Sevco prepares for a post-King scenario

Will Alastair James Johnston become the new chairman of Rangers International Football Club?

I think that is a reasonable question to pose given the events today at the Court of Session.

There is no doubt that Mr Johnston the ticks all the boxes box of “Real Rangers man”.

I was interested to learn today that his cash injection was sent straight to the bank and not via the Holding Company Vehicle.

That almost sounds as if the clock was ticking towards insolvency before he acted.


In recent days I’m told that the Sevco High Command has reached out to the Admirable Warburton.

I’m told that they want the ex-City trader to be understanding about his severance claim.

Their reasoning to the manager of Nottingham Forrest is that the circumstances around his “resignation” were down to Dave King.

When I heard that I am more and more convinced that the Sevco High Command is moving to a post-King situation.

Of course, you are unlikely to read such an analysis in the Radar press.

I think the legal wrangling with the Take Over Panel was really the beginning of the end for him with other members of the Sevco High Command.

Indeed, my information is that Mr King floated a rather jaw-dropping idea via his place men in the Blue Room.

His cunning plan was for Sevco to borrow the money required to satisfy the Take Over Panel.

Moreover, this was to be secured against the stadium and the training ground.

Suffice to say it was quickly shot down by the other brethren in the Blue Room.

Pressure is also being put on the Sevco High Command to come to some agreement with Senhor Pedro Miguel Faria Caixinha.

Not all of his sacked backroom staff joined him at Cruz Azul so they will really need some compensation.

In short, it is coming at them from all angles at Chaos FC.

Let’s just say it is a highly adrenalized situation in Ibrox at the moment.

I hope this communiqué finds you and yours well at this time of year.

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