Bayern Munich, KT and a mystery Russian looking for a ticket

My phone has been hopping today with folk looking for spare tickets for tonight.

For some reason, they think I’m connected to some vast web of people in the know regarding that sorta thing.

Careful now…

Anyway, one such request came from a dear dear friend and I will always go the extra furlong for her.

Apparently, she met a Russian bloke on the bus and he wants to take in the Parkhead Bolshoi tonight.

As she is pretty Bolshie herself I immediately opened up my address book to her.

There are a few lads over there in Glasgow just now and they might come through.

I hope mo chairde Cloich Cheann Fhaola agus Gaoth Dobhair can help her and the Russian fella.

If the FBI is looking in then I didn’t get his name.

I’m not surprised that folk from outwith these islands would want to experience one of the great amphitheatres in European sport.

Yesterday the biggest club in Scotland announced that they had concluded new contract negotiations with their academy graduate Kieran Tierney.

Folk who know about the beautiful game insist to me that the youngster is outrageously gifted and has a great attitude.

That club and player have agreed a six-year deal sends out a strong message to any EPL suitors.

When there is much excitement in the radar press about the next guy in the Ibrox hot seat it serves us well to think about what he will be up against.

Pedro’s successor will be caught between the klan and a fully functioning football club that can outspend Sevco any day of the week.

Yes, dear reader, I know that is implying that having more money than your rivals in the professional game confers some sort of sporting advantage.

Of course, I do realise that not everyone shares this avant-garde theory.

This rather controversial notion states that if you can pay higher wages than your rivals then you tend to end up with better players.

Celtic will be up against a severe test tonight as they face FC Bayern Munich.

Even without Robert Lewandowski, the Bavarian outfit is one of the giants of European football.

Brendan’s Bhoys will need to be at their very best.

If the home side does get something from the game then I wouldn’t be surprised if “KT” plays a starring role.

When the ball leaves his left foot it is a precision-guided munition.

If you doubt me ask Derek McInnes of Aberdeen.

Of course, the same chap might swap getting beaten by Celtic at Pittodrie for getting beaten by Celtic at Ibrox…

Those are his choices.

At Parkhead the future is green and white; Champions League, 62 domestic matches unbeaten, this is how it feels to be Celtic.

Now, I hope that Russian fella has a tale to tell when he gets back to его родине.

28 thoughts on “Bayern Munich, KT and a mystery Russian looking for a ticket”

  1. And lest they forget there is more than EBT demands to worry about in the pipeline.

    HMRC statement, 12 June 2012 after rejecting Green’s CVA, “A liquidation provides the best opportunity to protect taxpoayers, by allowing the potential investigation and the pursuit of possible claims against those responsible for the company’s financial affairs in recent years. A CVA would restrict such action. Liquidation will enable a sale of the football assets to be made to a new company, thereby ensuring that football will continue at Ibrox. It also means that the new company will be free from claims or litigation in a way which would not be acheivable with a CVA. Rangers can make a fresh start.”

    The directors of RFC plc are not out of the woods yet. The wheels of justice turn awful slow. I also note that the liquidation deniers happily quote the ASA in preference to HMRC. Muppets.

  2. Dave King was a £20m investor in shares in Rangers FC:

    In 2000 he bought £20m shares in a rights issue. Recorded by the stock exchange.

    He was not a Creditor owed debt. Why then is BDO, in this full knowledge, treating King as a Creditor? And paying him over £780k? King’s claim to be a Creditor is knowingly fraudulent.

    Hearts are owed £800k but will receive pennies although the 5 way Agreement contractually delivers full payment by RIFC PLC.

    1. If King is a Creditor by dint of a rights issue £20m shares purchase, then SDM purchased £32m of shares in the same Rights issue. So why isn’t sdm a Creditor too?

      And sdm held even more original shares so why isn’t he a Creditor through those holdings also.

      King is a chancer but the remarkable thing is that BDO appears to be going along with this artifice to direct cash to him.

  3. Football debts contractually agreed to be paid by TRFC LTD/ RIFC PLC:

    Manchester City FC £328,248.71

    Chelsea FC £238,345.43

    Arsenal Football Club £136,560

    AS St Etienne, France, £252,212.39

    The Scottish Football League £3859.92

    Celtic FC £40,337

    Dundee United FC £65,981.49

    Dunfermline Athletic FC £83,370.13

    Heart of Midlothian FC £800,000

    Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC £39,805

    SPL £22,500

    SFA £11,089.04

    the 5 way Agreement was a binding contract forcing TRFC to pay all FOOTBALL DEBTS of RFC in Liquidation.

    The SFA issued an Association Membership on this binding contract that Green’s TRFC would pay all outstanding football debts.

    The SFL allowed TRFC into the bottom tier on this same contract.

    These £2m debts should be on the RIFC plc Balance Sheet.

    There should be a Judicial Review to force payment. Hearts are owed £800k why no noise??

    1. Hearts?!
      Make noise about Rangers*?!


      Ask Ann Budge what David Murray said to her and Nicola Sturgeon at their cutesy wee meeting at Bute House recently and if this in any way influenced Ann & Nicola’s decision to not ‘rake over the coals’ of the two Daves joint criminality and to keep their servile little noses out of the number of scams bring worked on the public by those crafty buggers in the handshake craft.

      I’m sure there must be one of many fine journalists in Scotland prepared to have a go at that.

  4. I might have missed this but has Regan and Co sorted out the Park family dual SPFL club shareholding issue that was raised about a month ago?

  5. The Daily Rectum is raging today about a lawyer “feeding frenzy” with creditors to receive just 4p in the pound when the liquidation of Rangers concludes.

    Perhaps the Rectum has forgotten that Rangers went into administration with such enormous debts that Green’s £8.5m CVA proposal in June 2012 to buy the company and take it out of administration amounted to just 8p/9p in the pound.

    When the CVA was rejected, the company was consigned to death and Green paid £5.5m for some of Rangers’ possessions.

    Scottish football needs a less stupid Scottish mainstream media.

    1. To frame that in another way.

      Rangers robbed their creditors of 81p/82p in the pound.

      After five years of work prescribed in law, lawyers, administrators and liqidators have cost the same creditors a further 4p/5p in the pound.

      So Rectum, where in the raging article about the 40 times great mistreatment of creditors by Rangers – including several current directors of Sevco.

        1. They’re not ‘stupid’, CC, the media are SILENCED.

          That’s what’s the media is all about, acting as the muffler for their joint owners’ crimes.

          Besides, if they told the actual ‘news’ there’d be worldwide havoc overnight.

  6. Thought the Scottish boys stole the show last night,KT, Jamsie, McGregor. Fair play to the Bayern fans … never heard an away crowd like it. They were right in my ear right enough. Loads of scarf swapping at the end too. Shame about both goals we could have done better.

  7. Browns Spin to the Gullibles

    Rangers have employed John Brown for one reason
    He’s a real rangers man …
    He is trusted by the fans
    Admin 2 is about to happen With Brown on side his real job is to keep the fans onside
    And for him to make sure the fans accept the situation .. Buy season tickets next year ..

    1. ADMIN 2………..

      Don’t think so Tom….. Rangers died in 2012 and are in the process of Liquidation.

      Sevco, on the other hand, are a club formed from ‘a basket of assets’ by Charles Green who play at Ibrox and pretend to be Rangers.

      whichever club you are talking about its impossible for admin 2… one doesn’t exist and the other has never been in admin (yet)

  8. Talking of Russia, someone mentioned The Death of Stalin movie on an earlier post. I think I’ll give it a look. But it strikes me that what is needed down Govan way is a 21st century Lavrenty Beria…. Beria took the credit for the beasts demise either directly or indirectly by not call uncle Joe”s doctors what the Klan need is someone to kick the corpse right up the cake hole…. and wait for signs of life… as John Hurt said in I Claudius set one dog to eat another…. there must be at least one little Lavrenty out there…..
    do’s do vania…. I what ever it is the Ruskies say…

    1. Tecumseh

      I strongly recommend Death of Stalin – even though you obviously know the plot . . .

      Some excellent performances, gripping scheming and fabulous dialog.- the blackest of comedy against the back drop of the continuine Terror.

      Look out for Simon Russell Beale as the PR Guru and executor of “lists”.

  9. If there’s any moaning about Celtic’s financial muscle then hoops fans can surely just say, “titles were won on the pitch”.

  10. As long as we show total commitment and hunt them down…then I’ll have no complaints.
    No standing off and letting them do their thing…get tore right in boys.
    Could be a night to remember….I certainly hope so…’cos I’m leaving in 5 minutes for Celtic Park…

      1. Thought we played at a very high level tonight and deserved something from the game.
        If there is anyone out there in Scottish football thinking that we are on the slide, think again.
        We are improving, just as Brendan said we would. We have a core of Scots in the team that, apart from Broonie, have years left in the tank.
        If I was a fan of an SPFL team I would be thinking how is anyone going to stop the domestic run?
        Europa Cup after Xmas more or less guaranteed…..anyone fancy a trip to Lyon in May?
        Well played Celts, much encouragement to be taken from tonight and not forgetting the fans, they were awsome.

        1. I’m a bit pissed off by the result…but totally heartened by the display from the team.
          It was everything I hoped for…Boyata not withstanding !!…Hope he gets his erse kicked.
          The least we deserved was a draw….but have a look at the Under 19’s situation…
          I watched the game from Cappielow on my way to Celtic Park….and the young lads were terrific as well…but….we lose in the 94th minute.
          They too deserved much more than this…but their day will come.
          Finally…The atmosphere last night was absolutely brilliant…what a joy it is to be at Celtic Park on nights like this.

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