The concomitant risks of delusional arrogance

I have learned today just what a good agent Derek McInnes has on his side.

He has certainly done a highly professional job in representing the best interests of his client throughout this shambolic clusterfuck.

The extent to which he reached out to people who know the financial realities of Sevco was impressive.

Hat tip.

Consequently, when he came to discuss the possible move with Mr McInnes he was well equipped with facts.

He laid it all out for the Aberdeen boss that he was much better off where he was.

I have learned that the agent was given information from people in a position to know the internal workings of the current entity at Ibrox.

He was left in no doubt that McInnes could fatally wound his career by going to Sevco.

Yesterday the King across the water less than tranquil when he was unable to contact the agent initially.

You see, dear reader, the South African based convicted criminal thought it was a done deal.

Today was meant the day of the great announcement.

Stenographers were briefed and pages were made up.

Then it all fell apart.

They were all stunned, but regular readers here were not surprised.

This should be a wakeup call for the Sevco High Command and The People.

The grim truth is that the Ibrox job is hardly appealing to a manager in good standing.

Therefore, this should have been a teachable moment for the Blue Room chaps.

Instead, there was the old Ibrox arrogance and aggression.

I’m told that the Sevco statement last night was dictated by Mr King to his highly paid inter-galactic PR guru.

Of course, there is always a concomitant risk when you go off on one.

Developing pantomime…

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