The sensible faction at Sevco want their man

I’m afraid that the fine men of the Sevco High Command are not on the same page when it comes to selecting Pedro’s successor.

I was interested to learn today that there is a sensible faction who want to give the job to the most excellent Graeme Stuart Murty.

The likeable Englishman would be offered the post on the basis of realistic KPIs.

His job target would be to bring the club to a sustainable basis.

If that comes to pass then Jonatan Lillebror Johansson will be the number two in the Sevco dugout.

The other faction in the Blue Room wants to sign Derek McInnes and damn the expense.

Of course, being profligate to secure a feel-good headline has a bad history at Ibrox.

In fairness, the King faction in the Blue Room are doing all of this by the book.

Unfortunately, the book is Downfall.

I hear that a high-Level squirrel was scrambled recently to deliver dignified pish to five of the usual outlets.


However, only one young chap took up the fanciful narrative that Sevco have plenty of money.

It really sounded pitiful as he tried to explain to his studio colleagues at Pacific Quay why a chairman with putative wealth had pleaded poverty in the Court of Session on weeks earlier.

The problem with such spin is it eventually dashed against inconvenient facts.

However, before that happens you can feed the gullible a moonbeams narrative.

There seems to be a substantial appetite for that down Ibrox way.

Being told the unpleasant financial truth about what is under the hood at Sevco can lead you to do walking away from a job that you had previously fancied.

If you don’t believe me then ask Mr Billy Davies.

Did he publicly withdraw from the competition after a sit down with some high ranking Sevco official?

I’m sure some intrepid stenographer will doorstep him about that.

After all the sports desk chaps are always after the truth.

69 thoughts on “The sensible faction at Sevco want their man”

  1. So New Oasis are not under King’s control but the trustees commit millions to keep his vanity project afloat for at least the next two years. erm

    Seems to me that Lord B should be questioning whether the “penniless” claim is perjury.

    If TPE are not entirely satisfied with Lord B’s decision, this is perfect grounds for an appeal to the Supreme Court in London.

    Today, I’ll mostly be singing “I love the sound of breaking glass” by Nick Lowe.

    Well if Lord B doe not hammer King for contemptuous disregard for the TPE judgement, then TPE have a rock solid basis for appel

  2. Near £7m loss posted, another £4m required to see out the season.

    Not to worry , NOAL will provide/guarantee the money, that of course is from
    the King family trust that he has no control over.

    I wonder what Lord Bannatyne thinks of that. No funds to meet the Takeover Panel order but no problem finding money to keep the lights on.
    Funny how that Sports Direct pay off is only seeing the light of day now. Lots of spin about a new merchandise deal, with whom?
    Is there a queue to put your name alongside a club/company whose Chairman is a pariah in the City
    It must be getting pretty desperate over Govan way. Revenue is probably already maxed up for this financial year but the increase in the wage bill and paying off Pedro will only increase next year’s loss.
    Same old, same old.

  3. When I tuned in to watch the CL highlights on TV this week I was amazed to see Roy Keane, a Cork man and ROI assistant manager, wearing a poppy.
    It will be interesting to see how he explains that in the “Rebel County”.

  4. Finally a near £7m operating loss reported. Wow, how does that align with the back of a fag packet financials that the SFA waived through with the UEFA licence application?

  5. RIFC release their accounts at 8pm on a Friday night.

    Losses increase from £3.3m to £6.7m but they are “trading close to break even”!

    1. The debt is £15.9m and it needs another £4m to end of season. First tranche Nov (now).

      So June 2018 it will be £20m in debt with another £3.2m required for next season (depending who they buy and pay off). Best read £6m at least.

      £15.9m breaks FFP rules. It’s not supposed to be over 5million Euros. What a joke uefa is.

      Is the SFA Happy a five year old club has never declared a profit and has £16m debt? These kind of figures can never be repaid by this business. Never.

      King tells his QC to tell a High Court Judge he’s penniless. What a piss take of the Judiciary.

      There’s also a dodgy >£1million interest fee for the “soft” loans. Which is explained to Gullibillies as a paper exercise. Read Administration Creditor quantum increase!

      Whose money is really going in? Are UK anti money laundering laws and checks being applied. Is every penny of the £15.9m scrutinised by lawyers?

  6. If Rangers approach Derek McInnes and offer him the job it will be difficult for him to turn down. It may be a backward step in football terms at this time, but it will be a backward step for his career in Scotland if he says no.

    The pressure he will be under to accept will be immense and if not the whispering campaign against him will begin in earnest. He will never get the offer again. He will never be offered the Scotland job when his career is winding down.

    He will be sold a bill of goods. Be our saviour. Be our Brendan Rodgers. Become legendary. Be our Wim Jansen and end 10-in-a-row. Stay with Aberdeen over the calling of Rangers? Career suicide they will tell him.

    McInnes is caught between a rock and a hard place. Tough decision.

    1. The only foward step for DM in Scottish football is to manage Celtic. So let’s call that no forward steps in Scotland for DM.

      If he has ambition and ability, his next step after finsihing 2nd behind a much better financed club two or three years on the trot is to move to the lower half of the EFL and work his way up – avoiding “glamour” jobs like Sunderland for something stable and growable.

      Managers are judged on the quality of their decisions – so leaving Aberdeen to get fired from Rangers in 6-12 months later will be a massive “I gamble recklessly” red flag for future employers – setting his career back 5 years and rooting it in Scotland forever.

    2. Luckily for him all smart masons know that stability is the cornerstone, the very foundation, of any good building project.

      I wonder if Phil’s snidey poster ‘Bob The Bad Builder’ is also aware of this or is that the reason for his embarrassing monicker ..?

    3. A move to Ibrox will be career suicide for any manager currently in employment, there seems to be a deluded school of thought that the position of manager with The Rangers is a desirable post, only the unemployed will relish that job.

    4. Or he wins cup final and leads Aberdeen to second for another year or two and gets a big championship club in england
      I don’t think he’s daft enough to go right now to a club in chaos; he turned down Sunderland for a reason

    5. Surviving the Season is his primary goal, but, as good as Derek McInnes is, he is not successful in the Europa League, but he WILL be funded by the Concert Party to attempt to rake in millions from the Brothers at UEFA thanks to billions of pounds in free advertising through their brothers-in-lodge at the Scottish Media. As Pedro Caixhinha introduced Sevco to “the Latin Mass” Bruno ‘the assassin’ Alves, Mr. Kung Fu Extraordinaire, and Fatima believers, Derek McInnes can introduce Sevco to Tight Aberdonian Dealings, Graeme Shinnie, Shay Logan and maybe even ‘MoJo MkII’ Ryan Christie. A True Blue Thru & Thru, DelBoy would be the marquee signing, under the Circus Big Top, but the guy ropes are as thin as The Coats family thread in Paisley. It’s strange though, when the media boldlt proclaim “SEVCO [Rangers] would go BRITISH, JJ, Preud’homme et al managed to sneak into the Lodge Media reports.

  7. How come the Belgian fellow will cost a “substantial fee”, payable to a club he has already left yet they reckon they can get DM for a knocked down price from the club that still employs him? It’s in the press so it must be true. I don’t get the alleged “greater financial clout” of the ibrox side either.

    On another note, all those who questioned why the match officials didn’t act during recent games involving said ibrox side, I think yesterday’s appalling although very far from unexpected decision to rescind yet another red card for the blue team adequately answers that.

  8. I am led to believe that the creditors list is an updated version which the DR have received as they are one of said creditors .
    If it is not an up to date list why would they even run with the story ,it’s surely not the first update they have had .
    So why now .
    Is it only to cry about how much money the silks are getting

    1. The issue is lawyers and accountants getting £12m from old rangers when new rangers could be doing with some of that.

      They don’t give a hoot about creditors.

  9. Ryan Jack wins his second red card appeal after kicking and punching Broadfoot in front of the ref at the end of the Killie game …

    Meanwhile, the ref, Steve McLean, is banished to the lower divisions, presumably for having the temerity to actually off a Sevco player, admittedly after consulting with his linesman, despite the incident happening 4 yards in front of him …

    And what I’m wondering is, if the ref gets demoted for punishing clear violent what will the Orangemen at the SFA do to punish the linesman ..?

    1. Rule number one if you are match official in scotland.
      Do not offend rangers/sevco.
      Rule number two.
      Do not favour celtic.

    2. THIS is how the Primrose Pledge and recruitment policy went in 1920.
      What happens down the lodge stays down the lodge.

  10. “ There is a sensible faction,” cracker Phil. Pished masel laughing, had to pull the old incontinence trousers back on,circa the Big Yin.
    Eejits one and all. Lol

  11. South of the Limpopo, Bwana Dave King, has been big boss Rangers for almost three years.

    It has been his job to pay down football debt in this period. He has deliberately shirked this most serious responsibility. Preferring to venture funds on duff playing staff. His failed speculate to accumulate approach to Scottish football ownership.

    The SFA must now bring charges of not paying off the football debt for five years. A club five point deduction appears appropriate.

    1. I had a look at this and it’s definitely a bit strange. The original list of creditors from 2012 lists a number of football clubs owed money and this total ( approx. £3.5MM) is still listed in the latest creditor reports as a total for “football debts”, not as a split out amount.

      Given the widespread news at the time that all football debts were to be paid by TRFC as part of the 5 way agreement and complete silence from the clubs about not getting paid, it could just be that this creditor list from BDO has never been updated or further verified as they have never got around to paying out a dividend.

      It is normally very odd for a creditor of one company in liquidation to have their debt paid off by another company so I think this is just lazy journalism and not checking facts.

      When BDO do finally pay anything then they will demand details from creditors and assurance that the debt remains payable so the total amount owed should then reduce.

  12. Mr.McInness would need tae be aff his heid… to go to Govan as their manager….End of.
    As for the corruption which has dragged Scottish Football into the gutter…..
    This has been in the public domain for longer than I care to remember… thanks to Phil and other excellent Celtic blogs.
    Sadly…its still here…and so are Regan and Doncaster.
    When will it all be sorted…?
    Your guess is as good as mine.

  13. Can someone point to the document showing the existing football creditors? Todays Daily Radar piece is for the 2012 creditors. Or am I missing something?

  14. The BDO Football Creditors lists, 5 full years after Charles Green’s Sevco The Rangers we’re contracted to pay these debts, simply reinforces the need for an investigation into the games Governing bodies and their dealing with the RFC bankruptcy and Liquidation.

    The SFAs stone wall refusal to take part is very telling indeed. Fans and shareholders deserve better.

    We need to setup a new SFA with new honest incumbents to run the game in Scotland. Rent some offices in Edinburgh and let’s get going.

    1. I may be wrong here BUT Rangers and Sevco are separate companies SO:

      – Rangers had debts payable to clubs
      – Rangers never paid these and went into Liquidation.
      – Sevco MAY or MAY NOT have made a payment to these clubs in lieu of debt owed by Rangers HOWEVER technically could Rangers still have that debt on their books as THEY never paid it… Sevco did.

      More good old fashioned 1 or 2 clubs cognitive dissonance!

        1. Glad to be wrong.

          So if Sevco had made the payment on behalf of Rangers it would dissapear from the liabilities listed for Rangers by BOD?

          Does that then mean that the monies due from the footballing debt inherited via the 5 way agreement will be included somewhere in their accounts since day dot then? Unless these are not declared to the auditors as a debt because they consider them debts of Rangers as per BDOs statement?

          Sorry if I am coming across as sceptical, I’m not, just trying to get it right in my head.

  15. Why are you all so sure of what was in the 5 way agreement? It has never been released and you are trusting people who have been shown time and again to lie to suit their agenda (SFA, big hands, SPFL etc.)

  16. Cheers for the update Phil,
    still listening to Big John Hartson telling the truth about sevco,putting the bbc’s lapdog McLaughlin in his place,while also laying bare his own struggle with gambling.
    There must be someone with a wee bit of sense in the sevco camp.Even in the interview that I’m listening to there is someone of the sevco persuasion present in the studio,and how many times have we heard;’rangers need to get the ‘right manager NO MATTER the cost’!!!!!
    I mean FFS that is exact reason that they are in the state their in? Do they never learn? It beggars belief that they quite readily spout this mantra at practicality every situation.
    Graham Murty is way too sensible a choice for them,that would mean someone had actually looked at their finances and thought it through.
    Thanx Phil?

  17. The creditor’s list/figures in the SMSM are from 2012 … they really are that fucking useless at their jobs. The shit they churn out isn’t even worth the time spent in reading it.

  18. At the moment Phil ,I’m having a wee listen to radio snyde .
    De hell is on tonight and as you probably know ,he is a friend and serial campaigner for Billy Davis
    Funnily enough he’s seemed to have lost his lustre regards his old pals merits for the sevco gig
    not mentioned him once
    funny that

  19. I am disappointed, nay gutted! The MSSM promised Derek McInnes was going to be signed, sealed and installed as the next manager at Ibrox on Wednesday, November 1, 2017.
    However, I take solace in the realisation that “Going for 55” actually relates to the number of managers they can go through in the shortest possible time!

  20. I think murty will be given the gig till after xmas as their are a few tricky fixtures that a new manager might be undermined if he lost .
    Apart from them not even needing a pish never mind a pot to aim at ,if they could drift past the jan transfer window then the GASL will have duped the easily dupeed again

  21. McInnes would be a fool to go to Ibrox – it’s a dead-end shit job with no up-side – and I think his comments about stability speak volumes – take the hint bears – or is it too subtle for you? If he has any ambitions he’ll be thinking about the EFL and about another guy who did well at Aberdeen before moving south.

    Murty is the only thing on the menu they can afford – but they’ll take time choosing and making a lot of noise about may be having Chateaubriand before settling for Turkey Twizzlers – just for a change.

    btw a good mate is a Sunderland lad, born and bred, and he is desperate at the state of his club with Ellis Short employing Martin Bain and Walter Smith as advisers. If they hire Super Salary, I fear for my mate’s sanity and safety. I’ll need to be on hand 24/7 to assure him Fat Sally won’t last long – but getting used to the idea of EFL League One might not be a bad thing. Then again, read News Now Sunderland and the Constant Gardener is less in the frame than the SMSM would have you believe.

  22. I too am confused as to the stories coming out today regarding football debts.
    I remember the sevco fans screaming blue murder that the corrupt FA had stolen their SPL 2nd place prize money .
    So I had assumed that the corrupt FA had paid the clubs with this money ,does thin now mean that the corrupt FA have in fact handed over £2m to sevco 2012 ,a new club that had never played in the SPL.

    1. Hearts £800k
      Celtic £40k
      Dunfermline £83k
      Dundee Utd £64k
      ICT £40k

      Total: £1,027,000.00

      plus more.

      Why have they all kept quiet to their shareholders and fans? Their Boards are not empowered to just write this off.

      Sevco are contractually required to pay these debts and they must be on RIFC plc accounts.

      Sevco have spent their funds on Latino players, they cannot afford, once again abusing Creditors for five years.

      Regan must be sacked.

      40k keeps 200 Celtic schoolboys in strips for three years. Better than handing it to Sevco Directors for expenses.

      Dragons Den Bannatyne gets full media coverage for donating £10k to a hospital. Yet Celtic don’t push for their £40k. Nor Dun Utd £64k nor ICT £40k nor Hearts £800k. And no media coverage of the scandal.

    2. It does indeed, Stevie, and I have up in disgust myself too when I realised try extent of it a few months back.

      But then I remembered that all it takes for a few scumbags to get away with it is for the good men to stand aside and say nothing.

      Well, I’m back now and happy to see that more of us true Celric men have recognised that saying nothing is the cornerstone of every nutritious Freemasonic breakfast.

      It’s by our silence they get away with it.

  23. Surely STV and BBC TV will cover the BDO creditors list and the £1m of Scottish football debts listed Plus £1m of English and euro football debt.

    All agreed to be paid by The Rangers FC for SFA Membership in a binding contract.

    It’s scandalous. And serious sports news.

  24. The footballing debts owed were payed from withheld TV monies and future winnings if i remember correctly. If this was the case, would these debts still show up on the BDO balance sheets.?

    1. According to the lead story on the Daily Rangers website, there are a few football-related debts still outstanding. The story lists (amongst others, including non-football debts) Rapid Vienna, Dundee Utd, and Celtic, as well as others.

  25. BDO must have their figures wrong.

    There are no clubs owed money by RFC and contracted by Green and TRFC to pay off at 100%.

    The SMSM never get it wrong:

    Why was Regan and the SFA not all over the payment of these 5 way Agreement contracted debts?

  26. The Ibrox club are in the very safe hands of the most exceptionally excellent mr graeme murty. He will win manager of the month for November 2017

      1. ‘Ted’ is right, McMurty IS a ‘safe pair of hands’ and WILL win Manager of the Month for November, both for 3 wins in a row (over ‘easy’ opposition) AND for not being Pedro.

        And Ryan Jack WILL, no doubt, have at least one more red card overturned during the same period, especially now that he’s ‘made’ the Scotland squad.

        Weird how predictable fitba can be sometimes, innit ..?

  27. I also notice Murray is a creditor as well. I notice a property co in Edinburgh there as well who I think has links to Murray. Could the sfa be overlooking these debts to Scottish football clubs to help keep the lights on. Hearts are owed a substantial amount I’m sure this would have helped out with the seating in the new stand. Puts the old/new club debate in perspective.

  28. Under the 5 way Agreement Sevco CONTRACTED to pay all footballing debts for an SFA Membership and entry to SFL.

    Why is there circa £2m football debts on the Creditors list published by BDO? Why has TRFC not paid off those debts?

    This is CONTRACTED to be paid by TRFC LTD/ RIFC PLC. why is it not on the RIFC plc balance sheet as agreed debts?

    Why is King listed as a £20m Creditor when he bought shares in Year 2000 and was a Shareholder?

    Celtic are owed £40k, hearts are owed £800k, why is TRFC being paid £360k Euro money by the SFA when the money should be withheld to pay FOOTBALLING DEBTS?

    Regan is out of order.

    1. Hang on, we have been told on a number of occasions that all the football debts had been paid and was a cornerstone of the licence issued by the SFA to Newco to play their first ever game at Brechin.
      Why has this just raised it’s head now and why have the clubs owed the cash not kicked up merry hell?
      So the money due has been spent on transfer fees and wages, enabling Newco to attract players they would otherwise have been unable to afford!

      1. No.
        He purchased £20m worth of shares.

        He got shares for his money. It was a stock exchange recorded transaction. BDO know this.

        He was not a Creditor owed money. The fact some of his cash paid off some debt didn’t make him a new Creditor. The money also bought players.

        SDM bought £32m shares in the same Rights Issue so why isn’t BDO listing him for £32m?

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