New club true blues

It was unfortunate that young Master Murts recently strayed from the script.

Yes Graeme, if Sevco ever wins a major trophy then it WILL be the FIRST time that the new club has won major silverware.

They have, of course, won the coveted Petrofac Training Cup in 2016 and only four years after they were founded by Charlie and the boys.

Despite Mr Bomber’s exhortations to the contrary The People finally decided to back Charles of Normandy.

Of course, the support of Super salary was the crucial tipping point in that matter.

Since then the money has poured into the Sevco Triangle.

Remember that £278k per month?

Regular readers will recognise the quantum.

Well, I recently learned from an impeccably well-placed source that for at least the first six months of the King regime (March –September 2015) that payment was still being made.

Dear reader, you might think it difficult to hide £3.3m in the RIFC accounts.

However, when “other operating expenses” are so large and there is no breakdown then it isn’t such a…ahem…onerous task.

There are two key components that have been vital to the success of the Sevco Project.

Firstly there is the collective credulity The People.


Then there are the chaps in the local media.

The almost total absence of journalistic scrutiny on matters Ibrox is something that should concern all those in Fair Caledonia who value a free press.

Only during the Ashley interregnum, when King was agitating on the outside, was their hostile copy in the tabloids about the Ibrox leadership.

However, that was because the chaps on the sports desks correctly discerned that the home crowd at Ibrox wanted King and his …ahem…millions in the front door at Ibrox.

The chaps in the Stenography Corps realised that if Dave was at the top of the Marble Staircase then the succulent lamb days would return.

They have.

If the Fitba Fourth Estate failed in their journalistic duty during the Murray years then they have doubled down on Sevco.

After some uncharacteristic veracity about matters Ibrox in the summer of 2012…

It became necessary to squeeze more revenue out of the dignified demographic.

Hence the North Korean discipline among the Stenography Corp apropos liquidation denial.

Once you have bought into that Orwellian lie then little things like reporting an emergency loan as a good news story are easy.

Today I was steered towards the figure of 30% as the likely APR of the £3m loan.

It has to be paid back at the end of May.

Therefore,  the season ticket pot is already almost £4m down at the start of the summer.

What is now discernible is that the Sevco cash shortfall is now beyond the means of directors.

There was a degree of comfort that the operating losses were being covered by emotionally committed chaps in the Blue Room.

That phase is now over.

It has been permanently Parked.

If you want an accurate report on the implications of the Close brothers “facility” then you will not find it in the SMSM.

Moreover, I simply didn’t believe the presentation that the Stewart Robertson gave to the media on this new arrangement with Close Brothers.

Indeed, I suspect that he has difficulty believing it himself.

Of course, the chaps at the presser were just there as uncritical, unquestioning couriers of the good news.

We have seen this Ibrox movie before and it doesn’t end well for The People.