Brand on the run

Over the past few days, Planet Fitba has had a wee chuckle at the omnishambles of the attempt to have a *cough* glamour friendly in Canada.

I feel for the organisers, Elite Soccer Entertainment because they had clearly miscalculated.

I know from a trip to Ontario in the year 2000 that there is a large Portuguese community there.

Therefore, picking Benfica for a match there made a lot of commercial sense.

Sadly the people putting this jamboree together believed that there was still such a club as Rangers.

I’m told be a reliable source that only 400 tickets were sold locally for the Sevco end.

That I haven’t seen in the media is that this was meant to be the first of four or five such matches to plug the financial hole left by FC Progrès Niederkorn.

Of course, regular readers here will be well aware that the Sevco High Command gambled in the summer on achieving Europa League group stage football this season.

As you know the Engine Room Subsidiary failed to Progrès on that one…

If the Sevco brand could have delivered 15,000 tickets for the planned match against Benfica then they would have netted around £300k.

As well as selling tickets the Holding Company Vehicle were to assist the organisers in drawing in sponsors for the event.

There were then extra payments would be earned if more tickets were bought.

Essentially the Ibrox brand couldn’t deliver.

Perhaps, free from the daily deluge of high-Level pish these Scottish ex-pats know that this isn’t the real Rangers.

Meanwhile, the money troubles of the Sevco High Command continues.

They have recently approached a Scottish billionaire to ask for investment.

For the avoidance of doubt, this chap has genuine wealth that exists in the real world not in an off the reader press release.

Indeed they approached him twice and the most recent move was only last week.

It is with great regret that I have to relate that the Blue Room chaps were rebuffed each time.

The only thing keeping the basket of assets on the road is the generosity of several directors.

I’m sure that the year-end accounts will make for interesting reading.

Of course, it is a given is that there will be little journalistic scrutiny of those numbers in the Off The Radar press…

For the avoidance of doubt, Rugger Guy contacted me yesterday to say that he was locked and loaded to fillet the figures and tell us what they really mean.

You will read his analysis here.

As ever, I’m grateful to him.

I believe that this Fitba Samizdat does a public service as so many of you keep returning to read the content.

That is why your support is greatly appreciated.

Míle buíochas.

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