A club on the brink?

Here in Ireland, there has been panic buying of bread in some towns down the country.

It is sad to see normally sound people losing the run of themselves when faced with the prospect of a few days of bad weather.

Over at Sevco, there is also a panic about the lack of bread.

I’m told that the folk from Close brothers were rather swiftly in touch following on from Mr King’s favourable settlement in court last week.

The people who are credited with providing the Phantom Overdraft wanted to know what the plan was.

Close Brothers were calling because they considered the reversal in court for Mr King to be a material change in the circumstances for Sevco’s business prospects.

For the avoidance of doubt, at time of writing there is no plan emanating from the Blue Room.

The only way forward is based on the trustworthiness of Mr David Cunningham King.


You read that correctly.

Now, once more, with feeling:

The trustworthiness of Mr David Cunningham King…

Quite simply Mr King/ NOAL have to come up with £11m for an escrow account plus the necessary fees.

I’m told that the assurances given by the RIFC chairman changed somewhat during Wednesday 28th.

Firstly there was the unequivocal promise made in the email that was sent to each member of the Sevco High Command on the morning of the Court of Session hearing.

Then, later that day after the case was heard, the South African based convicted criminal assured a senior colleague in a somewhat ambiguous fashion on the telephone.

let’s just say it left some wriggle room when compared to what had been stated in the email.

Given what Judge Southwood had said about Mr King and honesty it set off some alarm signals in the Blue Room.

However, I’m sure it will all be fine and dandy.

This week the Daily Radar gleefully wrote about a Scottish football club being “on the brink”.

Dundee FC has stated that they are in no such danger.

It is ironic that there is a real story of potential insolvency much closer to the offices of the newspaper that told Planet Fitba about billionaire Craig Whyte.

I’m happy to report that bread deliveries have started again down the country.

As for Sevco, it is probably now down to Close Brothers as to whether or not they are toast.

Don’t panic now!

100 thoughts on “A club on the brink?”

  1. Just a thought. If there is another Newco/Accies game this season then the latter, deep in a relegation struggle, could find themselves facing up to their former player who has joined Newco at no cost and indeed could be a major contributor to their demise.
    We know that Accies were subjected to a major fraud and as a result lost a figure reported to be around £1m.
    What sort of deal/guarantees do Accies have that they will get the transfer fee in the summer?
    Could they be relegated, partly due to the efforts of Docherty playing against them?
    Could Newco achieve European football partly due to the efforts of a player that they never paid for?
    Given Accies financial position losing one of their best players for no immediate return makes no sense.
    Whats not been highlighted in the deal is the influence of the Park family who have significant shareholdings in both clubs and therefore undue influence behind the scenes.
    Is this not contrary to SFA rules, or does it just apply to teams like East Fife or Livingston?
    There is a major story here, one which the SMSM has been told to stay well away from.
    If Accies go down the Park family has some difficult questions to answer by putting Newco’s objectives ahead of Accies.

  2. It’s all rather quiet regarding a 20p share offer. The SMSM seem to be pre-occupied with the title chase – oh dear.

    One would assume there are ducks to be aligned, with a number of key events that are worth reporting. Last time, King was given 30 days to act before being in contempt. So there is no time to waste to:

    a) get a Nomad
    b) deposit £11m in an escrow account
    c) set a date for the prospectus
    d) set a deadline for accepting the 20p offer
    e) publsih and circulate the prospectus
    f) marketing to pursuade the innumerate that 20p is smaller than 5p
    g) networking to pursuade the unemotional and numerate that RIFC is a going concern with a future – that will be interesting
    h) call to arms for all RRM 1p shareholders to stand four square – “we’ll see you right if you do the loyal thing, or your reputation will get a necklacing.”

    There msut be something worth reporting in there somewhere – Shirley

  3. As a former long time asthmatic kudos go out to those cyclists who are also sufferers who have risen to the top of their sport.
    With the Bradley Wiggins story all over the media this morning it once again raises questions over the use of drugs in sport.
    Last week’s report that 75% of EPL players had been tested over the course of the previous season as slammed by a doping expert as being inadequate.
    The last figures I saw for tests in Scotland from memory showed a total of approx 50 tests in total over a 3 season period.
    Does anyone have an update on these numbers.
    Do the SFA/SPFL have a coherent drug testing policy?
    Are drug tests currently being carried out?
    Is Scottish football the only sport in the world without a doping problem?
    Again from memory I recall Regan claiming that there were financial constraints impacting the number if tests that could be carried out in Scotland.
    Anyone got an update on the situation?

    1. Found some numbers on drug testing, 18 over an 18 month period and none at all in the first half of the current season.
      What the feck is going on?

  4. With the WIFI system part of the securitised assets against the Close Bros loan then it’s safe to assume that the original dispute with the supplier has been settled and payment has been made, perhaps softened by a credit note against the original invoice.
    The original dispute I believe was that the customer claimed that the system capacity wasn’t capable of matching demand on match days whilst the supplier argued that they got what they paid for.
    There was lots of online traffic at the time with fans slamming the service.
    I’ve not seen any comments of late, which is a bit strange because if the service had been upgraded and was meeting the expectations of the users then there would have been some positive feedback from the fans which I haven’t seen anywhere.
    Can anyone throw some light on this?

  5. UEFA licencing process just a few weeks away.
    Doubtful if the Compliance Officer will be reporting back on his review of SFA procedures before then as it will shine further light on this seasons submissions.
    6 months and counting Mr CO, unless of course you have been ordered to stand down by whoever is currently driving the SFA bus?
    With debts far exceeding UEFA rules and no debt for equity swop on the horizon how will the SFA sign off on the Newco submission?
    Who makes up the licencing sub committee?
    Thankfully there is no chance that the person making the application on behalf of Newco will also be part of the licencing sub committee……surely not?
    Of course the entire process should be transparent, a buzz word loved by the SFA but seldom, if ever, implemented.
    Congrats to the SFA on completing the latest Scottish Cup draw without incident.
    Of course with only 4 numbered balls in the draw the chances of mixing up your 6’s and 9’s was off the table whilst the notable abscence of Mr McCrae was also a definite plus.

  6. Not sure why folk are speculating about the Close Bros loan in relation to the appeal failing. The loan will have a repayment date/schedule. That is all that will matter to the Close Bros. Repay the loan and associated interest, nothing more,nothing less

    1. Because Close bros want to be paid in cash. They might have security but don’t really want to have the enormous hassle of actually foreclosing on what are still pretty illiquid assets.

      This makes King much more likely to walk away and administration occur than before and destabilises the whole company. That is never a good thing if you want to get paid without actually needing to do anything.

  7. Sevco’s books for 12 months have to be announced by the end of this month. . They can be balanced as debts $15,000,000 versus assets Morelos $15,000.000.

    1. Player registrations are intangible assets. They can only be valued as a proportion of what was paid for them over the length of their contract. For example, a player costing £1m with exactly three years left on a four year contract is worth £750,000 for accounting purposes.

    2. No. It’s the unaudited half year accounts to Dec 2017 which are due. Last time this was three pages of fantasy accounts. Can’t see this one being any different.

  8. Lets be honest- no pun intended- They put money behind PC and failed, they have slung money in way of HP on Docherty, and the loanees wages etc. All to get into the CL. King conned all the directors into splashing the cash to back this charade.
    Now here they are on the brink. what is the next stage, selling all the assets, sending back the loanees and keeping the low paid players, and manager.

    1. Could have been Martyn Waghorn?
      Question is who is wearing Lee Wallace’s jacket or is there an issue at the laundry?

  9. A lot of sevco fans are unbelievably optimistic about next Sunday. Some are saying that they’d be dissapointed with anything less than 3 points. Wow

  10. I can see King ignoring the share offer deadline, like he ignored the original ruling. He has too much to lose in SA if he complies. If he ignores it only Rangers and the board lose out. They might force him out but he still owns the shares. I think he knows this, and thinks the board will buy him out. And he’ll get a standing ovation from SMSM/Club 1690 because they won’t admit the lie they’ve peddled for three years. He’ll be the man who saved Rangers (sic) even though he brought the Cold Shoulder down on the club.

    1. If King does not make the offer then he will also be in contempt of court and facing a jail sentence and puntative fines.

      And all because he bought more than the 10% that George Letham said he should to avoid the concert party regulations.

      Letham provides the incriminating evidence in court so that he and the other members of the three bears weren’t caught in the takeover party ruling and would be forced to throw good money after bad.

      King is damned if he makes the offer ( South African Authorities watching closely ) and damned if he doesn’t ( Contempt ).


    2. He can ignore it but there will be consequences. It’s not optional and selling his interest (being bought out) or stepping down doesn’t make the breach go away or the requirement to buy the shares. (nor the concert party).

  11. The pressure on Deadco next Sunday to get a result against Celtic will be crushing. A home game loss to them is the end game. Such will be the feeling of despair, this year there will be no way back. Having pawned their soul to the cash converters known as Close Brothers the wolf will walk through their front door and strip them to the bone. Abandon all hope.

  12. Well done Dundee by banning those bams at the Daily Radar.
    They have no morals or scruples but the headlines about Dundee’s woes are criminal with the same paper sitting on enough negative Newco news to fill an entire edition.
    Perhaps Dundee are in a sticky spot but their troubles are miniscule compared to what’s going down at Ibrox.
    Are the board as one and confident that King/NOAL will follow through on the email promises?
    There is no doubt the speed of the decision to throw out the appeal will have wrongfooted Kingco.
    Instead of kicking the can down the road for another couple of months King is now looking at a few weeks to put his offer together.
    His biggest problem will be finding an independent financial expert to run the rule over the numbers and come up with a valuation of 20p or more per share.
    Close Bros must have factored the appeal being dismissed into the deal that they have and presumably are privy to data not in the public domain which, in addition to the securitised moveable assets,gives them a degree of comfort on their loan deal.

  13. I see the bennys are delighted with the draw they really fancy their chances does anyone think they will get to the semi final without hitting the admin button .It’s just a thought .

  14. I see that the most excellent Mr Graeme Murty is claiming that he and his side are hungry to win against Celtic next week. em …has anybody got any bread to stave off their appetite?

  15. All this talk of bread reminded me of the time i had a dream about a a horse race and the winning horse had a name conected with bread .so i went down the bookies and saw a horse called toasty bhoy i put my morgage money on it and yes it got beat by an outsider.pish. HH

  16. Instinct tells me that NOAL will not put a bent penny into escrow and that King will do a runner. After reporting King’s contempt to CoS, will the Takeover Panel turn to The Three Bears concert party for remedy? These are unchartered waters, so anything is possible. After all, I don’t remember T3B reporting that they had been tricked into a concert party scam by a glib and shameless liar. So one can only assumed that they entered into it and stayed in it with full knowledge of the rules and the consequences. In fact, one might begin to think that perhaps a glib and shameless liar and tax evasion criminal is inconspicuous in the company of these respected, establishment business leaders. Whatever happens, T3B face several uncertain and costly months ahead. But let’s not lose too much sleep over that.

    1. Iirc the other 2 of the 3 bears emailed DK stating not to exceed the threshold for concert party. He ignored them and bought more than the other two thought he would. I think that is why DK is in the dock and not them.

  17. Ah Phil,
    You’ve such a way the written word,tae me it’s 🎵🎶simply symphonic🎶🎵

    For sevco fans this could be the prelude to an imminent dirge,interesting times.

    Thanks for the TRUTH,a scarce commodity,as scarce as bread seemingly.

    Here’s a real answer folks,A Breadmaker……tada!!

  18. Finances are clearly the long term determining factor in sevcos survival or demise… But the media silence on anything genuinely negative about their situation (and fantasy spin stories) is doing the job and to the casual observer, deluded follower or those in on the deception…

    …All is well in theLand of Govania.

    The truth is that the immediate future of sevco lays in Celtics hands. The sevconians and their media are desperate for any win on the 11th in order to ‘go deacon 4 ‘ on the feel good spin, going for 55, worlds most successful club garbage… And of course to secure as much revenue from season tickets as possible. Although it would seem that they’d need to sell each seat twice to meet their roll-on costs.

    This is what a win WILL do for them and the media hype and WATP bravado will be hard to stomach.

    However, a narrow Celtic win while securing the league for an honest 7 in a row would give them hope via their ‘narrowing the gap’, ‘closer than you think’ old firm narrative.

    A convincing Celtic win though…. Would bury them! Hopes crushed, ST sales surely dented if not worse, no feelgood spin, , shareholders getting jittery etc.

    The difference between a win for either side will be enormous.

    As said… IT is really in Celtic s hands. Win the league and bury them at the same time.

  19. Excellent fuel, food, gas or whatever can fire up the humour engine. It doesn’t take much these days having been conditioned over 6+ years of this superb blog.
    Could it be that Close Brothers might be needing some readies as they are the principal sponsors of a big prize hurdle race at Cheltenham Festival starting 13 March 2018 ? Don’t think Dave’s aware that these vultures will go for his eyes first, including the dodgy one, and pick the rest of the carcass clean to the bone.
    They won’t need to bother with his genitalia as they already have them in a jar, just like chip shop pickles.
    The behaviour of the Scottish sports media regarding this young entity is well worse than appalling. A more scathing condemnation may come later.
    Any and every so called achievement, such as Petrofac Cup, a victory against an U15 team from South America in Everglades cup, is heralded and lauded as world class.
    The Sevco temporary manager is now being consulted and held up as an expert in everything from European, World Cup etc, to selection for Scotland international team. Does he know anything about squirrels and elephants ?
    Just a thought.
    On the other side however this Sevco/Newco , as their predecessors did before them , the very deid Oldco, are breaking every rule in The Scottish football rules book. All kinds of jiggery pokery have been employed to keep this parasitical in football. The Club, the SFA,the BBC, SMSM have all colluded in the great plan.
    Nothing is ever admitted. Negative news is buried, e.g Close Brothers line of credit, overdraft facility, lie, after lie, after lie.
    Fake news, how I hate that Trumpian term, is posted regularly. E.g Beijing Reinhe offer £7million for Morelos
    £9.5million ?????

    Poor Kheredine having to retract a story ,which everyone with an interest in Scottish football knew he was correct, by his BBC bosses at the behest of that gross , slobbering succulent lamb eating Buckie aficionado drinking (allegedly)
    excuse for a human being. A bit like a fat Goebbels?
    Spleen half vented. Will come back to this later.
    Keep sticking it to them Phil the whole lot of them.
    Many Thanks

  20. I hear on the grapevine that GASL is in Australia just now, talking to the Oceana Ranjurs supporters .
    No doubt trying to fleece the hard of thinking of their hard earned readies’, sorry, invest their hard earned readies’ in light of having to come up with £11m for the share offer.
    Lets hope they keep up with the Timmy bampot sites for the real news of the shenanigans at Govania and see Ranjurs for what they are ……Broon Bread….

    1. Bricker are these the guys with webbed feet , bolts in their neck with two gills at each side of their head and long reptilian tails.
      The are easily identified by their scarves.
      How much would they pay me for an intro. To the Tong(yes those Tongs) and Japanese Yakuza?

      Alternatively they could purchase 1/2 tonne of flour , and make tons of dough.
      Oh how we laugh, and laugh,and laugh! Thanks again.

  21. Well done !
    The big questions are how much of the Close loan has still to be drawn down ? And
    Does the court ruling materially change the loan terms to the extent Close can demand immediate repayment of what’s already been advanced? You infer it does.
    If a big amount is still outstanding they could be in big bother unless they show Close a clear cash flow pathway through the mire .
    A threat to withdraw any further call off of the balance of the loan eg to pay March wages will ensure major bowel movements in that Board Room
    As you also infer keeping that loan funding in place and also frankly getting the Euro license to get some sort of run in Europe I assume is the only show in town for next season.
    I know you said they also need another million this season but Right now getting to the cup semi final and final and getting these extra/ ridiculous home games after the break will probably somehow see them through this season

    1. There are NO extra home games. Everyone plays 19 home and 19 away. They gain a sporting advantage undoubtedly, but NO financial advantage. The bastarts!!

  22. Oh dear there is just no telling the bennys of King and his shenanigans that’s going on there .One of their own bennys was explaining to another benny on follow follow about how serious the court case was last week about King .The benny shot down in flames his fellow benny when all was being pointed out to him where he was told to shut up everything is fine King won the court case and he has the money 11 million to put aside as well as other money for whatever else is needed .The club itself can help out with money and we can call in club 1872 for finance so all is well . Some people you just can’t help or just not get through to. When a benny tries to point out to a mother benny the big picture and he doesn’t get it there is just not hope for them .

  23. Who will step up to the plate to sign off on the financial information required for King’s prospectus?
    Will Dallas Campbell put the numbers together or will King find someone else prepared to add some polish to the figures?
    A 6 year old company which has never reported an operating profit.
    A £6m plus loss reported in the last audited accounts.
    A forecast £7m cash shortfall over this season and next.
    A shortfall that King/NOAL pledged to the auditors that they would meet.
    Having turned to Close Bros for finance secured against moveable asssets it would appear that that pledge has been reneged upon.
    With a payroll that has gone through the roof the losses in the current year could be eye watering.
    March and April payroll have to be met.
    Next season’s ST monies already has a huge dent in it with repayment of the Close Bros loan.
    Will there be funds available to make offers for any of the loan players brought in?
    Docherty’s transfer fee has to come out of the ST monies as well.
    Those who have funded the soft loans to date must be wondering if/when they will ever see their monies again.
    An independent review of the finances will show the 20p on offer to be a must take option for the institutions and others who don’t have emotional ties to the club.
    If King’s email to the board turns to mush then things could get very ugly, very quickly.

    1. May, June and July payroll also has to be met before another season and that will also (if grey get that far) be drawn off the next seasons ST money, so yet a further wedge off the pot before a new season even starts.

  24. Had to laugh at coco the clown over in ibrox noise he has an article titled The 3 Wise Men murty and his 2 sidekicks .I would prefer to call them the 3 stooges always good for a laugh .But you also have another 3 stooges over there the 3 bears and the BIGGEST stooge of them all King the Chisler.

  25. So three weeks to go… then it’s Groundhog Day for the Sevconians, 2012 happens all over again, it would appear. It is incredible that Dundee FC should attract more media attention than DCK and Sevco. After the Celtic game yesterday the Sky match team were expecting a word from Neil McCann… who unfortunately couldn’t make it to the studio. It is similarly remarkable how no one is being put up by Sevco to comment on anything Sevco. Instead we have fuzzy images of a smiling Murty as his improbables overcome another flagging team who have run themselves to death frustrating Celtic the week before.
    None of this comes to a good end. There is surely a need to look at all clubs in Scotland and how they are financed in order to improve the national game, and secure its future. But it would seem a sectarianised media, itself facing further financial stringency, is unlikely to provide a platform for free comment. By the time the BBC or the Daily Radar get around to looking at Sevco, it is likely to be too late for the current regime at Ibrokes, from bootroom to boardroom.
    Just let’s all remember that you heard it here first. At this point in time, as Phil has made clear, Sevco are on the edge of the abyss. That they should never have been allowed to climb out of it in the first place is down to our weak-kneed media and fawning football authorities. Shame on them all.
    Thanks Phil.

  26. I clicked on a link titled ‘rangers fan responds to Phil Mac…’ and I have to say it was a rather eloquent – if verbose – rebuttal and slightly mocking rejection of the ‘obsession’ with rangers finances, not the usual blinkered bile-fest rant we normally see. He stated that he’d been hearing the same ‘drivel’ for years yet the rangers were still as mighty as they ever were, despite the wishful thinking of obsessed timmies. Then I noticed the date of this response which was the eleventh of February – 2012! Been meaning to look up what happened thereafter…

    Related to finances, do players actually receive win bonuses or is this a myth? If they do, is it every player on their books, confined to the match day squad or limited further to those that actually played in the game? Wondering if it’s purely ability that’s allowing young master Bates to keep Alves out of the team.

  27. Close to the breadline so to speak…..
    It has always puzzled me what Close Bros wanted to do with a pile of Second Hand Ovens … Now we know…… A new line in Broxi Current Buns and Bread.

    Phil, serious question is there anything in the loan that stipulates the loan being paid batch by batch, as and when Sevco knead the dough ????
    This way CB have control to change the deal as and when they require.

  28. Park, Taylor & Letham knew exactly the character and background of DCK when they chose him as the figurehead for the putsch. You reap what you sow.

    They are no innocents in this.

    You made your bed, you’d better lie in it. Going Under…..

  29. Many assume that Sevco will perish the way RFC perished, with overwhelming pressure brought to bear by external forces.

    It must be likely now, though, that we are about to see Sevco tear itself to pieces, with hostile internal factions jostling against one another and a possible race to get out rather than be left carrying the can.

    I think the next few days will be eventful.

  30. Hopefully they will be wound up closed down everything sold off. The “rangurs”supporters can transfer their support to a team in Edinburgh and fk up that lot of wnks as well. HH

  31. Great info Phil , it won’t be long now , the media can’t or won’t tell the truth about their sevco , but can report on Dundee 90 miles up the road , they are rotten to the core , it’s beginning to look like the same movie , could this turn into a trilogy 😀😀😀

    1. I’m sure Bruce Willis would have something to say about that – that would expect copyright infringement of the Die Hard series! 😂😂😂

  32. The Dundee story, which featured, on the front page of the Record, is manna from Heaven, for the discredited & perfidious SMSM. They would love another club, any club, to go into financial difficulty, in order to create some kind of moral equivalence, with the fate, which befell RFC 1872-2012.

    Then they could construct a narrative, that running a football club, is a tricky & complex business, and what happened to RFC 1872 could happen to any club. See “look at Dundee & Dundee Utd”!!

    Additionally, it would also finally, and laughably, add succour, to one of the other great myths, that sprung up, just after the demise of RFC, that if they went down, they would take down lots of other clubs with them……remember that pish?

    So, good luck to Dundee. It appears that they have Directors, willing to put their hands in their own pockets, and not in the honey pot, of a bank, part-owned in a mass bail out,by the great British public

  33. They’re going down the pan and I don’t think any well heeled investors will donate a slice of their fortune to this lost cause.

  34. It looks like Storm Billy Boy is about to blow in the winds of change across the sanity of those who live in the world of God-given entitlement and bigotted drum banging, and what can one say apart fr0m GIRFUY and you deserve no less. I find amusing that the Daily Tripe now judge that all previous games between Celtic. and the Govan massive were not real, yes all those record-breaking pumpings and humiliations don’t count, its all based on the next one coming up, the first reak Celtic Vs Sevco 1588.

    Has our local bluenosed intergalactic PR shit talker went into overdrive or what? NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK, YOU HAVE BEEN DEMOLISHED FOR YEARS AND YOU KNOW IT Jaba, talking about trying to rewrite history….

    The sad part of this sorry tale is that my late father who returned to his beloved hometown in Ireland is not here to witness this sorry tale of a total shambles scrambling around on the arse of anything willing to put up a few quid to keep the lights on.

  35. Interesting, but if Close Brothers are as meticulous and as hard nosed as we know them to be then surely being aware that King was in court on Wednesday (28 Feb), and that was common knowledge, no need for due diligence there, then surely they would have anticipated both potential verdicts. Even allowing for the possibility that the judges might wish for time to consider, there had to be a strong likelihood that the decision would be handed down within the time frame of the loan (SORRY overdraft) in which case they ask for a plan to cover both scenarios.
    I certainly don’t doubt your information/source but as with all things Sevco there is more to this than meets the eye.

    1. Maybe Close Brothers became aware of other Sevco creditors demanding payments overdue and wanted more info?

    2. I’ve got the feeling Close Brothers were expecting an insolvency event from day one. Anyone working to establish a third Rangers has to buy/rent their newly acquired assets at any price and terms they see fit.

      1. Aye. That was my thought right away. The resale value of this stuff is zilch. But leaving it where it is and leasing it out could be a right good earner. Especially when the contract is agreed with someone with NO negotiating position.

  36. What happens if the GASL one cannot come up with the funds required and also what is the deadline for these funds to be deposited Phil?

    Thanks in advance

  37. You have to laugh at the daily rectum running with dundee story plastered all over their paper .And they have a real and proper admin story going on at ibrox but won’t touch it because of the consequences it would bring to their door .Had to laugh at wee Hugh with the broken nose keevins last week on radio snyde when he spoke about the money rangers spent on docherty .They ain’t paid a bean for him yet Hugh ya daftie so why put it out there they bought him just now they got him on the 4 easy payments plan the same as you get on the shopping chanel first payment if all goes to plan is August. Here’s hoping hamilton get relegated and don’t get their cash for giving into the bennys in the first place .

  38. Haud on son…. haud on….
    What about a “Loyal” toast…???
    Her Majesty… King Billy… Maggie Thatcher….Lord Nelson… Lord Snooty… where are you when your boys need you…. where are you….where are you, you shower of bastards…. whats the use of Loyalty when you leave us in tbe shit….
    You’d need a heart of stone not to laugh…. ho…ho…ho…!!!

  39. If wonder whether over the next 30 days, as the club’s entreaties to the Gauteng Gauleiter become ever more frantic, we might see an article entitled The Siege of Dafeking?

    In honour of another Quintessentially British Crisis, of a South African description…

  40. Do Close Bros provide Nomads as one of their bone picking services.
    Would they go for a quick kill or fatten the carcass first to get most meat from the bone.
    Are there options other than a swift end

  41. Phil surely king the Chisler is not bailing out on his fellow 3 bears and Co. This is honest Dave people are dealing with .The great mesiah saviour of the bennys .

  42. Same over here Phil – folk in Glasgow have been going absolutely bananas at a few centimetres of the oul white stuff. Shops and offices shut down, airport closed, panic buying, families putting up the barricades for the long hard winter – the one that’s just ended. All because a bit more snow than is normal for this time of year has fallen, over a couple of days.

    I see from the internet that some hearty fellows from Fife are now being hailed as heroes, because the road to their village was blocked with snow and they… erm… cleared the snow off it. Demonstrates poignantly just how infantilised we’ve become as a society, that the mass reaction to some snow on a road is Stay-in-because-road-is-blocked – while the act of getting together some shovels and simply clearing the bloody thing is viewed as an act of national-newsworthy valour.

    So much capacity as a species, and we use so little of it.

    I shudder to think what the outcome would be if our society was faced with problems on the scale of those looming for the Govan Sevco. The galactic administrators would already be circling, touting for business…

    1. I feel like I’ve missed out on all the winter fun. I love the snow but we haven’t had any in Ayr apart from an inch or two during the week, which quickly melted. The weather has been disappointingly normal for this time of year.

    2. Marshall, good comments.

      I must say that I have been more than amused, this past week…..

      I know several folk who gleefully told me how they were hoping for more ‘snow days”(A description I’m getting to loathe) so that they could go sledging with there kids, whilst pretending they couldn’t get to work!!!

      God help us if a prolonged period of snow comes….

  43. I’m looking forward to sevco’s first victory over CFC in a week, 12 men v 11 will eventually prevail….only to be followed by a first liquidation event.

    How I will laugh.

  44. Can’t believe Close hadn’t already factored in the possibility (probability?) of the Glib one’s appeal being KB’d. Built into their margins.

    1. The half baked P&L account put together by who knows whom last year will be repeated and taken as gospel by the SFA.
      The auditors will be nowhere near them.
      Dallas Campbell must be wondering what the next surprise will be coming out of Ibrox.

  45. “The trustworthiness of Mr. David Cunningham King” 😂 😂 😂
    As in the old joke. ……
    Doctor to patient “I’ve got good news and bad news”
    Patient. ….”What’s the good news”?
    Doctor. …..”You’ve got 24hrs to live”
    Patient. ….”WTF is the bad news then”?
    Doctor. …..”I meant to tell you yesterday”!!

    1. Or,

      Doctor to patient ” I’ve got good news and bad news “.
      Patient. … “what’s the good news”.
      Doctor….. “You’ve got 24hrs to live”.
      Patient…. “what’s the bad news then”.
      Doctor…. “there’s no leave to appeal”.

  46. Toast! Aye, they might very well be burnt toast. What do you with burnt? You bin it! Unless of course you happen to be my brother who watches it like a hawk til the second it catches fire. Then he blows it out, slaps butter on it, and gets it down his neck as fast as he can! FUCKIN DISGUSTING. Much LIKE sevco actually I suppose.

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