Sevco High Command to discuss stadium issues on Tuesday 31st October

I am told that several members of the Sevco High Command will have a sit down on Tuesday apropos the stadium that John Brown played for.

Of course, in a normal media environment, my reporting last year on the issues at Ibrox would have been picked up.

The fact that I gleaned evidence from an FOI request that in December 2016 there had been an emergency meeting of the Safety Advisory Group regarding Ibrox should have sent the hares running.

That’s how normal journalism operates.

Someone gets a lead and others try and chase down other aspects of the story.

Of course, we know that there are high-Level rules about matters Ibrox.

Remember, it was an emergency meeting.

I excavated what I could from the heavily redacted documentation that was released to me by Glasgow City Council on appeal.

You may recall that my FOI request was initially rejected on the grounds of public safety.

Yes, you got that one correct the first time.

That is the initial ruling from Glasgow City Council was that a journalist putting in an FOI request regarding stadium safety was in of itself considered to be endangering the public!

I appealed and it was upheld.

Consequently, I received the documents that were covered by the FOI request.

What I DO know about the situation at the stadium is that there hasn’t been any major renovations carried out since the SAG met in December 2016.

Quite simply such a re-fit would have been highly visible and almost certainly at least one stand would need to be closed while the work was underway.

I’m told that the Tuesday meeting was arranged on late Friday afternoon.

I can report that the stadium was not discussed at the morning meeting of the High Command.

However, something transpired later that day that prompted the Serious Professional to set up the Tuesday meeting.

My only information at this point is that there is a meeting that day with one item on the agenda:

The stadium.

When I know more about this matter then so will you dear reader.

Of course, the excellent inter-galactic PR machine that serves the Holding Company Vehicle could always clear up what this planned meeting is precisely about.

In the interests of transparency…


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