The sensible faction at Sevco want their man

I’m afraid that the fine men of the Sevco High Command are not on the same page when it comes to selecting Pedro’s successor.

I was interested to learn today that there is a sensible faction who want to give the job to the most excellent Graeme Stuart Murty.

The likeable Englishman would be offered the post on the basis of realistic KPIs.

His job target would be to bring the club to a sustainable basis.

If that comes to pass then Jonatan Lillebror Johansson will be the number two in the Sevco dugout.

The other faction in the Blue Room wants to sign Derek McInnes and damn the expense.

Of course, being profligate to secure a feel-good headline has a bad history at Ibrox.

In fairness, the King faction in the Blue Room are doing all of this by the book.

Unfortunately, the book is Downfall.

I hear that a high-Level squirrel was scrambled recently to deliver dignified pish to five of the usual outlets.


However, only one young chap took up the fanciful narrative that Sevco have plenty of money.

It really sounded pitiful as he tried to explain to his studio colleagues at Pacific Quay why a chairman with putative wealth had pleaded poverty in the Court of Session on weeks earlier.

The problem with such spin is it eventually dashed against inconvenient facts.

However, before that happens you can feed the gullible a moonbeams narrative.

There seems to be a substantial appetite for that down Ibrox way.

Being told the unpleasant financial truth about what is under the hood at Sevco can lead you to do walking away from a job that you had previously fancied.

If you don’t believe me then ask Mr Billy Davies.

Did he publicly withdraw from the competition after a sit down with some high ranking Sevco official?

I’m sure some intrepid stenographer will doorstep him about that.

After all the sports desk chaps are always after the truth.