Hasta la vista fitba?

The new league season starts at the weekend and it is being talked up by the stenographers on the sports desks.

Just like team spirit at Sevco, everything is great.

Well, actually it isn’t.

A month ago the UK Supreme Court ruled that Rangers FC (1872-2012) scammed the public purse for a decade.

It gave them a massive financial advantage and during that period they won cups and league titles.

Rangers cheated their way to trophies and the record should be set straight.

Only the cowardly and the bigoted will disagree with that statement.

So far it is just Celtic who have issued a statement about the UK Supreme Court ruling.

I had expected, at the very least, to have had sight of the official opinion of Aberdeen FC and Heart of Midlothian FC.

Those two clubs, among others, were cheated out of millions in prize money and days out at Hampden during those years.

In my opinion, they owe it to their fans, sorry customers, to speak out.

I’m told that Ms Budge has come under severe pressure from the chaps on the 6th floor at Hampden to remain silent.

If my sources are wrong, and I don’t think they are, then she can speak out and explain her mystifying silence on the matter.

I’m told that the PR strategy from Hampden is that if Celtic FC is a lone voice in this then it can be packaged as “Old Firm rivalry”.

The agreed mantra from the soccer establishment in Scotland is that “there is no appetite” for title stripping.

The plea is to “move on” and that “healing” is required.

I know fans of various football clubs in Scotland who are absolutely famished.

Mr Gordon Smith, ex-CEO of the SFA and one-time Director of Football at Rangers thinks that the EBT decade should be left alone because it was “exciting”.

With that in mind, the fans of Scottish clubs might like to see the penalty shoot-out replaced with Hulk Hogan and Arnold Schwarzenegger going head to head in the centre circle with foam rubber pugil sticks.

Of course, the spectacle will be utterly fake, but so was what was on offer during the EBT years.

For a decade the supporters of football clubs in Scotland paid into a rigged game.

It was just that they didn’t know it.

Well, they do now.

However, the folk entrusted to run the game want the fans to forget about it and the local media are cheerleading for this onset of collective amnesia.

For the avoidance of doubt, this journalist is otherwise minded.

The Rangers saga was, in part, a massive failure of the local media, both in terms of journalistic skill, but most of all it was a failure of courage.

They should be sick with shame.

Consequently, it fell to journalists outside the local media tent to tell the story.

Alex Thomson of Channel 4 news turned up and showed them up.

Of course, your own humble correspondent has been on the beat for some time now…

Tonight Celtic are in European action in Norway.

Undoubtedly, the sporting contest Trondheim will be free and fair.

The sanctions imposed on Legia Warsaw in 2014 proved that UEFA does not approve of ineligible players taking part in their competitions.

They obviously do things differently in Nyon.

In Fair Caledonia, the EBT scandal involved scores of ineligible players playing in hundreds of games both domestically and in Europe.

Of course, an organisation that had Michel François Platini at its head cannot expect to be free from journalistic scrutiny.

However, I cannot think that they would turn away a cheated club who approached them about the EBT scandal.

I can only think of one in Scotland who might do that, but there are several on the continent who were also swindled by EBT FC when the klan was on the road to trashing Manchester in 2008.

Failure to appropriately address the legacy of the EBT years will consign Scottish football to the status of a WWF freak show.

Of course, the lifeblood of the game in Scotland, the fans, should be better served by the Fitba Fourth Estate on this matter.

Sadly, their courage is located somewhere off the radar.

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