The Dave, Kenny and Pedro show

I was not surprised to see The People being regaled with good news this week.

After all, it has been a positive period of Sevco over the last period.

They always seem to be doing better when they don’t have to play any competitive games!

For the avoidance of doubt, on Monday the Serious Professional strongly suggested to Pedro on that he would be well advised to take back his veteran striker.

I’m not saying that it was a direct order, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the bright idea originated in the Blue Room.

Moreover, I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that the message had a non-negotiable tone to it.

At the start of the spat, there was high-Level idea to manufacture a calf strain.

Of course, the stenographers would have served this up with the customary off the radar obedience.

However, because both actors in the drama were telling the truth about what had actually happened then such a cunning intergalactic plan was really a non-starter.

Tomorrow Mr David Cunningham King has, yet another, court appearance.

He might only be represented in by his legal team and not be there in person, but he will be there in glib and shameless spirit.

His guilt in acting as the top boy in a concert party to acquire a controlling interest in Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) back in 2015 is not now in doubt.

He appealed that ruling and it was thrown out.

The only thing now to be decided by the Court of Session is the method of enforcement given his noncompliance.

19 thoughts on “The Dave, Kenny and Pedro show”

  1. King’s QC arguing that King has a crystal ball to predict how and when people will sell shares and at what price. The guy must make a killing on the markets every day they are open. Surely his talents are wasted at a loss making plc with no credit facilities from a bank.

    1. LoL they are dragging it out a bit,Patrick.They have it in them to be the 2nd best in Glasgow but Thistle are Older than them with plenty more history.Cant see them existing after the Crimbo Festivities.They have been an utter laugh in the time they establshed a whole new club for themselves

  2. Scotsman report (12:30); “King was instructed by the Takeover Appeal Board (TAB) to submit a bid by 12 April 2017, but neglected to do so.”

    Much as I often neglect to put my bin out on the right day.

    This is a test case for the legal standing of the cold shoulder and the law in Scotland is on the cusp of not appearing an ass but disappearing up its own ass if it neglects to stop this recidivist chancer dead in his tracks, once and for all.

  3. Chairman of a Scottish based plc in court today to face unprecedented sanctions and consequences for the plc- but who would know from reading the SMSM – because they have totally forgotten what they are for – and will soon be extinct as a direct result.

  4. ‘Glib and shameless spirit’!

    Brilliant! 😀

    But can they not do SOMETHING to import his metallic disembodied voice across the South African airwaves and into the courtroom just for the pure wind up of it?

    That seems to work great at Ibrox but, for a man in so much constant bother, he never appears to be any in way worried about it, breezing in and out of courtrooms with a judge on hand and a How D’Ye Doody at every turn.

  5. Miller’s career is months away from being over. He is far too slow. And going through the footballers menopause too.

    It’s a Shameless shame that the SMSM are not covering the Dave King court case. No tv news, no radio, no PRESS. He must have bought that silence through Jabba. Note to Editors “if u didn’t get your cut you’ve been cut out”

    King is required to pony up £11m to buy RIFC plc shares at 20p each. He doesn’t want to do it as he knows they’re worth 0.

    CCK was the most reckless gamble either of the two Rangers’ ever made. Well perhaps after EBTs.

    The Dark Death Star is imploding. As long as one Jedi remains standing we will have won.

    May the Force be with you.

  6. Sorry to hear that King won’t be there in person tomorrow.
    With Pedro stepping up the team to the next level during international week, enough to earn a creditable draw against a strong Morton eleven, we can expect to see the evidence over the next few weeks.
    It may have been a smarter move by Pedro to wait till his players confirmed their managers claims on the field of play, but hey ho.
    A reverse at Perth on Friday night followed by Hibs and Aberdeen wins on Saturday will see the Govan giants fall out of the top six and into 7th place.
    With growing rumours of money being tight, further soft loans required now and £6m plus of loans repayable in December things don’t look great.
    If another admin event beckons rest assured that a 10 points deduction will be made, not 20 as it would for a 2nd admin event at a club, and someone at the SFA will come up with a Brysonesque explanation as to why this scenario falls outside the same team myth that they helped create.
    A bit like the tens of millions of debt left behind after the death of Oldco which also didn’t fit the same club myth but hey, titles and trophies, yep just pass them over.
    Who at the SFA/SPFL actually made that decision on transferring Oldco history to Newco.
    Would be great in the interests of transparency, as Regan is oft trumpeting, if those particular minutes were made public.
    What about it Stuey, Stuey, Stuey…….. ?

  7. Pedro is way out of his depth…….Traynor and his minions are spoon feeding the SMSM with intel……and insisting on proof reading prior to print…….(so what’s new?)
    Friday night is yet ANOTHER Cup Final for Pedro and his intergalactic warriors…….as will all of his games from now until……..he is given the Paul Le Guen…….

    Kenny Miller,no doubt is seriously miffed that run of the mill foreigners have appeared and they are being paid considerably more than him……..and contributing considerably less than him on the field…..

    This is all shaping up… the proverbial ‘look’ on the back of your neck……

    Do you continually apply cream and ‘hope’ that it dies down and disappears……OR……do you apply severe pressure using both thumbnails……..close your eyes….and hope the puss fountain doesn’t ruin your good cardigan……

    We shall see……..and as they say …time will tell

  8. Would that be the same fellow who has heroically steered a loss-making business without a line of credit from a bank to the dizzy heights of 3rd top of the SPFL with an incredible eight games played? I’m certain such guile and self-sacrifice will be a huge mitigation in tomorrow’s judgement. Cold Shoulder, warm heart, as my grandma never said

    1. Problem is that there was money available, albeit other peoples, to smooth PLG’s exit. Currently I see no money, only an ever growing list of cash calls. The Warburton group claim, essential repairs, wages etc etc. When will it all end and will Sir David Murray come back in to take over the reins in triumph? Can SDM find more mugs to fund his ego driven enterprise? Will Club 1872 spend yet more of their members dosh on this venture? Will the gullibillies at lest see sense? All good soaps end with posing questions in the viewers minds and I can see a good few episodes coming down the line. Meanwhile a pre pack is in the offing to prepare the way and dispose of these troublesome details. Let the omnishambles continue.

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