & Sevco has become the focus of so many talented and passionate bloggers such as Phil, The Clumpany, James Forrest and Paul Brennan. They have been able to shine a light on what would otherwise have been hidden from us. From the traditional press sources, the only support they have had in getting the story out has come temporarilyfrom Alex Thompson and Mark Daly.

    Certainly, if the liquidation had happened in the 70s, we would never have had the level of detail that we currently have and it’s this intense coverage and a determination to expose any and all wrongdoing that has made it so difficult for the authorities to ignore.

    It seems to me that the future of investigative journalism will be down to passionate individuals who have a personal or business interest in the topic they are investigating. Some, like Phil, will look to earn a living from it, but many will be enthusiastic amateurs whose input is just as important.

    What I would like to see is this kind of story coverage being extended to other areas of our lives such as: the back door privatisation of the NHS, a more focussed approach on the interests of our “beloved” members of Parliament, the threats and opportunities (if there are any) around Brexit.

  3. Celtic don’t play their game in hand until 8th April, giving false hope to the hard-of-counting gullibillies for a whole payroll cycle.

    It’s not the despair, it’s the hope that gets you – or rather – gets them.

  4. For those purveyors of spin and tabloid lies, you have to wonder if there is a bunker big enough for them all to hide in when it hits the fan. First time around was great, to hope for another event of such magnitude for the new entity would be greedy, but I am sure God will forgive me.. As this week rolls on they just can’t help themselves, talking about counting chickens before they hatch…I hope the spirit of Brother Walfrid is there to guide our bhoys..

  5. The decline of newsprint heralds a new type of print, the blogger, why? because you can trust the blogger to tell the truth, that truth of course depends on the blogger. But you soon learn what bloggers tell the truth and which ones are only spinning you a yarn, just like newspapers, if you lose trust, you lose your paying audience. Social media has many drawbacks but it has many more good things to offer such as immediate knowledge of currant issues, the World has shrunk., just like the Newspaper because people have lost faith in them telling the truth and are suspicious of their motives. I like your blog, I like your diction and your terminology, just as much as your book….Downfall, I have read it repeatedly and I like to read it loudly with the cover in full view especially in public places, just in case the peepil are around. They of course don’t like reading or listening to the truth, it might offend them, keep on telling the truth, please.

    1. Aye? The biggest selling newspaper in the UK is The Sun. They must be very truthful.

      The decline of newspaper sales in Scotland, or the world, has little to do with Scottish sports hack.

  6. Well there you are folks I never thought I would read but I have coco the clown from ibrox noise has put an article out there where he is saying Charlie Adams will join the New Rangers .Classic stuff from coco the clown at his best . A don’t think he knows what he has written but no doubt the bennys will praise him for .So there you have a benny has accepted them as a new club lol.

  7. The combined circulation of the (Aberdeen) P @ J and the (Dundee) Courier comes to 73,500.
    The combined circulation of the Herald and Scotsman comes to 45,700.

    This suggests problems specific to the last two named. They have given up on local news in favour of being organs of opinion. The Scotsman started this in the 1970s when it became a crusader for constitutional change. There is a limited appetite for this type of paper, as the circulation of the National demonstrates. It also means that, as others have stated, there is a vacuum where regional newspapers used to hold politicians to account.

    Realistically, there seems no way back for the Herald and Scotsman. In time, they will merge, like
    two drunks propping each other up.

  8. Funny how all these people say they do not read newspapers anymore , but any negative story about their football club and there is an outcry , with the usual rhetoric , I dont read that pish .

  9. Phil , thank you at this point it’s my second time writing something here I do think it’s important that all us readers remember , while we are talking numbers and cost that people realise you gotta eat to or at minimum ya got to cover , cost , I enjoy the blog , I want it to continue for a month of reasons that are mine . I asked different people I work it this way paper bout $1.20 I think for paper you get 52$ every three months or when the wife lets me , I do enjoy the comments , tip hat to yer wit , again thank you j

  10. Main thing for me Phil is whether you trust what you read. I used to trust the BBC (>10 years ago) and I see where that got me. It’s the reason I come here now.

  11. Sure the National will grow see it displayed better recently In Morrison’s Marks n Spencer’s. it has many analytical and thought provoking articles. Many a time it has exposed Sevco and King to its readers .Fantastic read

    1. The National is a joke, and has dropped from an initial circulation of 50K to under 10K, its online readership is under 2,000. In terms of journalistic quality it is an indy supporting version of the Daily Express.

  12. Is it not supremely ironic that if they actually chose to write on the biggest story in Scottish football that all of the blogosphere knows about, that their circulation figures would skyrocket and remain high as the never ending story unfolded. How strange that they are sitting on a lifesaving goldmine but would rather go down with the Sevco ship than stay alive themselves. Hunbelievable.

    1. This is a great point.

      For years the media have pandered to what they thought was their majority demographic in the sports department and newsrooms. The editorials always will have their slant to keep on message for the majority of the Scottish population. The sports department are full of bitter old men and, more worryingly, a bunch of wee boys just out of crayon school with beards and pale brown shoes of the brogue variety and tight fitting blue suits. These wee boys would be as well inviting the Sevco bloggers to write their columns for them.

      What they don’t get is that, but for a few, the Sevconians hate them. They honestly believe the media in Scotland has it in for them. Go figure.

      Now, if these same “reporters” told the truth about goings on in Scottish football & politics they would see a further backlash from the out of control loonballs of Sevconia, but an upsurge in sales from every other demographic as the stories that we know would be out in public to a greater audience, neutrals would be fascinated and a wider audience from other shores would be made further aware and drawn in. It is that last point that scares them. It scares the media, it scares the authorities and the government because in no other country in Europe would this giant scandal pre 2012 and the subsequent threats and rule breaking after 2012 till present be allowed to pass.

      They are so blinded by their loyalty to one “brand” that, as you say, they would rather go down with the Sevco ship too rather than admit their mistakes and print the truth which would save them.

      Shame on the editors, they know the truth and they are shitebags who employ these utter cretins to pander to the tightest skinflint audience who don’t like parting with their cash for anything as they expect it to be given to them, but “they are the people” so I guess it’s ok to jeopardise other employees in their never ending unswerving loyalty to Sevco.

    2. Not sure that is true.

      Celtic fans (or at least those with any memory of Thugs and Thieves etc. and an aversion to funding such publications) would still give the rags a wide berth and they would simply alienate their core readership; the bears who like to live in ignorance and read fluff pieces.

      Few bad stories and the newco would create a siege mentality and the above readers would then be alienated also potentially reducing their numbers.

      I know of two bears who don’t read the SMSM anymore as they are anti-King; I call them Yogi and Boo-boo as they are smarter than your average ranger :). I don’t get the impression they would suddenly read the press as they have read most if not all of what the SMSM would dumb down and regurgitate on sites like this and John James already.

  13. The decline in print has been fuelled by serial mismanagement in the wake of debt-financed expansion, which now creates the spectacle of debt-laden news conglomerates paying their top managers bonuses for selling off and closing down newspapers left, right and centre. Being able to convince institutional debtors and their shadow constituency, penny shareholders, that this is the best way forward while throwing a penny or two at some of the shoddiest internet news presentation in the history of the world wide web, seems to be enough to allow a few privileged individuals to amass personal fortunes while an entire industry tanks, and pay and conditions and standards are flushed down the drain.
    This model might sound a little familiar… grind down the assets, give yourself bonuses, run up debts by either suckering the paying public or conning institutional interests (preferably in the Far and Middle East, where folk are blissfully unaware of what kind of sectarian shitfest they are paying into).
    So rather than see the media as somehow victim in this, see it for what it is. An accomplice, dreaming up excuses for the same self-serving behaviour which typifies the highest echelons of our media conglomerates.
    Today, as newspapers go into overdrive on Sir Bradley Wiggins and Team Sky, you wonder how they managed to miss the story in the first place. Er…Team… Sky… there’s your answer.
    With respect (or not) to Sevco, as long as the punters turn up, the Scottish media will be happy to mop up the gravy at the table of the latest knighted purveyor of succulent lamb. The rot that infects Scottish football, also infects Scotland’s media, and like Sevco’s financials, too often goes without comment, without challenge, at worst, with tacit approval.

    Thanks Phil for saying it as it is.

  14. “Hard-copy” newspapers must never be allowed to die – especially the Daily Record and the Evening Times…

    Have you ever tried to wipe your arse with an iPad?

    1. The online Radar is dire.

      Spelling errors a plenty, soap opera storylines featured like actual news stories, no joking and recently a series of stories about time travelers coming back to advise us of what lies ahead. The last one was from the year 6456 or thereabouts.

      Still, it could be worse, I could be paying for it.

      And before someone asks, I usually visit to read for myself the stories that people refer to here.

  15. 2012 Revisited: Keeven’s tonight of Super Scoreboard Loyal “Celtic supporters have lost all concept of competition and have been laughing at “Sevco” for 2 years,” And……..?

    Last night we had BBC Scotland regaling the fact that “Sevco” had won six games in “all competitions” that would be the League and the Scottish Cup against Falkirk, St Johnstone, Hearts, Hamilton, Ayr, Partick Thistle.

    Celtics Last six games “in all competitions” Partick Thistle, Zenit, St Johnstone, Zenit, Aberdeen, Morton, that would be in the League, Scottish Cup, Europa League, oh and I nearly forgot we have already won the League Cup.

    We then had Derek Ferguson last night on BBC Scotland stating “Sevco” were a real treat to watch under Murty.” After the draw he further stated “Sevco” have nothing to fear.”

    Now we have all observed the “Positive” spin being put on Sevco, meanwhile behind the scenes its carnage. It’s all about bumping up player values (assets) for share values, and Season Ticket Book Sales.

    We and the rest of Scottish Football and more especially yourself, were blamed for the Liquidation of Rangers Football Club PLC 2012. This time we can “honestly” take the opportunity and not the “Blame” by putting the final nail in the coffin of “Sevco.” To Brendan and the Team, play to our normal expectations and “Pump” them next week and in the Cup. We will then see the MSSM/Phone Ins and Sevco all go down together. In the immortal words of Kevin Keegan “ahd love it me.”

  16. Phil there’s only ONE journalist that I care for,and he’s reading this comment, Fear Fhíor-Ghaeilge,

    An Bhoy do they FEAR YA.

    Keep at it Mr. Your TRULY Our only hope of truth and justice HH🍀TAL

    1. Also that line ‘to feed the grandiose expansiveness of the Peepel’

      Was that their waistlines you’re on about?.

      Because it certainly isn’t their intellect, gullibillies right annuf.

      I wonder how the fans of sevco with some intelligence must feel seeing these charlatans repeatedly ripping their Club apart?? Mind boggling 🇮🇪💚✅🍀

  17. I see coco the clown over at ibrox noise has been sniffing the glue again or some other substance. He wants rangers to sign some German centre half right now as he is a free agent and would be good to draft into the team as Martin Alves master bates and some other dud does not fill the support with confidence. Does this benny not realise this guy would want a pay for his services . They had to go to pawn shop the other week as they had no money to pay the wages for that month and this benny / coco the clown wants to add to the wage bill . A think this guy is still reading the Janet n john books from years ago either that or when he talks he is a follow the bouncing ball idiot.

  18. I worked in print for most of my career and witnessed first hand the digital revolution, first in print itself then in digital media. I think it’s a very long time since sales of actual copies made any money, is the revenue from advertising sales that generate the profits and of course an online presence has chipped away at that too. Few papers have staff photographers anymore, many – especially local newspapers – will happily use images supplied by the public, even if taken on a smart phone! Proof readers have gone the way of the human tail and I’m appalled by some of the factually incorrect or apparently contradictory articles published either in print or online, not with the intention of duping or pandering to a particular sector but purely because the idiot writing the piece either didn’t check their facts or their copy. Couple of recent examples from that bastion of journalistic integrity in past week alone include labelling one DC King as “the South African” and reporting on Bournemouth’s 1-1 win over Leicester. No, you didn’t read and nor did I type that last part wrong, they really did state Bournemouth had beat Leicester in a 1-1 game! Not quite as disturbing as a recent faux pas on Sportsound when they broadcast a few seconds of a report on a resounding win for sevco – some fifteen minutes afore the game ended!

    Speaking of resounding wins, I’m not so confident of such an outcome at either ibrox or the forthcoming semi-final. Say what you like about Murty, he has got them playing well and scoring for fun. He’s also taken more points off Celtic than Warburton and the Caxman managed between them.

  19. Scotland is truly unique when it comes to newspapers and the media.

    In most if not all countries it is a given that newspapers and the media are going to tow the state-corporate line when it comes to politics, international relations and such.

    That’s a given and history is replete with examples; Iraq, Falklands, Vietnam, terrorism, poverty, etc., etc., etc. All areas where, if we are honest, we would say we expect varying degrees of lying and propaganda.

    In nearly all countries there is one area where honesty in journalism is tolerated and encouraged, though, and that’s sport.

    Sport is widely considered a safe area when it comes to telling the truth and letting people develop understanding and engage in no-holds-barred debate.

    Since 2012, Scotland has made itself a unique exception in sports journalism. We must admit that we are dealing with a very rigid propaganda system when we live in a country that doesn’t allow its people to discuss sport with honesty.

    We must admit that Scotland is a country that is essentially under hostile occupation when newspapers and news agencies are telling people that liquidation means life and sustenance rather than death.

    It would be no less controversial to tell us that up means down, black means white, and good means bad.

    For the avoidance of doubt, if a corporate entity is not to be considered dead when that entity is liquidated, then it follows that it is impossible for any corporate entity to die in Scotland.

  20. Maybe I’m wrong, but in olden days, say 50/60 years ago, when we were yoots, the printed press, were regularly uncovering news items which were supposed to remain buried. These ladies and gentlemen dug and ferreted out their stories
    regardless of threats and intimidation.
    Just think, the Profumo Affair, Air America, Vietnam defeats, Tet Offensive, Money for Questions in the House, etc,etc,.
    Investigative journalism. Doesn’t exist on our sports desks . The current crop are devoid of honesty,dignity, integrity, and courage. Simply put , they have no gonads.
    In my opinion, what’s happening in OUR GAME is malignant and evil.
    What Edmund Burke re. the above is precise.
    Thank Jepus for the bloggers.
    Thank You Sir

    1. You’re 100% wrong. Newspapers in the UK and US were worse back then than they are now in terns of propaganda and manipulation.

      The examples you give that are supposed to suggest otherwise are actually quite strange in that they could all be used to support the exact opposite viewpoint.

      Inconspicuous by their absence are the secret wars and coups Britain was involved in in places like Iran and Africa. The Korean War — and the Cold War as a whole — was a total fairytale fraud that has never been seriously discussed or explained anywhere. I could go on all day.

      The Profumo Affair was basically a low level sleaze story that had no major implications for anything beyond allowing them to put pictures of a half-decent looking bird on front pages.

      The newspapers and mainstream media generally are and always have been a shower of lying scumbags. The less resources they have the better and if less people are relying on them for information now then that’s a win win.

      1. I agree with the main thrust of your post…that propaganda and manipulation were the order of the day…and there is no doubt that we were “brainwashed” to a certain degree…by Feature Writers and Journalists of the day.
        I don’t agree, however, with your “summation” of the Profumo affair…I feel it was much more serious than you have stated…in fact the circumstances surrounding the “death” of Steven Ward alone are extremely sinister to say the least.
        That’s just my opinion.
        The main thing to agree on is…
        The days of being “led” by newspapers is no more.
        The Internet has holed this Industry under the water line…and as I said in another post…its death is imminent.

        1. The death of Ward hasn’t been seriously investigated and shown to be murder by any newspaper that I know of. Maybe you can provide a link that shows otherwise.

          That being the case, it’s probably another example of newspapers of the era being selective, manipulative, and towing the line, rather than an example of them performing as they should or could if they were serious about investigative journalism.

          The Profumo affair taken as a whole was a pretty regular scandal that had no lasting implications for anything let alone the role of newspapers and journalists.

          These were the fairytale days of James Bond and imagined Russian tentacles. The Profumo affair was a footnote in that fairytale story, nothing more.

          1. First up..
            Sun Tsu has basically answered you on my behalf…for which I thank him…so we’ll say no more about that….however…
            Newspapers were also subject to a Government issued D Notice ….which banned them from writing about a subject which was deemed to threaten the nation’s security.
            The Government used this quite often.
            I’m no lover of newspapers…but you need balance in your comments.

      2. I don’t think that what was written was 100% wrong. I was a young lad going into secondary school and probably , like yourself, watched these events first hand, either in the broadsheet press with a couple of exceptions, or via the crystal set and tv.
        Many,or even most of the journalist reporting, and the publishers of their news, leaned towards the centre ground or left of centre.
        These journalists sniffed out stories, which were never meant to be seen by our likes. They outed those responsible for them.
        As for the Profumo Affair , was John Profumo not the Secretary for War , or War Secretary something like that for 3 and a bit years ?
        Was he not Privy to all of our countries military secrets?
        Was he also in the Privy Council?
        Was he not also having a relationship with a 19/20 year old actress, really a professional lady , who simultaneously, had another client, a KGB officer at the Russian Embassy.
        A low level sleaze story? Aye right.
        We do hold similar on two of your points.
        Christine Keeler was one beautiful woman. I could have looked at her every and imagined, adolescent fantasies.
        Although there are some really genuine journalists, they are few and far between.
        Our sports hacks, are most certainly,a shower of lying scumbags, with no gonads.
        Regards. HH

  21. The case in point is that “Morelos to China” bullshit that was in practically every paper.
    If they’re happy to print that lie on the back pages then what garbage is on their front page?
    The trouble with the race to the bottom is all credibility is lost,and every story may as well be “London bus found on moon” for all anybody cares!

  22. Lol oh dear chris itchy sack jack has written on his usual rangers fanzine that all the pressure is on celtic and btend and for Sunday. He has huns winning and going top of the league as they play before celtic the following week . This guy really is a complete and utter horses banger .After all that talk up of the bennys he still thinks it’s to much for the bennys to win the league. The sad thing is this James Hunt is getting paid for vomiting this stuff upas well . I blame the thickos who still buy this rag I get a laugh when I’m in the town and they are trying sell it with a free goodie bag fuck things must be bad for them when they advertise a can of irnbru a packet crisps and a biscuit. Honestly a think they really are taking the biscuit if that’s what they have to do to sell a bit of chip paper .

    1. You seem to be reading ‘the rag’ that you are condemning!

      Maybe best to just follow your own conclusions and give it a miss.

  23. What I have noticed at lunchtime in work the youngsters are all on the phone not a paper to be seen I stopped buying papers a few year’s ago .the sun is a loss making paper subsidised and the record is hanging on by it’s fingernails. I don’t know any working guy young or old who is a subscriber to an online newspaper
    I think like toys are us and a few other retailers the newspapers days are up
    I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not papers have in the past been a big influence on society

  24. I noticed on another website that the Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday’s increase in circulation may have much to do with the number of these given away free (5000). Only 10,000 are at full price, the other 5000 by subscription are at a reduced price. 25% given away free seems extraordinary. Is this normal?

    1. The cost of freebies is absorbed in order to promise advertisers guaranteed (inflated) exposure. In fact, the cost of printing off a few thousand more copies once the presses are running is very low. Adjusting down the cost of advertising each quarter as circulation declines would paint too accurate a picture for habitual advertisers . However, ultimately, you end up with a free paper funded solely by advertising such as the Metro and Evening Standard in London.

      1. Advertising has always been a major funding source for newspapers. The first edition of the Times featured a front page devoted entirely to advertising. Old churches, York Minster springs to mind, often had features, such as stained glass windows, sponsored by local businesses.

  25. That front page and others from the same day always remind me that for a few brief hours the SMSM thought the Ibrox hegemony has fallen and freedom of speech had returned to Scottish football. How embarrassing then to find that the hegemony has only been knocked off balance for a day – and there was the new “Company not Club” bullshit narrative to align behind in order to fleece the unthinking for another six years. Just a few precious hours of free speech and courage, preserved in print forever, as witness to their otherwise corrupt, cowardly, contemptuous output.

  26. I’ve noticed that, even in what are generally described as more up-market newspapers, the number of grammatical errors and downright factual inaccuracies have grown alarmingly in the last few years.

  27. So much noise about Rangers igniting a title race by beating Celtic at the weekend. They’re on a roll, The Caretaker is performing miracles, blahdy blahdy blah.

    But big money is not being placed where big mouths are. Celtic average Evens to win, Rangers average just under 3-1 to win. See Says it all really. Report that, SMSM.

  28. You really have to laugh at mad murty trying to get a closed doors game to get players ready and freshened up to play the mighty celtic . What planet is this nugget on when it goes tits up on Sunday watch him try to talk shite and explain where it all went wrong what a fanny . The mad bennys will go ballistic if they don’t beat us .Watch for pitch invasions from them and blaming it on celtic fans for gloating at them also watch for bottles etc being thrown from them as reality kicks in for them .

  29. Once upon a day I opened my freshly bought Sunday paper which by then had become my one and only purchase of any sort of newspaper. After a few sentences I scoffed at the article and moved on. I grunted at the next article and moved on…you see the way this is going. I never got to the back page as I scrunched the rag up and tossed it into the nearest bin whilst vowing, in amongst a few expletives, to never by a so called newspaper ever again. That was over 35 years ago long before the internet never minds blogs such as this. Never once missed them and brainwashing attempts and I became a lot less grumpy – :<).

  30. Is it true when Trinity Mirror complete their takeover of Express Group titles, they intend to re-launch the Daily Star as a newspaper?

  31. I was totally sickened by the Scottish and British media during the Independence Referendum campaign, and I have given no money to the unionist bastards (especially the BBC) since then. I bought the National and no other paper during my last years in Scotland. It does not surprise me in the least that the Scottish media conspire with and suck up to Scotland’s shame. I have endured their insults and attempts to undermine Celtic all my life (and I am in my 60s).

    After the Referendum result and the Brexit vote, I decided to take the advice of the Famine Song, and go home. I was born in Scotland, but I am Irish citizen, thanks to my family. I now live in a beautiful village in County Galway, with nary a hun in sight or smelling distance.

  32. Declines on this scale have been happening for several years and it is often forgotten that there is a critical size below which a newspapaer simply cannot survive. Then, local/regional titles collapse or become so generic that they share 95% contents with titles at the other end of these isles – national locals. Like livery stables and blacksmiths, newspapers are things of the past with no modern equivalent on a comparable scale. Despite the impact on genuine hardworking journalists, who have valuable skills that can be used to earn a crust elsewhere, it must be said that this is a welcome demoscratization of news – reducing the control of a few billionaires to decide what the masses read and believe. The Rangers affair has shown just how easily truth and balance can be subverted in news print. Personally, I’ll be quaffing an imperial pint of champagne on the day the Daily Mail and Daily Express fold forever. Then Liz and Co can pay for their own PR and anti-meritocratic propaganda.

    Today, I’ll mostly be singing, “It says here” by Billy Bragg

  33. There are many reasons for this Phil…some being…
    A) Why sit on public transport, particularly buses, trying to open up and read a newspaper…when digitally you can do the same thing ?
    B) Why pay for something that you can get for nothing ?
    C) In certain cases…why buy a product that occasionally insults your favourite football Club…whilst refusing to investigate and report on the utter shambles of another ?
    The foregoing are just some of my reasons for ditching newspapers…but it should be accepted that certain individuals will still prefer to read a the same way that they might prefer to read a “proper book” as opposed to an E-Book on Kindle…(Other sources are available.)
    What I’m basically saying is…
    It’s,in the main,a “Generational” thing…but the death of newspapers, as we know them, is imminent.

  34. Hi Phil
    Whilst I wouldn’t want to rain on your parade. Is the reason for the decline in readers of the printed media is that some of their readers have moved to the digital version. However when I do wander into their digital titles I notice a distinct lack of advertising. Is there a cutoff point for some of these titles. The biggest loser seems to be the Sunday Mail if a similar fall of 16% was recorded next time would take them awfully close to 100k.
    Good luck.

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