Mrs May and The People

If Theresa May hangs onto her billet in Downing Street then it will be with the help of the DUP.

Arlene Foster will undoubtedly have a shopping list of items that the British government will have to accede to if the “confidence and supply” deal goes through.

Most of them will be pork for Norn Iron.

The DUP are very fond of pillaging the public purse, especially when it enriches their cronies.

If you doubt me then please type “Renewable Heating Initiative. RHI scandal” into Google.

You’re welcome.

The DUP won seats in the Six Counties with the public endorsement of the UDA.

Moreover, the party would not disavow the support of the Loyalist organisation.

At the same time, the UDA was murdering a man in front of his three old son in a supermarket car park.

I think it is fair to say that the DUP has a confidence and supply deal with fascist drug dealers who dispense death as well as illegal pharmaceuticals.

The party itself has a worldview on LGBT issues that make them rather unique within UK politics.


For the avoidance of doubt the Honourable Member for East Londonderry is a something of a Sevco aficionado.

It is a great shame that he didn’t have any influence with the British government in 2012.

Then, perhaps he would have been able to save his original club.

Ah well…

One of his Westminster colleagues is the delightful Sammy Wilson.

Just feel the love.

These views are mainstream within the DUP.

Yet it is these lovely chaps that Sinn Féin representatives have to work with in government in the Six Counties.

The Orange Order has chimed in stating that they want to be allowed to have their fascist Mardi Gras down the Garvaghy Road.

I was there in 1998 and 1999 and it wasn’t pleasant.

It never is with The People.

At this stage, you wouldn’t bet on Mrs May standing up to them.

If nothing else the good people of England will get to know the dark world of DUP and The People who vote for them.

They’re the Bosnian Serbs of these islands.

You will know them by their noise.

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