Why Celtic must win another victory for sport

Tonight at Celtic Park the home crowd will once more hear the music of the Champions League.

I recall that Charles of Normandy once stated to The People that he didn’t want to leave his beloved basket of assets until the UEFA theme tune was being played at Ibrox.

It was risibly transparent that Yorkshire man was playing to the dignified gallery.

However, it worked a treat.

They actually believed him.

Yes, The People thought that a golden age of European football was in front of them.

Sadly, there has been little Progrès on that front at Sevco.

Tonight the champions of Scotland will face the most expensively assembled attacking trio in world football.

Neymar et al are a formidable strike force.

For the avoidance of doubt, Paris Saint-Germain has the financial muscle of an oil rich state behind them.

Of course, it would be risible to suggest that such wealth does not confer a sporting advantage for PSG on the field of play.

Now, dear reader just imagine if such a monetary boon was extant for ten years.

During the EBT decade Rangers had a substantial financial advantage by not paying their players in the normal way.

However, in order to do this, they had to not only scam the taxman, but they also had to conceal the true nature of these contractual arrangements from the football authorities.

Planet Fitba is now being asked to ignore that a deceased club which was once in the top flight in Scotland fielded scores of ineligible players in hundreds of games over a ten year period.

The main advocate this course of inaction is the governing body of Scottish football the SFA!

This is despite the fact that these…ahem…” imperfectly registered” players were being paid in a way that the UK Supreme Court has ruled was seriously dodgy.

This scam allowed Rangers under Sir David Murray to have a substantial financial edge over their opponents.

All of this, we are asked to believe, is no biggie.

Journalists working the Scottish football beat are told that there is a need for “healing” and that we should all “move on”.

So far, only Celtic FC have stated publicly that this just isn’t on.

Sadly, Aberdeen and Hibernian have rowed in behind Mr Regan at the SFA.

Moreover, I find the silence emanating from Tynecastle to be especially disappointing.

I expected more of Ms Budge.

Of course, after the experience of the “Hampden Three” fear of the klan cannot be excised from any explanation as to this apparent cowardice.

To oppose the official narrative on the EBT decade is to become an enemy of self-serving nonsense.

I don’t know who is in the Frame for this, but the PR advice being given to the SFA isn’t very good at all.

The board of the SFPL has advocated an independent review, but the SFA and Regan are stonewalling on it.

The choice is now quite clear and it is this:

If there is no independent review into the issues around the death of Rangers (1872-2012) then Scottish football is nothing more than a WWF franchise.

That is what the Celtic FC stance is opposed to.

All of those who want Scottish football to survive should hope that the Parkhead club prevails.

When the Hoops won the European Cup in 1967 the opposition manager Helenio Herrera said that Jock Stein’s men from the West of Scotland had won “a victory for sport”.

If Celtic prevail over the SFA on this vital issue then they will win for everyone who wants the national game to be straight in Fair Caledonia.

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