Mission impossible at Sevco?

When a football manager is sacked it is a clear sign that his employers considered that the person in the dugout had failed.

As we saw last week Pedro was given his marching orders.

It is clear that the chaps in the Blue Room thought he had failed to deliver.

Instead, he had delivered failure.

However, what would success look like at Sevco?

I was told at the weekend that Pedro’s Keep performance Indicators (KPI) were as follows:

  • Finish no more than 12 points behind Celtic in the title race.
  • Beat Celtic in at least one league match during the campaign.
  • Win one of the cups.

If that information is correct then I think they were asking a lot of the likeable Portuguese chap.

Moreover, if similar what is being asked of Pedro’s successor then it really is a tough ask.

Last season Aberdeen finished second with 76 points, a record for the Dons.

A very creditable performance by Derek McInnes and his team, but a full 30 points behind the invincible champions.

The new chap at Sevco will inherit Pedro’s squad and little prospect of receiving game-changing funds from the board.

Across the Clyde, Celtic can easily outspend the five-year-old club.

Although apparently, we shouldn’t construe that to be a sporting advantage.

The problem comes back to The People.

They don’t play “simply the second best” at Ibrox, but that is the best they can hope for.

The epochal events of 2012 set in place a unipolarity on Planet Fitba that even Ronny Deila couldn’t subvert.

Now with Brendan Rodgers in post, the challenge is all the more insurmountable.

Of course, the staunch stenographers will gush that the Ibrox job is one of the most coveted in world football.

However, in the real world, it is hard to envisage a manager of real calibre wanting the Sevco gig.

That is because they know that it is a position that is almost guaranteed to get you the bullet before very long.

If you doubt me then speak to Super Salary, the Admirable Warburton or Poor Pedro.

On Friday the Sevco High Command met in dignified conclave.

The agenda was mainly concerned with the year-end accounts and the Dave King Take Over panel situation.

Today the media is full of speculation about who will replace the likeable Portuguese chap.

The Sevco High Command clearly see the guy at Pittodrie as the best local option.

My information is as of last night there had been no direct contact with Aberdeen regarding acquiring the services of Derek McInnes.

Now, in fairness, the Pittodrie boss might think he could achieve those putative KPIs.

However, it still comes down to “simply second best”.

I doubt that will be good enough for The People.

Of course, the Dons’ boss will cost Sevco a six-figure sum in compensation.

It should also not be forgotten that the Aberdeen gaffer would want his own backroom team to come with him.

All of this adds up in terms of cost, then there is the small matter of paying for the current shambles.

On the same timescale (yesterday evening) I understand that Pedro and his guys had not yet been paid off.

The dogs have stopped barking because they are utterly stunned at what a total shambles the caravan has become.

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