A day of impecuniosity

I’m hearing that the Serious Professional and Senhor Pedro Miguel da Silva Mendes had a rather heated exchange this morning.

Apparently, the point of contention was the story in the radar press that the Sevco manager had been offered a package by the Holding Company vehicle.

It should be stated that the provenance of this fantasy was not a high-Level galaxy far far away.

However, I am satisfied that the fable was conjured up in the Blue Room by several members of the Sevco High Command.

For the avoidance of doubt, Mr King didn’t have a good time in court today.

His impecuniosity was laid bare for all to see in Edinburgh.

Dear reader, this is the man whose putative wealth was the game changer for Sevco in March 2015 has been shown to be a glib and shameless chimera.

As late as yesterday the South African based entrepreneur was trying to get the Sevco High Command to meet his legal costs.

I find that a very strange request given his vast wealth.

Late last night there was Quintessentially British conclave by several members of the Sevco High Command. and they all agreed that Mr King had rather dropped them in it.

Sadly, they all agreed that Mr King had rather dropped them in it.

One of the Churchillian chaps actually remarked that “this place makes the White House look sane”.

Moreover, Mr King’s Blue Room colleagues were watching the proceedings today very closely.

Although there is still some court wrangling to take place tomorrow in the Court of Session I’m afraid it doesn’t look good for the RIFC Chairman.

It will take a glib and shameless rabbit out of the hat at this stage for Mr King to wriggle free out of this one.

Moreover, I get the feeling that ducks are coming into alignment in the Sevco High Command.

It must be a cold house now for King loyalists.

If we are about to witness a Blue Room putsch against Mr King then I’m sure that it will be carried out with Unsurpassed Dignity.

Dunkirk Spirit and all that…

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