Return to lender

I’m told that more than a few EBT recipients had an uncomfortable experience yesterday when they opened their mail.

There were two missives from hector in the post to them.

The first one was a request from HMRC to get in touch about their overall tax affairs.

The second one was an “APN” (Advanced Payment Notice).

That piece of paperwork means that Hector believes that certain monies are due immediately.

If the amount is challenged by the taxpayer then the funds will be put in an escrow account pending any future tribunal.

Should Hector lose the case then the monies will be paid back to the individual.

This development was the talk of the City yesterday lunchtime.

Another morsel of Square Mile scuttlebutt was that some financial advisers are now being sued by EBT recipients.

I’m told that those tax efficiency experts have in their possession some very very interesting pieces of documentation.

I am led to believe that this paper trail could implicate several of the main actors in the administration of the EBT scam at a certain dead football club in Scotland.

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