When hot air tries to take the place of hard cash

Despite a hysterical “come home to Ibrox” campaign in the radar press Derek McInnes is still the manager of Aberdeen at time of writing.

Like most of the hot air coming out of Sevco the root cause is money, or rather the lack of it.

Before anyone in the Blue Room can speak formally to the Aberdeen boss then a sum must be paid.

I was told today that it was £800k and Aberdeen would want that sum up-front.

However, that compensation package would not cover the other members of staff at Pittodrie who comprise the entire backroom team.

It is a given that Derek McInnes would want these guys to come with him to Sevco.

The same impeccably placed source today calculated that the compensation package for the entire Aberdeen backroom team would be in the region of £1.4m

If I didn’t know any better than I would think that the Sevco High Command are orchestrating a campaign through the radar press to unsettle the Dons’ boss.

In such an unethical scenario McInnes might decide to buy out his own contract on the glib and shameless promise that he would be paid back over a period by his new employers.

Of course, such a conspiracy is utterly beneath the brogue wearing chaps in the Blue Room.

Therefore, dear reader, you should discount it as being even remotely possible.

Other names that are being linked with the vacant Sevco job, like Frank De Boer and Giovanni Christiaan van Bronckhorst are high-Level fantasies.

The utility function of these fair stories is to sooth The People that they support a big club that has huge allure.

Oh dear…

As this circus continues so does the support for the sensible option within the Blue Room.

More and more of the Sevco High Command favour installing the most excellent Graeme Stuart Murty and the highly reliable Jonatan Lillebror Johansson.

Some within the Blue Room had hoped that the Aberdeen boss would make the jump to Ibrox and have these two fine fellows as his in situ backroom team.

Once more, the rationale behind that is quite simply the fragile state of Sevco’s finances.

Any other reasons that are discussed in the local media are simply Off The Radar and should be scoffed at.

One thing is certain and it is that the new guy will be told to instigate cutbacks in the playing budget.

If you don’t believe me that look at the published accounts.

After all, Sevco is a loss-making business without a credit line from a bank.

10 thoughts on “When hot air tries to take the place of hard cash”

  1. I for one would be ecstatic if Mr D Mcinnes got the job on a 3yr deal. Think about it. Derek McInnes vs Brendan Rodgers and our juggernaut Plc . Talk about guaranteeing 10IAR. There simply isn’t an appointment that can stop us.

    The podcast version of Radio Radar that I listened to this morning during my break was quite special even by its own standards. The chap who called in to say that The Rangers had no issues with finance and that loans would simply be converted to equity was quite something. Radio Radar clearly has no bampots on its panel otherwise the issue would have been cleared up with chat around liquidity and cashflow etc . (yes I know)

    A worthless share diluted into more worthless shares remains exactly that. What does a Director get ? Well, a share he can never sell, since its erm, worthless. Who will buy? NOBODY. Likelihood of a successful share issue to non existing directors? None. Who will buy? The people will buy a few. Couldn’t rescue the old club, hardly likely to front up for the new one. Unlisted company means no market interest and existing directors cop a loss no matter what. Oh ……….. and what about that pesky takeover panel…….. . Jelly and Ice Cream anyone?

  2. Ah, the shenanigans surrounding the appointment of a world class manager for this basket of world class assets presents world class entertainment on a daily basis.
    Every day the brilliant Steven Sondheim “ Send in the Clowns,” resonates in my head. The meaning is so Sevco! “ Don’t bother,they’re here”
    Live long and prosper Phil!

  3. Did Sevco not state that future player aquisitions will be funded by the sale of existing squad members when they released their accounts?

  4. Part of the backroom team would be Anthony Docherty….
    I’m not sure that the “Tony” I know would go there….
    We shall see.

  5. Kia Ora Phil, slightly left field- with soft loans now about total 20 million plus. Does this breach UEFA fair play rules? And if so does this bar Rangurs Lite from European entry? Time for another unknown mediocre manager methinks, and oh so many to choose from.

  6. Simple choice for McInnes.

    Do you want to be a professional football manager or do you want to be hailed as a Real Rangers Man until the shit hits the fans?

    You can’t have both.

    RIFC is penniless and relying on King, and King alone, to stoke the Blue Room cash furnace with millions each season.

    The accounts show that any concept of “investment” with return on captial and return of capital left the building some years ago with Charles Green.

    No manager alive can deliver the silk purse the fans demand from the pigs’ ears in the dressing room.

    When King is old shouldered things could go down very quickly

    Today, I’ll mostly be singing, “When Heroes Go Down” by Suzanne Vega

  7. I dont think anybody quite gets it yet.If the excellent one continues with his most excellent work at Ibrox, not only will he notch up maximum points this month, he will STOP the 7. Of course, he’ll have a manager of the month award to collect first

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