Everyone at Sevco is happy

I am hearing that there was an inter-galactic PR sermon at Murray Park last week.

The message that was fed to the first team was that they were all very happy.

Moreover, if anyone asked them that’s what they were to say.

Not only were they to tell the questioner that they were happy, but that there was great unity in the Engine Room Subsidiary.

Of course, the inter-galactic PR guru knew that the local media would obey his instructions.

After the diktat was delivered Pedro’s charges were dismissed.

I do realise dear reader that this is entirely at variance with the narrative that has been faithfully reported here.

The same inter-galactic PR guru was less than Zen like when he heard that Sevco’s ostensible captain admitting that there was a gulf between the five-year-old club and Celtic.

This statement of fact was not part of the Sevco party line.

Consequently, this inadvertent outbreak of reality prompted another high-Level pep talk late yesterday.

Despite this fire fighting the Sevco High Command are fully aware that the cracks are there.

It will be a mixture of fixtures and fissures that need to come into alignment for this disunity to become visible.

Even for The People.

For example, there is still some angry incredulity on the battlefields of Auchenhowie that Barrie McKay was let go for a pittance.

The moderator of the Quintessentially British WhatsApp group recently made an observation to the Serious Professional apropos this matter.

The social media insurgent stated that it was less than clever to be angling to bring in Jamie Walker of Hearts for a substantial seven figure sum when Barrie McKay was let go for so little.

It was the opinion of the Moderator that the Nottingham Forrest winger was far superior to the unsettled Tynecastle chap.

Meanwhile, the requirement for a substantial quantum of external finance in September remains extant.

In the meantime everyone at Sevco is happy.

Happy and positive.

Got that?

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