Seeking transparency from the Scottish Football Association

Today I submitted these questions to the press office at the Scottish Football Association.

Here they are in italics:

When did the Scottish Football Association (SFA) know that indemnifying side-letters were a factor in HMRC’s investigation into the use of Employee Benefit Trusts (EBT) at Rangers FC?

Did HMRC investigators contact the SFA apropos this matter in 2009?

Once the SFA were aware that rule breaking side letters were part of the tax scheme being operated by Rangers, what did the SFA do about it?

Did the SFA write to Rangers FC?

If so will the SFA publish that correspondence in the interests of transparency?


It is my intention to follow up my email after an appropriate length of time.

I attached a scanned image of my current NUJ Press Card to the email.

Consequently, they know that the questions have come from a journalist.

After that, I followed it up with a phone call to the switchboard to ascertain if the email address on the SFA website was correct and I was told that it was.

Journalism isn’t open heart surgery or designing a mission to Mars.

It is simply about asking appropriate questions and holding power to account.

This is done in the public interest.

Moreover, this really should not be beyond the collective abilities of those sitting at the sports desks in Glasgow.

If I receive a response from the SFA  to these questions then I will publish them as a comment on this post.

However, if I do not elicit any comment from them I will ask them why.

My view is that if the SFA have nothing to hide on this matter then they should be open and transparent.

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