The Dave, Kenny and Pedro show

I was not surprised to see The People being regaled with good news this week.

After all, it has been a positive period of Sevco over the last period.

They always seem to be doing better when they don’t have to play any competitive games!

For the avoidance of doubt, on Monday the Serious Professional strongly suggested to Pedro on that he would be well advised to take back his veteran striker.

I’m not saying that it was a direct order, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the bright idea originated in the Blue Room.

Moreover, I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that the message had a non-negotiable tone to it.

At the start of the spat, there was high-Level idea to manufacture a calf strain.

Of course, the stenographers would have served this up with the customary off the radar obedience.

However, because both actors in the drama were telling the truth about what had actually happened then such a cunning intergalactic plan was really a non-starter.

Tomorrow Mr David Cunningham King has, yet another, court appearance.

He might only be represented in by his legal team and not be there in person, but he will be there in glib and shameless spirit.

His guilt in acting as the top boy in a concert party to acquire a controlling interest in Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) back in 2015 is not now in doubt.

He appealed that ruling and it was thrown out.

The only thing now to be decided by the Court of Session is the method of enforcement given his noncompliance.

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