Fond farewells and cold shoulders

I emerged from the word mines today to speak to a trusted source at Murray Park.

He told me of a poignant farewell this week in the foyer area in that citadel of sporting averageness.

Michael Francis O’Halloran was leaving the premises to start his loan deal at his old club, St Johnstone.

He was escorted out into the crowded area by the moderator of the Quintessentially British WhatsApp group.

It would appear that this online Churchillian chap didn’t care who heard him as he bade his Sevco teammate farewell.

It was clear to anyone observing that the former St Johnstone winger was happy at the opportunity to start playing football again.

The Moderator said to him in a stage voice projected for the assembled throng:

“I’m sorry you had to put up with all that. I’m sorry to see you go. I don’t know who is the lucky one, you or me.”

This heart rending vignette was also relayed to me by another source when I called them.

Moreover, anyone who thinks that the Perth club is picking up the majority of the winger’s salary is deluded.

I feel sorry for anyone at Sevco who is trying to make the sums add up.

I’m also told that Pedro’s Number two had a nose to nose confrontation with the Moderator during a practice battle on the playing fields of Auchenhowie.

The latter was springing to the defence of Mr Lee Wallace, who is nominally the captain of Pedro’s lads.

Apparently, Senhor Postiga delegated the task of instructing Mr Wallace I the gentle art of defending to Senhor Bruno Eduardo Regufe Alves.

This was too much for the Moderator who let Senhor Hélder Manuel Elias Domingos Baptista know in vernacular terms that the ex-Hearts left back was a full international.

Yes, he was out of position, but only because one of Pedro’s acquisitions had left him exposed.

It would appear that the first team squad have yet to find a first person plural.

There is little evidence of a “we”.

There was also more disharmony yesterday among the Sevco High Command.

A pre-arranged conclave was set up to focus on what Mr David Cunningham King proposed to do about the ruling of the Take Over Panel.

For the avoidance of doubt dear reader, there can be no appeal.

What is now in the public domain IS the appeal.

Mr King has been ordered to offer 20p per share to all of the RIFC shareholders out with the concert party.

It is now at the enforcement phase and that is what the Court of Session will determine in due course.

I’m told that the possibility of a cold shoulder contagion to all of the RIFC shareholders cannot be ruled out.

It is for this reason that General Ashley was told to dump his shareholding in RIFC without further delay.

The sportswear entrepreneur was told by his legal people not to hang around and so he didn’t.

Therefore, there was serious business to discuss among the Sevco High command yesterday and their esteemed chairman was vital to the proceedings.

Sadly, at the last moment, Mr King was unable to dial into the dignified conclave.

I do hope he is ok

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